Lady Gaga Goes Bald for ‘Hair’ Performance [Video]

Lady Gaga

If you thought Lady Gaga had run out of surprises after watching her “Edge of Glory” video, think again. The pop provocateur rocked a bare scalp during her fiery performance of “Hair” on Britain’s “Paul O’Grady Show.” Midway through singing and playing at the piano, she grabbed her aqua-colored wig and placed it over her bald head. Oh Gaga, you tease, you.

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  1. ihatemyles

    bwahhaahhahaha im done…………….


    TWEET @IRS_yr5000ken Reply:

    @ihatemyles, LOL She’s not really bald its’s PROSTETICS like Missy used in 1 of her old videos to make her Look BALD lol


  2. fifi



  3. jeremydante

    gaga has set the standard for pop performers of the future. love it, hats..well, wigs off to her.


  4. AZA



  5. Dante

    I bet it’s gonna be some idiots in this post that actually think she’s bald. lmao


  6. RJ

    I Thought That Was Amber Rose!!! LOL We Luv U GaGa : ^ D


    Indoo Reply:

    @RJ, lol me2


  7. Love-fiend

    This Bitch!!!


  8. Coleworld

    She always surprises! I bet most of you think she really just went bald lmao. Anywho, Gaga can BLOW! Wow!!


  9. mizzbreezy

    she has blue armpit hair at 3:56 ahahahaa gotta love her


  10. MentalPhipps

    Looool. Gaga


  11. didi

    she will do every thing to look interesting because she knows her music, her so called “art” isn’t too much of it ! RIDICULOUS


    Erica Reply:

    @didi, You clearly did not watch the video and hear that flawless vocal delivery. She IS talented.


  12. Erica

    This is how Christina Aguidnvlsxcvdfv SHOULD sing, as opposed to all that screaming and grunting she does now.


    fizzle Reply:

    @Erica, oh you need to have a sit down for even trying to touch or compare the vocals of X-tina. As much as Gaga screams, she is not even on the vocals of Christina, try again.


    maya Reply:

    @Erica, You need to listen to I Am & All I Need then stfu!


  13. fizzle

    This bore me more than the “Edge of Glory” video. Clearly she is running out of ideas……so much more she could done with an outfit made of hair & that set.


  14. Brionna

    Flawless love her!!!!!!


  15. Phoenix_Wright

    omq i luh iiit! (Translation: omg i love it =) lol)


  16. dankingkemp

    somebody needs to say “quality control”, okay bitch, these are your good ideas, these are your bad ideas..) that would help out this freak, who is born or talent..)dk


  17. Bill

    Pepole who thinks that Gaga sings better than Christina are crazy and have no idea about Music. Christina can sing everything. Gaga sings better than Rihanna, Perry, Kesha or Britney but she is nothing against Christina. Gaga Voice has not even the Power to scream like Christina. Her Voice is so simple. Gaga would be nothing without her Image.


    . Reply:

    @Bill, her image has absolutely nothing to do with how talented she is. It’s her ability to write amazing music and her creative drive that made her what she is today!!


  18. judas

    lady gaga is amazing and talented so is christina and beyonce and rihanna in her own way and britney was in her day a great dancer theres room in my heart and ipod for all of them


  19. INCAS

    Amber Rose is so talented, not just a whore on the side !!


  20. Rocky

    she looks like a old bald man , ugly bitch cant sing… she sounds awful!


  21. maya

    from far, she looks like amber rose


  22. go go dancers


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