Kanye West ‘Deeply Disappointed’ Over ‘Mama’s Boy’ Leak

Kanye West

Kanye West is not a happy camper. The rapper is upset after his unfinished song “Mama’s Boy” (aka “Mama’s Boyfriend”) surfaced on the Internet earlier this week. In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, West calls the emotional song’s leak “bogus and unsanctioned” and explains that the version online is not official. “He is deeply disappointed that one of the most personal, meaningful and special songs he has ever written would reach people in this way,” explains his rep. West is pursuing action against the party who leaked the track. Read the full statement below.

“The version of the Kanye West recording ‘Mama’s Boy’ that arrived on blog sites earlier this week is entirely bogus and unsanctioned, and violates the artist’s creative intentions. As is often the unfortunate case, an unknown party or parties got a hold of Kanye West’s vocal track and added their own soundbed to it, effectively and falsely releasing it as a Kanye West track from the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sessions. The result in no way resembles the final song Kanye West intended his fans to hear, and he is deeply disappointed that one of the most personal, meaningful and special songs he has ever written would reach people in this way. Needless to say, measures are being taken to identify and prosecute the persons responsible for leaking this material.”

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  1. LAILA_

    awe its okay boo i know that your mom is a touchy subject but you should be happy alot of ppl like it i love it just like ill love the official version you gotta remember kanye your an artist just be careful what producers you hand your things to


  2. Aquierra

    Poor guy, Kanye never likes his music to leak.


  3. maya

    I just would like 2 know how the hell do these artist music be leaking?! Like who is running things?!


  4. Will

    Kanye “Mama’s Boyfriend” is hands down my favorite song from him ever and im a huge Kanye Fan. A lot of kids growing up went through that same situation and will touch a lot of people. Im sure if theres ever a final version it will be just as appreciated.


  5. GG123

    Who taught you how to leak songs online? Yeezy taught me! Lol

    It’s an unfortunate situation but he is blowing it way out of proportion. We’re in a time where music leaking is inevitable. He shouldn’t feel like he’s exempt from the same “hardships” other artists are dealing with every album release.


  6. Yaser Lad

    Kanye sounds like his had enough! F__k’em anyway the final result will be mind-boggling as Kanye also delivers good/real music. But he needs to figure out who the are his true’s and who aren’t true to his art – I’m kind of pi__ed!


  7. fjefkd

    kanye deserves it. that piece of shit.


    Aquierra Reply:

    @fjefkd, you’re such an asshole.


    Mr Xclusive Reply:

    @fjefkd, your a troll


    Monkey Boy Reply:

    @fjefkd, stupid ass goat


  8. ponyo

    I had that song about 7 months now…that song been leaked…..p.s that song is a classic


  9. Robo

    fjefkd is a piece of shit ! And I feel badfor Kanye cuz he is a true artist.


  10. Dro

    I hope this doesnt effect the release of watch the throne or his upcoming masterpiece. Brush it off Kanye, G.O.O.D. Music is forever just irk whoever is killin your vision.

    Ps CyHi is so lyrically on point his album kills mc’s. SLEEP !


  11. ij

    he’s not the only artist that gets music leaked. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be upset, but he shouldn’t make it such a big deal. this is the internet nowadays. if he says it isn’t finished, then people will be even more inclined now to want the finished product because he is a great artist!


  12. Enyol

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