Video: Meek Mill f/ Rick Ross – ‘Tupac Back’

Rick Ross and Meek Mill

On Tupac Shakur’s 40th birthday, Meek Mill keeps his memory alive by dedicating the Mr. Boomtown-directed video for “Tupac Back” to the late legend. Filmed in Los Angeles, the Maybach Music Group rappers stay posted up on the block, while Meek spits some of his bars behind bars in an orange jumpsuit. And Ricky “I’m a Photographer’s Dream” Rozay continues to go shirtless. Would Pac be proud? Watch below.

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  1. Mo

    The realest! That would be Tupac Shakur!


  2. Prada-G

    this song is an abomination to everything tupac stood for….. smh


    spitter Reply:

    @Prada-G, I agree homie!!


  3. Ice

    Tupac is not back. Biggie ain’t back either, but another fat rapper thinks he’s as good as Tupac or Biggie. Can’t Ross work with different producers besides Lex Luger or at least try to switch up his flow.


  4. this is bullshit

    This song along with 90 percent of that self-made album sucked donkey balls i know those 3 people that brought that album must be mad.


    aaliyah Reply:

    @this is bullshit, It’s crazy cuz their album debuted at #5


  5. ughreally

    Look up ‘ Jasmine Man tupac back” to see how this song goes against EVERYTHING 2pac was about musically and philosophically


  6. Layn

    NO this song is so far from Tupac and he would not be very proud in my opinion>.He would be a true realest right now…. but hell this song is catchy im just being honest


  7. tyrone

    im from the tupac areh and this is not what tupac was about or biggie. Their is only one tupac and biggie. Rick Ross needs to be his own person.


  8. cory

    i think tht they work hard


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