Jennifer Hudson Sizzles on ‘GMA’ Summer Concert Series [Video]

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson was looking right for summer. The svelte singer, showing off her legs in a black skirt and red heels, was in the “Spotlight” on the “Good Morning America” Summer Concert Series. J-Hud performed past and present hits in New York’s Central Park and spoke about her forthcoming weight loss memoir, as well as her roles as a nun in The Three Stooges and a drug-addicted single mother in an Alicia Keys-produced film.

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  1. DeeJay

    J-Hud I love you, I even like the outfit. But the hair, find another style, it looks fake.


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  3. europeian

    it’s so funny that she lost so much of her weight and yet she’s singin’ on the stage sponsored by Burger King. LOL!!!


  4. Diego

    she is so fake now with this weight loss I see a Hollywood chick now


    norma Reply:

    @Diego, Sorry, but you are a liar and a hater. Nobody cares who you think you see. Look at your own tale and judge that. Jhud is suppose to beautify herself just as all other. She is hell of gorgeous, and the outfit is as well. Jen live your life as you see fit.


  5. Alicias certified homewrecka

    Looks like Beyonce is out of a job since Jhud has lost all that weight. Alicia is probably screwing jhud’s hubby. She gets around.


    Curt Reply:

    @Alicias certified homewrecka, Really, though, what the fuck is your problem????? Get your head out of the clouds and find some self-esteem. All these irrelevant posts are pathetic, go find a man or something.


    AAA Reply:

    @Curt, yea your right, that person completetly jumped out the window


    mal Reply:

    @Alicias certified homewrecka, oh please



    That lace front tho….


  7. yooo

    Top 3 best singers of her generation.


  8. WonderLand19

    LOVE jHud, She slays!

    Iam looking forward to Chris brown performing. I hope this time the reporter isn’t robin. Shes a Shady women. I hope he performes She aint you/All back/Say it with me and Beautiful people.



    Alexandra Reply:

    @WonderLand19, Chris is performing on the Today Show summer concert series not GMA’s


  9. WORD!

    But like….. Breezy isn’t relevant in this post at all.


  10. Joe

    I can’t wait to read that memoir…hoping to see what she has to say to us who liked the old look better…


  11. Kyle

    She looks great! I still am playing the hell out of “I Remember Me,” it’s such a good album and all the songs suit her very well.


  12. WhiteChocolate

    She’s good but doesn’t even compare to Whitney in her day…


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