Video: Frank Ocean – ‘Novacane’

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean numbs the pain with “Novacane.” The Odd Future crooner fixes up the trippy Nabil-directed video for the first single from the commercial release of his debut Nostalgia, Ultra. Visions of women, tigers, pandas, and geishas run through his mind as he hallucinates in his bedroom, rubbing his face until he gets slapped back into reality.

Expect to see much more from the gifted songwriter, who wrote “I Miss You” on Beyoncé’s new album 4 and has been in the studio with Kanye West and Jay-Z for Watch the Throne.

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  1. Usher



  2. The Truth

    stop being weeird and make a normal RnB video nigga!


    Trac-E Reply:

    @The Truth, Umm you don’t know O.F. They don’t do “Normal”


  3. GG123

    I couldn’t have pictured a better suited video for this song. Frank Ocean you FCKN ROCK!


    Addicted 2 Naked Pictures Reply:

    Frank Ocean is my Novacane…


  4. Tiera Renee

    i will be happy when u and tyler start putting beautiful black girls in your video like myself(:


  5. maya







  7. ChrisJ

    lol so wierd in soooo many levels but i like it


  8. Yaser Lad

    This guy is just oozing with art, his awesome! He better release something official in Europe – because we frigging love him!


  9. Dani

    love it !!!!!


  10. anzhens

    what was he putting on his face? weird..


    charles Reply:

    @anzhens, coke or somthing to make us think coke


  11. Donpablo



  12. the Real

    he is putting NOVACANE on his face dumbasses…LISTEN TO THE SONG


  13. MH

    That was kinda stupid. Luckily I love the song.


  14. BLAZE

    Lmfao dude was high as fuck I like it tho


  15. Ice

    Dope video, too bad it won’t get TV airplay.

    I hope he knows that he spelled Novocain wrong. lol.


    Shelly! Reply:

    @Ice, it was meant to be spelt that way dumdum


    Ikaryss Reply:



  16. V

    #noshade thats I Miss You is the only song i dont like on Bey’s album…..


  17. Shelly!

    This is incredible. Frank is so talented and I’m in love with music again!


  18. destiny campbell

    The slap lmao..lyrically hot..real artist.. follow me
    rnb dancehall diva video coming soon @destinycampbell


  19. SLYBOI

    i love this


  20. jojo

    thats just stupid!!! how do they call this music? pshhh….


  21. A Realist

    *dead* @ the ending! Lmfao!


  22. Darrell

    For all those people saying this song is stupid,
    shut up!! Cause hafe the stuff on the radio is stupid!
    But we still like that right? Come on people if lil waynes
    how to love is so good why isn’t this song!
    Oh yeah for those people out there who don’t know
    what the he’ll he’s saying, he’s talking about novacane, that
    stuff the dentis gives u to numb your mouth!! wow….
    who the fuck gets high to that!!! yeah.. But I like the song!
    Can’t wait til tyler the creators new album
    wolf comeing out in 012!! Wolfgang!!!!


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