Tracklisting: Lloyd – ‘King of Hearts’

King of Hearts

Lloyd assembles a royal court on his fourth album King of Hearts, arriving July 5. The star-studded lineup features an intro with Game, an André 3000 track narrated by Lil Wayne (“Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)”), “World Cry” with R. Kelly, Keri Hilson, and K’naan, and a duet with Chris Brown (“Luv Me Girl”). Executive produced by Zone 4’s Polow Da Don, the set also includes a sequel to Lloyd’s smash single “You.” Peep the official tracklisting below.

1. “Intro (MDMA)” feat. Game
2. “Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)” feat. André 3000 narrated by Lil Wayne
3. “Cupid” feat. Awesome Jones!!!
4. “Luv Me Girl” feat. Chris Brown & Vega
5. “Naked”
6. “Jigsaw”
7. “Bang!!!!” feat. Titi Boi & Salo
8. “Be the One” feat. Trey Songz & Young Jeezy
9. “Shake It 4 Daddy”
10. “Lay It Down”
11. “Angels”
12. “This Is for My Baby”
13. “You II”
14. “World Cry” feat. R. Kelly, Keri Hilson, & K’naan

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  1. BitchesIsMySons

    Shake It 4 Daddy… Why Does This Song Sound So Freaking Familiar?


    KMart Reply:

    haha it would be weird if it was featuring nicki minaj– in relation to robin thicke and nicki’s “shakin it 4 daddy”!!!

    defo gunna buy this album…LLEEGGOO!!


    yackim Reply:

    @BitchesIsMySons, it was robin thickie thats why it sounds so fimilar


  2. David

    R.Kelly in it thats whats up.



    He is Hot!


  4. saio

    where 50?!?!?!?!
    becouse the single fail?!?!?!


  5. infamous

    Looks nice but where is “Stay”. That song is hot.


    BLAZE Reply:

    @infamous, ikr I want stay thats my shit right there


  6. GTFO

    Gross… slimy… NEXT!


  7. Joe

    Where’s “Set Me Free” w/Mystikal and “Let’s Get it In” w/50? I LOVED these ones!


  8. Trey S

    lets get it in? not here… ok the single was a flop…

    DANCE IN THE MIRROR??? NOT HERE? Here’s the most stupid move I’ve seen. Seriously.

    when usher doesn’t put “rockband” on his album, its because he has tracks like OMG. same with chris brown or trey songz.

    Dance In the mirror was easily one of the best song I’ve ever (and will ever) heard/hear from Lloyd.

    the album will be good but i’m already disapointed


    Haters Stay Pressed Reply:

    @Trey S, Bruno Mars got the “Dance in the Mirror’ song.


  9. Dante

    Im mad they took Teyena Taylor off the song with Chris Brown! who the fuck is Vega???

    I can’t wait to hear world cry. If K’Naans on it, and judging by the title, it’s gonna be a BIG song! Esp with Kels on it too. Damn I can’t wait.


  10. hiphop102

    pooh bear ft keri hilson – world cry and theres a world cry with jah cure is the one on this album gonna be another version?


    credits Reply:


    Yea i heard that song was suppose to be Keri and Jah cure…


  11. Dough

    Would be hot if he threw Ashanti and Nicki on the album. He’s good when he sings with a lady of the track


  12. Tracie

    Looking forward to it.


  13. jojo



  14. Haters Stay Pressed

    For the first time since ever, I am actually looking forward to Lloyd’s album. He has a lot of hot features and I like what I’ve heard so far.

    I’m most excited about the one with him & Breezy. Pretty much every song featuring Chris is hot.

    I’m surprised his shit hasn’t gotten leaked everyone’s else. Lucky him.


  15. yackim

    they sad the deluxe only at target but when i went on lloyd page hit deluxe it sent me to amazon


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