Rap-Up TV: Game Battles Superheroes with Tyler, the Creator

Game gets on his superhero swag on “Martians vs. Goblins,” his Mars-produced collaboration with Tyler, the Creator from his long-awaited R.E.D. Album, due August 23. In an exclusive interview with Rap-Up TV, the West Coast kingpin reveals how he linked up with the Odd Future leader.

“I met Tyler at this Diddy concert and dude is crazy, number one, he’s definitely fucking out of his mind,” recalls Game. “I’m the martian, I’m definitely not from here. And of course, he’s the goblin.”

His “Red Nation” collaborator Lil Wayne also appears on the song’s hook. “Weezy, he used to be the martian, but now he’s a goblin, so he’s on the hook doing one line,” shares Game. “It’s like kids from the ‘hood coming from nothing and now being multi-platinum recording artists and Tyler being big shot right now, we kind of superheroes. I go up against Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk in my verse, so hopefully Tyler gets that and he takes his that way.”

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  1. deon

    i could have SWORN tyler said he wasn’t going to do any collaborations with people other than the members of OFWGKTA…see he already under mainstreams ass….FxCKING LIAR!!


  2. earn

    dope. this should be some good shit.


  3. brian

    HELL YEAH! #rednation #rednation #rednation


  4. 23RD

    Dope! Mars (of 1500ornothin) produeced it so its defo goin be somethin special.

    Yh tyler did say he wasnt going to do any features besides his own crew but collaboratin with Game is the shit. track will be dope.


  5. tpm

    fuck heaters


  6. tpm

    f#$%ck haters , red album i cant wait for this track


  7. Pinoy

    I see BLOOD everywhere because of the RED album.


  8. yo mtv raps



  9. c1rca


    mayb he meant on his album or mixtapes smh but damn u want him to halt all money oppurtunities u not him let him do him damn y u mad


  10. Hugh

    Weezy on one line sounds cool.

    The way he speaks of Odd Future is funny. Crazy guys jumpin over benches.


  11. KarenCivil.com

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  12. kens

    sound good i might get the album


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