Jennifer Hudson Performs ‘Live on Letterman’ [Video]

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson fought off food poisoning just in time to treat her fans to a 50-minute performance at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater. Looking stunning in a body-hugging black dress and heels, the Grammy-winning songstress opened with “Feeling Good,” before tearing down the roof with songs from her latest album I Remember Me, including “Where You At,” “Angel,” and “Gone.”

“If ya’ll was gone, I don’t know what I’d do with myself,” she told her supporters before showing off some rarely seen dance moves during the upbeat “No One Gonna Love You.” She even brought up a fan to dance with her onstage during “Why Is It So Hard,” sharing insight into the album with the crowd that included music mogul Clive Davis.

Take a seat and enjoy J-Hud’s soulful session.

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  1. DeeJay

    I love voice, bring on the haters.


  2. ojie king

    An Amazing Performance!!!

    She really is really solidifying her foot in the music business.


    mandi Reply:

    @ojie king, i agree 100%


  3. Ango

    I think jenny is pregnant and thats why see was sick the other day, look at her belly shes bigger, or she went back to the hamburgers, i love her singing angel and i remember me live..


    Anon Reply:

    @Ango, I thought the same thing but didn’t want to say it. Throughout the entire show she kept her hand on her stomach and either she had some serious bloat or there is definitely a tummy popping up. I love Jenn so I don’t really care for the rumor mill but with this its more like time will tell especially now that she is so thin it won’t take long for that cat to come flying out the bag.


  4. norma

    This lady here is so amazing. I love her warm spirit and very kind heart. Incredible on all levels!!!


  5. listen

    when she took the photographer’s hat at the 21:30 mark, did she really say, “take a picture. take a picture. a supermodel is in your hat.”??? really j.hud? don’t let the weight loss get to your head. we all know the weight will find its way back…


    Mely B Reply:

    @listen, damn – can the chick be playful?!!


    norma Reply:

    @listen, Stop hating honey! Jhud can call herself anything she like. Reguardless to your thoughts Jhud really does look like a supermodel. The lovely very talented artist is amazing and very gorgeous.


  6. WonderLand19

    @listen, Haters to the left! Go away please :)

    She looked and sounded AMAZING! She has some really good songs on this album. I love Where you at. Her acting skills really come out in that song.


  7. Arthusandnico

    She’s da best ! Her album is the only one which didn’t disappointed me this year !
    She deserves so much more


  8. mandi

    are peoples really on here talking shit for no reason?!?!?!? wow its ignorant people like that that keep people like her going!!!! she is a great artist and entertainer part of what makes her so good is the good heart which all of her music comes from. i loved the performance, every second of it!


    who else was there?!?!?


    DinosaurLover Reply:

    @mandi, You are so right. I think all these hoes are haters! And she rocks.

    Love you Rex.



  9. Malachi

    mannnnn she Killed ANGEL!!!!


  10. Len1975

    Beautiful performance from a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit…


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