Video: New Boyz f/ Chris Brown – ‘Better With the Lights Off’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown lights up the screen with the New Boyz in the video for “Better With the Lights Off,” the third single from the duo’s new album Too Cool to Care. Directed by Collin Tilley in Los Angeles, the fellas dance in the dark in a black-lit playground that includes mushrooms, a fluorescent school bus, and plenty of eye candy. Watch the trippy visuals below.

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  1. jemai



  2. Wizardcud3

    its ight.


  3. Holtz



  4. LOL

    more like “better with no video”


  5. Haters Stay Pressed

    Soo…all I saw was Chris Brown! Where were the New Boyz? I mean it is their song! SMH!

    I guess people really are using Chris to get a hit! They even got him stealing the shine in their own damn videos! LMAO!!


  6. Mike

    check out my new fav. rapper out of the westcoast. “6 Reasons”.. he’s about to blow!!!!


  7. Puma



  8. Um.Well.Sure.

    I’m sorry, but to me the New Boys can’t rap. The Cataracs and Chris Brown made this song tolerable Just like The Cataracs and Dev made “Backseat” what it was today. As for the video, it is what it is… *sigh*


  9. giselle

    ehh not impressedd..
    it couldd of been better.


  10. aniyahbrezzy

    well i liked tht song despite wat the other ppl say the song izz great nd if u dnt like it dnt watch the video dnt reply nuthinn nd jus let it b bhut anyway i liked the video!!!


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