On Set of Jennifer Hudson’s ‘No One Gonna Love You’ Video

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson got into the groove on set of the video for “No One Gonna Love You,” the second U.S. single from her sophomore album I Remember Me. The svelte Grammy winner shows herself in a new light in the Diane Martel-directed clip, practicing choreography with her dancers. Hassan Johnson (“The Wire”) plays her “annoying love interest” who tries to win her back.

“This is the first time that I’ve had the chance to dance,” said J-Hud. “But it was probably the part I anticipated the most and I actually had a lot of fun. I thought I accomplished it. You be the judge.”

Check out Jen’s moves when the video premieres Friday, June 24, on VEVO.

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Photo credit: Fernando Leon/PictureGroup and Thomas Blue Photography

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  1. Brown Sugar

    I can’t wait, I LUV J-HUD!


  2. lola

    I REALLY CANT wait!!!
    I love J-Hud


  3. andy

    YES this is my favorite song off the album!


    juicybear Reply:

    @andy, its my fav as well :)


  4. TumTum

    This is actually one of my favorite songs on I Remember Me (Of which is a fantastic album). And i really look forward to seeing her dance a little. Go head girl!


  5. OnMyPoeticShit

    bout time.


  6. sokleva

    she looks really great


  7. fizzle

    YEEESSS!!! “And if you dare, don’t dare send me straight to voicemail cuz bae I’m just gon text you”


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  9. say what

    jenn looks great, sounds great and jenn you are a sight for sore eyes. i am so happy
    that you are adding some dance moves to your beautiful vocals you are looking great my dear, luv you,,,,


  10. say what

    yeeeeeees! jennifer is in the house.


  11. do it

    Yes yes yes thats my girl and she’s doing the dam thing. fabulous glad she did add some dance steps and she looks beautiful. LOVE this song


  12. norma

    OMG! I love this jam, also one of my favorites off the new album. My girl Jhud is changing the whole game in R&B. I love the this lady and all she stands for. Jennifer Hudson is one of the greatest female voice and vocalist of our time.


  13. Coleworld

    She looks amazing! Wrong single choice though. The song is mediocre at best. Can’t wait to see the video though.


  14. Jay

    Love the song, love the album so I’m excited to see this BUT did both Jennifer & Hasaan get the song title wrong? Wassupwiddat???


  15. Stacy

    Jennifer looks great, work it girl! I love this song, one of my favorites on the album. The album is among my list of favorites for 2011 so far.





  17. Elaine

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