JoJo Debuts New Song ‘Jumping Trains’ Live [Video]

JoJo premiered the title track from her third album Jumping Trains live at the Girls Who Rock concert benefitting young women’s education at New York’s Gramercy Theatre last night. The 20-year-old songbird pumps the brakes on a relationship, but lets her vocals soar on the pop-R&B gem.

“I can’t just be your girl/ I need to see the world/ If that’s something you can’t arrange/ Then I’ll be jumping trains,” she sings.

Plus, watch JoJo show off her pipes by performing the fan favorite “Boy Without a Heart” from her mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me below.

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  1. JoJoArmy

    Her Body banging and the vocals were on point. I’m excited for her this Era. Love her. :)


  2. Kyle

    Yes, that is what we’re expecting from JoJo. Strong vocals, solid performances, a great new look and a album full of fantastic lineups. ‘The Other Chick’ is a good start, but I think this will stick to radio better. Bring on ‘Jumping Trains’!



    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THT IS ONE OF HER BEST SONGS I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO





  5. I AM THE WAY!!

    “Mr Conductor can you stop this train right now cause if i stay here with you my life will just slow down”!!!


  6. jtlyk

    JoJo is slaying me with this performance!


  7. TeamJoJo

    This girl is a beast and she is only 20. Imagine what she sounds like at 30. Jumping Trains I can’t wait to hear you.


  8. nicole

    her vocals really improved <3


  9. kaylie

    I’ll be jumping I’ll be jumping, I’ll be jumping I’ll be jumping I’ll be jumping, I’ll be jumping Trains! <—Love the way that sounds(:


  10. franfan20

    they need to release her fucking album and Kelly Rowland’s too

    they will deliver real music.

    Jumping Trains sounds soooo good and is better than anything on the radio now.


  11. jojofan12

    JoJo has gotten better with performing. JumpingTrains is going to slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. *sits down and watches jojo blow up*


  12. WonderLand19

    WOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!! Jojo!!
    Vocally, she has grown and iam loving her new sassy swagger too. Boy with out a heart is a TUNE!
    I don’t think ‘Jumping Trains’ should be the first single off the album. Maybe second/third.
    I hope she gets mega promo and the fans support so that she can sell big numbers like 400,000 in the first week.


    kaylie Reply:

    @WonderLand19, Jumping Trains isn’t the first singlt…The Other Chick is…you can hear it at


  13. JoJo’s New Song “Jumping Trains” Live (Video) | Vehem Magazine

    [...] via RapUp [...]

  14. Tyla

    love it!!! can’t wait for the album. she did a great performance…love jojo


  15. AV0KZ

    Wow! I am blown away at how amazing her vocals sounded! Better than ever! I love “Jumping Trains”! It would make a great single! It’s so different. I can’t wait to see what else the new album has in store! =)


  16. Pedro Henrique

    AMAZING song! Someone can post the lyrics here?! PLEASE?!


  17. WhiteChocolate

    Her label better not screw with her release. She deserves to be back.


  18. Jhephey1504

    it will be the next queen of pop R&B #JumpingTrains is the best song this year!


  19. Phan

    she’s back! better than ever :D so happy


  20. Tammy

    This night was unforgettable!! She’s the First is tremendously honored that JoJo shared this first with us!


  21. @hugo_pg

    i wanna jump this train


  22. Bri

    I really love this song! Glad Jojo is back. Can’t wait to hear the studio version.


  23. LaMont

    She’s starting to grow on me!


  24. @AdamAbercrombie

    This performance of “Jumping Trains” literally made me cry. She is really working hard to get her name back out there and I can definitely see it within her stage presence, live vocals, etc. She has it in the bag, and she’s ready!!!!! Good luck, Jo.


  25. Jhephey1504

    the lyric is so wonderful


  26. Alperought

    I really wanna see her performing ” In The Dark ” From Cant Take That Away From Me . I know she is working so hard to share her best music with us . She will be the Queen . Jumping Trains Album will be the Best Album of these 2 Years . (than Lady Gaga can come with another Hit record :) . When i think about female singers Britney S.,Beyonce ,Rihanna , Katy P. , Christina Aguilera ,Lady GAGA . Im sorry about britney and beyonce cause their albums not that “album” we wanted . Christina better come back with an amazing new album . Katy will not be around for 2 years i think . Rihanna will be Touring a lot. Lady Gaga : ” You ve seen nothing yet” I think there will be singles : Bloody Mary , Hair , Americano . SO When JoJo start rocking the World . Other females will be GAga and Rihanna . This is my opinion i think Jojo can Rock rest of the 2011 and 2012 :D Music is gonna Win!


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