Ice Cube Reps the West on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ [Video]

Ice Cube performed something old and something new on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The West Coast rap pioneer, dressed in his all-black uniform, returned to late night to perform on the outdoor stage in Hollywood. He banged out “I Rep That West” off his last year’s I Am the West and took it back with his 1993 classic “It Was a Good Day,” encouraging the audience to throw their peace signs up.

Cube also unveiled a series of original artwork, including iconic photographs and album covers, in collaboration with RareInk. The first batch of limited edition pieces, autographed by the rapper himself, will go on sale on June 22 at 10 a.m. PST. Proceeds benefit the Minority AIDS Project.

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  1. Real Hip Hop

    Ice Cube is the realest rapper alive. He has never changed his style once during his amazing career. He’s still as gangster as the NWA days unlike some others *Cough Dr Dre*


  2. RepThatWes4rmdasouth

    I luv Cube. F**king legend right here. That 1st song is Dope & of’course he had to do the classic!!!!



    My favorite rapper.


  4. yeah its me again

    ice cube an og man straight up


  5. d

    ice cube this was great


  6. slick

    ice cube is the greatest rapper alive no doubt


  7. yeah its me again

    yes ice cube


  8. Tiago

    ice cube, the real hip hop. better than…


  9. Timi

    hip hop isnt dead!)))) Ice Cube is a legend!)


  10. 49ers160

    #Nice, but the crowd looked kinda dead


  11. yeah its me again

    ice cube all day everyday


  12. fiff

    cube rocks


  13. ice

    ice cube forever…. i wish he would get on more of today songs an kill these niggas…


  14. 78897

    yes my nigga cube


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