Win VIP Tickets to See Beyoncé on the ‘GMA’ Summer Concert Series!


We can’t think of a better way to start the day than with Beyoncé. Rise and shine with the pop icon as she performs on “Good Morning America’s” Summer Concert Series on Friday, July 1. But instead of watching it on television, how would you like to get up close with B?

We’ve teamed with Columbia Records to give one lucky reader a pair of VIP tickets to see her live and receive a copy of her highly-anticipated album 4. You and a guest will be inches away from Beyoncé as she commands the stage in New York’s Central Park.

Enter for your chance to win and make sure to purchase 4 on June 28.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us why you love Beyoncé in 20 words or less. Be sure to include a valid email address where we can contact you (this will not be publicly displayed). One entry per person. Entrants must live in the New York area and provide their own transportation to and from the concert. The winner will need to arrive around 6 a.m. on July 1. Good luck!

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  1. LeShawnte

    Am I eligible even if you pre-ordered “4″?

  2. Vladimir

    I love Beyonce because she inspired me to be everything that I want to be. And I love her style of music and vocal range.

  3. c.j


  4. Jalissa

    I love Beyonce simply because she is an amazing artist that inspires me to stay true to my dreams.

  5. Jay

    I love Beyonce so much because she epitomizes everything that any performer would want to be; fearless, sexy & talented.

  6. YB


  7. Alejandro

    Why I love her? 3 words, 4 syllables: She’s the greatest.

  8. Polliboy

    Ive been loving Beyonce since I was 7yrs old. I’m now 21. She is my hero in so many ways.

  9. Erik

    I love Beyonce because she doesn’t follow trends and take no for an answer. The baddest bitch in the game.

  10. Stephanie

    Who run the world? GIRLS! & Beyonce is def. representing that by being a young, powerful, strong, talented & beautiful women inside & undeniably out aswell thats why i love beyonce.


    Because she is the best performer and she ‘Bills’ by DC was the first song i knew the whole lyrics.

  12. BeyoncesHubby

    I don’t live in New York, but I still would like for Beyonce to know that I love her. =)

  13. Ezze

    I love Beyoncé because I love her work ethic, humbleness, and just raw talent.

  14. CJ Cruz

    Going to a Beyonce concert would be the greatest birthday present ever. My b-day is on July 17!

  15. JH

    Beyonce has inspired me to be strong and confident over 14 yrs! Her music is powerful
    & keeps me motivated!

  16. Sahara M. Siggers

    I love Beyonce because she represents everything a real woman is and aspires to be.

  17. Dominique

    I love Beyoncé because she is the best female performer of our generation and she just a phenomenal person.

  18. Itsforme

    because of who she is as an individual, an amazing performer, so humble, so inspiring, and always gives 200%.

  19. cheleny

    I love Beyonce because she’s talented, hard-working, fearless, humble & an all-around beautiful person.

  20. Deborah

    She made me believe in myself, to have passion for what I do, and to follow my dreams!

  21. Stacey

    I love Beyonce because she exemplifies hardwork, humility and dedication to her job. No one does it better.

  22. Felicia

    I love Beyonce because she sings what women go through. She is the definition of a hard worker and that’s what I want to be.

  23. Face

    She inspires me artistically, with entertaining, entrepreneurship and how to act with humility. This would be my first Beyonce performance.

  24. @DeLLYONCE

    Check her credentials.. beauty, class, style, @ss, heart.. there’s nothing not to love about her!! All Hail King B!! #Beyoncé4 =D

  25. Ryan

    I love Beyonce because there is no artist like her in our time ! Shes timeless !A true performer !

  26. LaCedric

    I can say im a ultra fan but that would be understating it . I have love her since the 4th grade when ever she’s performing or anyhting related everyone calls me to make sure I know. In the 8th grade for graduation someone gave me a beyonce poster for a present . I dedicated 2 pages to my love for her in my senior year book , and I am the president of the damn i love beyonce group on facebook. Yeaaaaaaaa I LOVE ME SOME B!

  27. H_Troid

    Beyoncé is the number one performer, to see her live would be the ultimate privilege. I bleed for B.


    I love beyonce because she is a smart woman, hardwordking and makes sure us fans are satisfied ALWAYS! LOVE YOU

  29. Kimberly

    Beyonce is extremely talented and successful because of her hard work. She does it for herself and her fans.

  30. James

    I love Beyoncé because she has been extremely entertaining since I was seven. I remember watching T.V. specials thinking, “WOW!”

  31. Pamela

    DANG!I have to pass cuz I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. SHOOOOT!!!

    well hope she’ll be in our town when she starts touring.

    LOVE YOU B!!!!

  32. TrevorLee

    She consistantly delivers & executes with style and grace. She commands attention with her presence, voice, performances, and still remains humble.

  33. Jarius

    I can actually relate to Beyonce’s music. The way she cones across in song is truely amazing. No one else can do what she does period. <3 King B

  34. Jocelin

    Beyonce is a strong, talented, inspirational, kind-hearted, hard working, timeless performer and icon. I love Beyonce!

  35. Kei

    The Queen. She has obtained the title of “Legend” all before her 30th birthday. She’s sexy, talented, and never plays it safe. She’s just on top of everything that she does….

  36. Theone

    She has taught me so much and inspires me everyday and gets me through some of my toughest days

  37. Samantha

    Women aspire to be like Beyoncé. Gracious, beautiful, talented, poised, successful, and happy. She makes me want to be great.

  38. Kelsey Franklin

    I love Beyonce because she is an inspiration; her humility, beautiful soul, and amazing talent make her the perfect idol.

  39. cityonfiya

    Because i STILL wake up every morning to “bug a boo,” listen to “jumpin jumpin” when i’m getting ready to go out, and blast “survivor” after an exam.

  40. Mike

    I love Beyoncé because she is very inspiring
    Beyoncé helps all of us fans to Dream Big, and find success.

  41. Slays

    A fan since 6, King B has been a positive role model and ALWAYS DELIVERS NO MATTER WHAT!

  42. Mike

    Listening to Beyoncé sound “I Was Here”
    make me think about my own legacy to leave behind.
    Beyoncé an Icon

  43. Gucci Ninja

    The bitch screams and does not sing, I still love the hoe though.

    Lo Reply:

    @Gucci Ninja, Look Up the word scream, and try youtubing people screaming. Then compare it to Beyonce..they sound universally different.

  44. Tre

    She’s just speechlessly inspiring.

  45. Adrienne

    I love Beyonce because she taught me that internal beauty is more important than external beauty, she is empowering.

  46. Suezett

    no one can do it like Beyoncé, she’s one of the very last living legends i’ll witness in my lifetime.

  47. Jasmine JOseph

    Beyonce is EVERYTHING to me. She is my “Auntie”. For 14 years, she’s blessed me with her beauty, talent, and devotion.

  48. Lesley Wright

    I love Beyonce because she is well rounded and the best performer ever! I took 11 friends to see her in concert, that is dedicated!

  49. Adnan Rashid

    This will seriously be my 18th time seeing Beyonce in concert starting with December 2000 with Destiny’s Child. I just graduated from college and it would mean so much to me to see Beyonce in concert the week 4 comes out. Thanks for the opportunity…Beyonce is such an inspiration…and seriously everything she does is quality. Love her and everything she represents :)

  50. Rene

    She’s simply the…”4″ letters- BEST.

  51. BKTP

    Whether I feel like dancing or crying, Beyonce has a song to fit my mood. She is pure class.

  52. TrevorW

    Beyonce’s music is my life’s soundtrack from being raped, not loving myself her music has been my guiding light.

  53. Imani

    She’s effortless, she loves her music, she takes pride in everything she does. She understands her gift and she doesn’t abuse it. She’s the “Ultimate Performer” that’s why I love Beyonce.

  54. kay.

    i love beyonce because she’s the only female artist who’s in her own lane, doing what she feels she needs to.

  55. LMd

    Beyonce is the queen always puttin out music to make you move

  56. Nicolei

    Why Beyoncè is loved: 20yrs later still “Champion of the Game” because of her Diligence, Dedication & straight up Hard-Work!

  57. Imani

    She’s a star, not because of fame but because of the light she produces from her soul and voice. The “Ultimate Performer”

  58. Rigo_Corona

    Beyonce will truly go down as 1 of the best performers in our time. I love her cuz she is true talent. A true performer, singer & dancer but still down to earth. Beyonce is herself & that’s y I love her.

  59. Gerald


  60. Louis

    I love Beyonce because she snapps for the kids, snaps for the kids, snaps in a circle 3 times!

  61. MrBeyonceFan2000


    MrBeyonceFan2000 Reply:


  62. Mike

    I Love Beyoncé because she is inspirational
    Beyoncé makes me want to be successful in life.
    Beyoncé motivates me.

  63. xIndoo

    Beyoncé is a strong but sweet woman, her vocal abilities are amazing such as her performances,
    & B’s music inspires many people.

  64. ZACH NYC

    Beyonce gives me hope that good music still has a purpose,shes a true inspiration to me and her fans

  65. Jeffery

    I love Beyonce because she epitomizes what we need more of in music: Class, Dedication & most importantly TALENT!

  66. Philip Williams

    Beyonce is one of the best artist of all time(Kanye West shrug) and I love her

  67. Christopher Vargas

    I absolutely love Beyonce and am a huge fan. She inspires me to be a singer/songwriter because she’s talented.

  68. Shakirah Williams

    I love Beyonce because she’s definitely one of a kind, talented and overall strong black woman! She’s also a great role model for girls/women everywhere! She’s just that “4″ letter word the BEST!

  69. Tahajah Samuels

    Beyonce is TALENT. Even the world’s greatest rapper said: “I GOT THE HOTTEST CHICK IN THE GAME WEARING MY CHAIN!”

  70. MaRyan Carey

    Love B because of “Check on it,” “OBSESSED” and those wigs! (Dont even get me started on DC3)

  71. shamill

    i love beyonce because she’s real! even with all the money she has she never stops being a humble person.

  72. Junior

    Basically Beyonce is a living legend, everything she touches turns to gold. She’s beautiful, and has a voice annointed by God. I love everything about her!!

  73. Deborah

    Beyoncé is more than just an impeccable artist, she is a genuine rolemodel and humble talent. SHE RUNS THE WORLD!

  74. fizzle

    Chile I’m in Miami so I kno yall already gave me the ultimate side eye

  75. Alex

    I love Beyoncé because she’s a sexy boss who runs the world (girls).

  76. Shivon

    I love beyoncé because she is an amazing singer and an inspiration to all young adults. She has a talent like no other and when she performs she gives her all.

  77. Bobbi

    I’ve loved beyonce since I was 6 I know every dance from every video shes the big sister I never had.

  78. Chris

    Beyonce is the
    Epicenter of music
    Yearly she can
    Out due everyone
    Cause the best
    Earn their greatness

  79. Jamaal Amir

    I’ve been obsessed since “No, No, No”! Beyonce transcends other stars of today with her natural talent & prowess. LOVE!

  80. JJ

    Beyonce is an icon. She’s an insperation to young adults everywhere, and the epitome of the words beauty and talent

  81. Andre

    Why do I love Beyonce? She’s an amazing artist and more importantly an amazing person. It’s hard not to love her.

  82. iHateSheez

    Beyonce is not only a pop icon she’s legendary and one of the greatest voices of all time.

  83. Cam

    She’s noble, beautiful, empowering, sexy, hard-working and above all a good person. She is truly a world wide woman.

  84. Eugene

    I love Beyonce because when my parents were going through a bad divorce, she showed me I could make it.

  85. Owen

    I only live 3 hours away from NYC for one! Well Beyonce is my complete idol & inspiration. She helps me through all the stress in my life with her music. She is the voice of our generation & is the leading girl in music. Beyonce is already a legend & she will always have a place in my heart. I seen her once with Destiny’s Child & once on the I Am… Tour she blew me away & she will continue to blow me away every time she performs. She is a performing mastermind & I’d kill to be able to how the loads of talent she has. Rap-Up I’ve been reading your blog for years & it would be an honnor to win tickets to see my idol Beyonce through you guys! Thanks Columbia Records & Rap-Up for this chance! I hope I win! I already got the standard & deluxe of 4 preordered! #deticatedstanhere

  86. TMichelle

    I love Beyonce because she is just an amazing artist! she is very humble and loyal to her fans. She’s very grounded and shes an admired individual. She’s an icon and one of musics best entertainers. She is just simply the best!!! Her music is real and thats what I love most about her. When she sings a song it feels as if she means every single word. I am just one of her biggest fans out of a billion people. Beyonce is truly the Queen.

  87. Kevin garner

    Let the ” countdown” “start over” cause “i miss you” and ” I care “! You see you were the ” best thing I never had” and when the ” party” and late nights are over its gonna hit me that I’d “rather die young” then to be without you. From this day forward I’ll place your “love on top” and I will be there for you , for us, until the “end of time”! Even down the line, when our beings no longer ” run the world” I’ll  leave loves footprints to proclaim ” I was here”, and it was me and you, just me and you 1+1! I want those tickets puleeze! I eat sleep live and breathe for BEYONCE! Everything else is Bey-nonsense to me!

  88. Iantuition

    I love Beyoncé simply because she is who she is: the Queen.

  89. Samira

    Beyonce makes me think , cry, love,dance, and MATURE with her music. HER work ethic is my biggest inspiration .

  90. Jellybean485

    Her concert DVD’s are serious! Shes hard working and always goes an extra mile for her fans. She always has great dance bangers and gorgeous love songs for us ladies! Shes always humble and respectful and stays true to herself. If I won this GMA concert series it would be a treat, never got to see her live.

  91. Tony

    Beyonce is a great entertainer and her work ethic and drive is what a role model is all about. I love how humble and ground she is even though she a worldwide superstar.

  92. queenb

    I wish I lived in the US :(

    B <3

  93. Nadia

    She is the true definition of a go-getter. It would be an honor to see her up close.

  94. CS

    Her inspiring vocals over uplifting beats have helped me to get through some of the hardest of times.

  95. Chris

    I love Beyonce because she is Beyonce & shes a amazing role model for all ages & races, Love her.

  96. wateva25

    I wouldn’t be living or the person I am today if it wasn’t for Beyonce; a true legend.

  97. Samara

    She is an iconic, trendsetter. Who is humble & caring. She is in competition with herself & not others & that is why she continues to break the mold. I love her because she exemplifies what a role model is suppose to be.

  98. WORD!

    I love Beyonce because she is definately one of the hardest workers in the industry. The fact that she stays so true to herself shows that she is trying to grow buy competing with herself.

  99. Desrick Mitchell

    BEYONCE know how to rock the stage well and keep it classic all together. Then get back to business.

  100. Ashley

    I love Beyonce because she is beautiful inside and out. She epitomizes the word “Woman.” Fierce, Confident, Sexy, Elegant, Intelligent, Timeless, Poised, Dedicated, Strong, Hardworking, Fun, Inspiring, and she Commands attention in all of the RIGHT ways. She has raised the bar for those to come after her and she could have stopped there, but with her drive and passion she continues to tap into new talent within herself. It is beautiful to watch someone explore the person they are and could be through expression of art. Go B!

  101. Kyra

    I love Beyonce because she is the Queen at what she does and still remains a humble person.

  102. Amandine Mukengeshayi

    She’s a beast at evertyhing she does..Always give 100% of herself on stage, fully commit to what she does..Plus she can sing AND dance at the same, which a lot of artists can combine very well. She keeps it very sexy yet classy and humble at the same time! Pure greatness

  103. George

    Beyonce is the epitome of what a entertainer should be!

  104. mofan95

    MY Favorite song on the album is I Was Here Very inspirational makes you think when its time what did you leave behind!!!! Anyway I pre-ordered on I-tunes and I will also pick a copy in stores. Gotta have one album for the car and the other one for on the go.
    SN: does anyone notice she sings a lot about death on this album, I hope nothing happens anytime soon.

  105. Joy

    I love Beyonce because she keeps my daughter engaged with positivity and she taught her Girls Can Run the World! :)

  106. Brionna

    I don’t live in NY but i still love you Bey!!!

  107. Kaleyia

    I love Beyonce because she is the most humble artist, inside and out and she is an amazing artist!

  108. Fanny

    I love Beyonce because she inspired me to work hard at whatever I do she was a little girl who had a dream she worked supper hard at it and turn it to reality… I love her because she’s my role model to be a strong hard working successful woman she inspired me to be great at whatever I do she’s a voice for woman around the world.. She make me realize it doesn’t matter where you work just work hard at it and it will pay off. I love you Beyonce thank you for teaches me those things

  109. Markese

    I love beyonce because of her heart! She has been my hero since 1998 and she will always be

  110. Aaron

    She’s an inspiration to all and she’s proof, that with hard work anything can be achieved. I love you B.

  111. Jasmine

    Beyonce is without a doubt the hardest working woman in the entertainment industry. I love her drive.

  112. Mike Rojas

    She’s an amazing artist & I would love to finally get to see her live. Plus I live in NY!

  113. Jarel Melendez

    Beyonce is truly everything to me. She has been my rock since 1997. Your my # 1 Diva for life.

  114. Jasmine

    I love Beyonce because even with her abundance of success she remains a beautiful person.

  115. Jasmine

    I love Beyonce because she’s a beautiful person inside & out. She never ceases to amaze me.

  116. Mohammed Fayaz

    No other artist excites me in the way that Beyonce does. I feel weak when she hits the stage.

  117. Jasmine

    I love Beyonce’s new direction in her career. Years from now, 4 will be one a classic!

  118. Jordan Knopf

    I love Beyonce because she is the best Singer in the world, and kills any track she is on, she crazy humble and goes out of her way to make other people feel good. Her music has got me through so much. I am her biggest fan!!!!!!!

  119. Tia D.

    If loving Beyonce is wrong, I don’t wanna BEY right! :)

  120. Ahmnia

    She’s Irreplaceable, I’m crazy in love, she runs the world, gives me De JaVu: BEYONCE!

  121. Kurran Singh

    Beyonce runs the world!

  122. Alexandrea

    I love Beyoncé because she made me realize that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being curvy. I’m beautiful & bootylicious!

  123. b'Rock

    i love beyonce because she is truly the definition of a talented role model for young people across the globe ..!!

  124. DD

    I love Beyoncé because she is one of the few that represents true talent of our generation. I LOVE HER!

  125. IslandGrown

    B-E-Y. S-A-S-H-A. M-R-S-C-A-R-T-E-R. Spell it any way you like, it’s still pronounced “irreplaceable.”

  126. Joseph Z.

    B makes my man cave explode. B makes me quiver. & my initals are J.Z. so we were meant to B.

  127. KevinJay

    I love Beyoncé because she is the most beautiful, hardworking, talented, humble artist alive. All hail King B!

  128. Tony J

    Beyonce proves that it’s possible to be sexy and have fun while working hard to accomplish your dreams.

  129. Nana

    I LOVE BEY! I’m naming my daughter Giselle and if ever needed, I would give her one of my kidneys

  130. Dana White

    I love Beyonce because shes the BEST at what she does and inspires me to have confidence and be humble.

  131. Deyshun

    Beyonce is an amazing women. She is a prime example of what hard work and dedication can get you to.

  132. muziqkid

    I love BEYONCE! To see her live would be a dream come true for me. She Is one of the most honest and amazing performers today!

  133. BeyonceEsmee

    Beyoncé is Beyoncé. She’s only herself. Beyoncé is gorgeous because she is Beyoncé. She is irreplaceable. Love on top.

  134. J Golden

    I’ve loved Beyonce for a decade. Her voice is a gift. She’s the total package, RAPPED UP in legendary authenticity.

  135. Jordan A

    I Love Beyonce because she is TRULY the definition of not just a entertainer but of a model human being.


    @Kavin Garner quoted lyrics from her 4 album! he clearly listened to them from a leaked link! LOL. good luck guys !

  137. Jamal Walker

    I love Beyonce for her overwhelming talent, strength, her hard work and proving how far hard-work can bring you.

  138. Jay Aytch

    I love Beyonce because her music has been the biggest inspiration in my life in my 20 short years.=)

  139. Tina

    I love Beyonce because she’s multi-talented & humble! The Michael Jackson of our time it doesn’t get any better!

  140. Shannon

    Since 97 ive watched and grown with Bey; amazing memories to her music and live shows.She’s a constant light.

  141. Monique Woods

    I love Beyonce because she’s the greatest female performer! She inspires me to pursue my dreams of being a singer.

  142. yeni

    Beyonce breaks the mold. She’s not a size 4 AND she keeps it real. She’s beautiful and a top-notch performer.

  143. Tina

    I love Beyonce because she’s multi-talented & humble, The Michael Jackson of our time, it doesn’t get any better!

  144. Taren

    Beyoncé inspires me to be the best vocalist/performer I can be. I truely respect her talent and her drive. Her vocal tech. is amazing and and just love it. She crazy talented lol. Beyoncé is one of my biggest inspirations and has to be my hero.

  145. Charimar

    I love Beyonce because she is amazing! She is a beautiful person inside AND out.

  146. StylezXquisite

    Beyoncé is much more than an entertainer, she’s an inspiration to ALL. I have been a FAN since Destiny’s Child hit the scene & have yet to miss witnessing GREATNESS on that stage as only B can do!!

  147. Taaj

    I love Beyoncé because she’s the only POSITIVE role model for young women today I love and look up to her!

  148. Genesis Cuesta

    Beyonce has inspired me to be a better person and a better woman.I AM A DEVOTED FAN! PICK ME

  149. bennett

    Beyonce has inspired many Irreplaceable Single Ladies with her Halo of good. We’ve all fallen Crazy in Love with her.

  150. I Love Beyonce

    Beyone is truly a gift from God. Her talent exceeds all others. She is the definition of TRUE TALENT!

  151. Sara VanDenElsen

    Beyonce is a role model for people of all ages, backgrounds & genders. She exudes beauty, confidence & heart in all that she does-and with CLASS! She’s the ultimate go-girl/diva to look up to! I believe that is why I, and the world for that matter, loves B! Keep working it B!

  152. Leo Casimir

    I just moved to Bx just for concerts in NYC. Concerts are my life and to see Beyonce free priceless!

  153. Avy

    I love Beyonce because through her music she shares my happiness, sadness, and excitement.

  154. Ja-Niece B

    Beyoncé is heaven sent, humble, talented, and gives her all. Her voice heals hearts around the world and inspires many.

  155. MIW

    Beyonce personifies drive and determination, all the while remaining humble as she contiues to dominate the globe. A true inspiration.

  156. I Love Beyonce More

    It would take more than 20 words to say how much I love her. She is my everything.

  157. Dez

    Beyonce is the greatest. I love how she work so hard and it shows her dedication and passion for music.

  158. cal dickinson

    Beyonce is the voice of a generation and with all that weight on her shoulders she remains humble. Dream Big

  159. George(GTW)

    Beyonce is the epitome of what a entertainer should be!


  160. Shanelle

    I want tickets because I will die of depression if I do not get them! She is my hero!

  161. Junior

    I love Beyonce because she delivers a show everytime you see this woman on a stage. Owwwww!

  162. jen

    i love beyonce because she is the most talented artist. she’s a superstar— no one else comes close to comparing.

  163. Jeremy

    Beyonce is the most incredible entertainer, she is an angel sent from god to share her inspiring talents with the world to help lift us all!

  164. dawn

    B is such a wonderful Singer/ Performer/ Dancer………I would love to go to see this woman in live action!!! Please choose me so I would be there with my husband and my friends for this special day to treasure forever, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

  165. nick johnson

    Beyonce-Overall lengedary Icon! I love everything about Bey! She inspires my everyday life! #HurricaneBeySeason! :)

  166. Isheree

    Beyonce shows me to love myself, no matter what shape or size i am, & to go kick ass! :)

  167. Amanda

    Shes the best singer ever, i always get chills watching her. MY INSPIRATION! I LOVE YOUU BEY!

  168. Johnny D.

    She represents the dream. She is one of god’s gift to music, along with the other icons.

  169. Katherine

    A woman in which brings grace to our society, which we gaze upon with a smile & humbleness within her.

  170. rob!

    in a sea of pop singers, beyonce is the only enteratiner

  171. Isheree

    your voice and music, and inspiring movies help me through some dark times. just thank you

  172. Joaquin

    Beyonce is an incredible inspiration for me beyond just an artist; she represents determination, resilience, and success through hard work!

  173. Just a Honest Negro

    Imma fan of Beyonce’s work. But honestly i want to go so I can get a autograph for my cousin Betty in Cameroon. She’s a huge fan of your worrk and even tries to do your dances. When i go there for Christmas like i do every year. I wanna give this to her as a Xmas gift. THank u for readin

  174. YO THIS JAY-Z!

    but not really lol… but like him in a way, its not possible for me to say, all the reasons why i love beyonce (tht rhymed btw) :)

  175. Micah Logan

    Beyonce= inspiration,role model,passion,TALENT <3

  176. Nicole

    I love Beyonce because she is not only an amazing singer and dancer but a great role model for young women like myself.

  177. Tanera12

    I am THEEEEEEE biggest Queen Bey fan there is in the entire world. People say I am way too star struck but I just recognize good talent, and a beautiful person inside and out when I see one (no homo). She is my #1 Idol, and I’ve been supporting her ever since she was with Destiny’s Child. She is the best to ever do it and MJ definitely lives on through her. I love her SO much and would appreciate if I won these tickets Rap-Up. (:

  178. Penny

    I’ve made it through some of the worst days of my life on the strength of her music. I’ve been a fan since I was 6 and 14 years later nothing has changed.

  179. Jon&BK

    when i was 12 my life was stretched into pieces, Beyonce and her voice was always there to help me to stop crying and smile

  180. Fanousboy

    I Love for this.
    I Love Beyonce Because her music is GROUNDBREAKING, Her Beauty Is UNPARRELLE to anyother. She is ICONIC :)

  181. Amber Mahonee

    She’s my role model, I look up to her sooo much, and her music is amazing!!! I love BEYONCE

  182. ISAIAH

    Beyonce has taught me things that a teacher in school could never with the power of her voice and the passion in her music.

  183. Ashley Holmes

    Beyonce is a great role model and inspiration. I love that she is the complete package as the greatest entertainer.

  184. Martel

    I want to see Beyonce because she’s inspirational & she shows school kids like me that HARD WORK pays off!

  185. Jordan Harper

    I love Beyonce because she does inspirational work for her fans who she loves and cares for.

  186. Alison

    There couldn’t be a more perfect woman. Beyonce is inspirational, confident, beautiful, sexy, yet still so humble.

  187. Anthony Ayers

    I love Beyonce because she always leaves her blood, sweat, and tears on that stage. Her music is everything too!

  188. Lindsay

    Beyonce is the epitome of amazing — a musical genius. No one will ever compare to this Goddess of a woman.

  189. Diego

    Beyoncé’s been my constant inspiration and role model; emulates a TRUE performer. My hero till the end of time.

  190. Brenda

    I love Beyonce because of her drive, individuality, strength, ability to captivate an audience, killer dance moves, and vocal skills!

  191. Vera

    I love Beyonce because she is an inspiration to all girls like me who want to become someone in life. She shows that if you have the drive to do what you want in life, then you will be able to accomplish it.

  192. Miguel

    Twenty words isn’t enough to describe how much Beyoncé means to us. Thank you for being there through thick & thin.

  193. Aaron Erdman

    She is the epitome of women empowerment and inspiration. She is my hero.

  194. Maxy

    Beyonce has broken barriers and stereotypes left and right to become a true Queen. And it would be the most amazing birthday present ever ;)

  195. Biscuits

    I’m a musician as well, and her drive encourages me, her passion inspires me and her skill teaches me. I would simply love to tell her thank you in person.

  196. Vinny

    Beyonce has proved to me and countless others that dreams do come true. She pushes me to follow my aspirations and never giving up on what I believe in.

  197. Torron

    I love Beyoncé “4″ her philanthropy and down-to-earth, southern-belle ways! Her work ethic and determination is inspiring!

  198. Jakurah

    Beyonce will accomplish a lot of the things that most african american women couldnt even dream and thats why I love her.

  199. TERESA

    Beyonce is fierce and her music speaks to my soul. She’s my inspiration!!!

  200. Bk Nice

    Beyonce showcases every aspect of what a Star is. I Love her because of her True Craftmanship & dedication to us, the fans.

  201. WillBee!

    I <3 Beyonce because of who she is . She mirrors what I reach for in this life .

  202. Sakinha

    she has inspired many, including me being able to tell her how lucky i am for her to of changed my life is questionable, her voice has made me the real person i am <3

  203. Sakinha

    if you ask a random person, they will know Beyonce and say she is pretty, talented and inspirational shes everything i love her <3

  204. Denez

    I love Beyonce because she is a respectable woman, great entertainer and an awesome motavationalist, spectacular musician and beautiful being!

  205. luv

    B embodies what a star/entertainer should be…she reinvents herself/ style everytime she comes back & it gets better everytime!!!

  206. WhoME!?!

    beyonce is The EPITOME. Her soulfulness, dedication, versatility, passion, persistence, and creativity has solidified her as my generation’s music legend


    I LOVE KingB because she is an amazing performer,fearless,innovative,classy,a role model,and beautiful inside out!

  208. fox

    She has gotten me thru my lowest points with her music,she is truely my idol.

  209. Megan

    Beyoncé’s beautiful inside and out, such an inspiration, and definitely the best singer, performer, and entertainer of all time!

  210. Kiel

    Beyonce; my hero. her voice,brain,talent,family bonds inspire me to be like her. EPITOME of a goddess. God-send

  211. David T. Anderson

    Beyonce’ has inspired me on so many levels; she continues to inspire me through her music, talent, and humble ways.

  212. ANGGÉR


  213. taler robinson

    You work so hard to demonstrate a female leader. You give me chills when I listen to your acapellas. I love you so much!

  214. Samantha

    Beyonce has giving me courage and inspired me on many levels.

  215. lies

    I love Beyonce because she literally “Halo” saved me from committing suicide. I lost half my family and there was no on to turn to. This song made me see the light. I love you Beyonce!

  216. Bobby

    Beyonce is a superhuman, a spiritual connect. The love of my life. Beyonce is the new adjective for indescribable.

  217. Sarah

    Beyonce inspires me to just be myself. She inspires me to dance, live life, and just be happy.

  218. Vinney91

    She leaves her blood, sweat and tears on the stage leaving us screaming for more. She’s the ultimate entertainer.

  219. Amanda

    From Jersey… still entering. I love Beyonce because she has enhanced her skill repeatedly to satisfy huge fans like ME!

  220. luis

    Me & my wife love Beyonce and for our wedding song we chose Dangerously in Love and it would mean the world to us if we could meet her.

  221. Mike

    I love Beyonce because she’s the best performer of our generation, it would make my life if I got to see her live.

  222. Marques

    I love beyonce because she is a beautiful person and she is so inspiring but I really love beyonce because she is the best performer of our time with an amazing voice !!!!!!!

  223. George

    I Love Beyonce because we are both Virgos and also because she represents us all

  224. RyanCarMah

    Her humility, powerhouse vocals, and inspirational spirit are unmatched; she is as irreplaceable in music as she is beautiful.

  225. uknowdakid

    At the end of the day beyonce is a survivor and never lost the hunger for the game

  226. Brenden

    I love Beyonce because she evolves every year, artistically while remaining true to herself. She’s inspiration!

  227. SwagBlonde

    28 words or less? (Damn that was already “4″) And now that was 9 and this sentence makes 19! Luckily I only need 3 words. Bee’s the best!

  228. Charles

    I love Beyonce because she’s an awesome role model, beautiful, talented, humble and so nice. Me and her are both Virgos!!!!

  229. Evan George

    I love Beyonce because through her beauty, talent, and perseverance she not only keep me entertained but inspired.

  230. AJ

    I love Beyonce because the world has never experienced anything like her– vocalist, dancer and songwriter. Undoubtedly, she runs the world.

  231. chris

    I promised my little sister i would take her to see her favorite singer and this would be a blessing!

  232. Jade Ng

    I love her because she is Beyoncé and like no other.

  233. Medina

    why i love beyonce? because her songs helpt me in times that i needed ‘help’ she is such a good rol model! i love her so much! since i was 5 i am obsessed with here! god bles beyonce!

  234. Shea

    Time after time Beyonce reminded me that I’m able to conduct my train to success and running the world is my first stop!

  235. Ty Glascoe

    I love Beyonce because watching her perform since I was a kid created the artist in me. She raised me.

  236. Terrell

    Beyoncé is the epitome of vocal ability, confidence and consistency. There’s a reason a 2-year hiatus doesn’t hinder anticipation. Iconic.

  237. Aaron

    Point blank: what’s not to love? She’s a singer, actress, philanthropist & a good person in general. What’s better than that?

  238. dominique

    Omg i love beyonce because she smart beautiful talent she a hard worker role model icon i cant wait to purchase 4 copies of 4 june 28

  239. angelina l

    i love beyonce because she is a major inspiration i cant sing like her i want her type of success when i get older

  240. Krislyn

    Beyonce has always been in my life every since DC I grown to love her presence as a entertainer an role model.The most I love about Honey B is how she loves her hubby and adores her mother . I also studied how she performs and gets the audience attention and you might be watching her on television but it seems like your there I luv b my Sis hates the fact I watch her almost everyday bc I love her swagga God Bless her I will c her and it won’t be on tv Honey !!!

  241. malikMJdope

    The grace, poise elegance and sheer beauty are just some of the Queen’s most beautiful qualities but nothing or no one living beats her singing and performing ability. She is the definition of a true Queen and will forever reign! Jay-Z we still have a chance just wait till I get on ! Lol

  242. Mike

    Beyonce is an unbelievable performer taking control of the stage and never letting your eyes gaze away from her.

  243. mauri mendez




  245. francesca.X

    I love Beyonce because she is a women of talent that truely inspires other artists in the music isdustry and her fellow fans. I love the fact she is very warm hearted, trys to teach people just to be there self and nothink less and curvy women are the best. She is just fabulous in everyway!<3..

  246. Carson

    Beyoncé masters everything she does, & on a whole other level. It’s mind-blowing. She’s what woman should aspire to be.

  247. Aleaya

    Beyonce’s the best at what she does, she’s a great performer & role model for myself and other young girls <3

  248. michael morris

    I am a big fan of Beyonce because she is a great role model for my 12 year old daugter. Beyonce shows drive along with being multi-talented.Beyonce is always classy and you never hear any controversy involving her. Beyonce is one entertainer that I would not hesitate to take my daughter to see…

  249. why

    She is a great entertainer. I love how she feels the music and it takes over her.

  250. Symone

    I love Beyonce because she is the iconic strong, professional, and talented woman that was missing in this generation.

    I currently live in NY.

  251. Yvette

    My daughter Janiece has been her BIGGEST fan since she was 8. All her teachers ask her all Beyonce Triva.

  252. Dee

    I love Beyonce because she understands the meaning of artistry, always providing sheer perfection and devotion to her fans.

  253. Niecy

    explaining my love for beyonce in 20 words or less is hard!! she is beautiful inside and out. huge inspiration

  254. Lorraine Marie

    Favorite artist of all time: Beyonce!!! She has IT ALL…Dynamic stage presence, beautiful voice, skilled vocal & dance abilities.

  255. Audrey Martells

    Beauty, Never rely
    Successful, Homey
    Shy, Beast
    Driven, Human.
    Student Inventor
    Sheltered, Shelter
    Artist, Mogul
    Texas girl, Runs the World

  256. Joshua

    Beyonce never allowed doubt from others to get in the way of her destiny. She is purpose-driven!

  257. AC

    I love Beyonce, because not only is she a superstar, but she is a very down to earth person who cares about others and her fans, and not just the fame and money.

  258. Evanthia

    I simply love Beyonce! I’ve been dying to see her live! All the way from Cyprus to NY for her!

  259. Christiana

    She makes me feel warm inside whenever her voice sounds, a melody to my ears! I ❤ Beyonce!

  260. Jayson

    I love Beyonce because she INSPIRES, she TEACHES, and she MOTIVATES. Because of her i am determined,and fearless.

  261. Eleni

    The most gifted personality, Beyonce moves and shakes her crowd, touches our hearts and inspires our every day!

  262. Zoe R

    I’ve been ridin with Beyonce since her Destiny’s Child days and 15 years later she still inspires me every day.

  263. Jason K

    Beyonce paints beautiful portraits with her music and her work ethic and attention to detail inspires me to be great

  264. David Centeno

    She doesn’t follow trends, she sets them. She keeps her beautiful, sweet nature when the spotlight is shining on her.

  265. tyler legge

    i love beyonce because her music is really good and her voice has a great feel to it

  266. maya

    I admire Beyonce because she remains PRIVATE! I’m sure she has difficult times but never shows anything but a smile!

  267. Tony

    I love Beyonce because shes the most hardworking and talented woman of our generation. Her music inspires me to be strong.

  268. Cameron A. D.

    she’s down to earth, unlike other celebrities, works hard to provide her fans a good show and their money’s worth

  269. Malcolm Soaries

    Beyonce’s music and performances give me confidence I never knew that I had or could ever get from an artist.

  270. *sigh

    Beyonce is my spirit animal.

  271. Noel Valentin

    Beyonce defines passion. In life passion helps fulfill happines and through the years, Beyonce has grown and evolved through her passion.


    I love Beyonce because her songs always describe what I’m feeling.She gives me confidence. She is my inspiration!


    I love Beyoncé because when I am feeling down I listen to her. Her words describes my feelings.

  274. Brianna DiDonato

    beyonce is a beautiful and strong woman. she knows what a woman goes thru and describes it in her music.

  275. keithingt0n

    She’s M-azing! I never seen her live but always wish I had the opportunity too…Her strength and inspiration is expressed thru her music :) I love bey!

  276. Ekua

    Beyonce has truly been an inspiration to my life. Her music has helped me through the roughest of times. Pick me!

  277. naomi

    i love Beyonce because she has an all lady band, supports other women in music, is tough, and is legitimately talented. plus she’s a total babe.

  278. Jamar

    Amazing, beautiful, 20 words is too small a window, ill just say this, i would enjoy watching Beyonce perform

  279. Tommy

    The reason why I love BEYONCE is because she is My effing QUEEN! And she truly Runs The World!

  280. Arielle Felix

    I am blind, And I love Beyonce, because she was, is, and will forever be my one insporation in life!!!

  281. Raun Larose

    I love Beyonce because she it the epitome of what a true artist is and should be. She is Phenomenal.

  282. Rohan George

    I love Beyonce because her music helped me get through the hardest times in my life, and celebrate the good.

  283. donadlo Adderley

    i love Beyonce because when no one else did her music got me threw

  284. Robert napoleon

    She is simply the most important artist today. She is amazing.

  285. Jremy


  286. riri

    I love BEYONCE because she is the queen of hip hop and i love beyonce and she truly Runs The World!

  287. Demetria

    I love Beyonce because she’s fearless, innovatice, inspiring, young, hip, iconic, timeless, unstopable & a WIFE!

  288. Dani

    I love Beyoncé because she proves every day Hard work & Dedication Truly Pays off!!

  289. Jocelyn Brown

    Beyonce is simply the GREATEST. She is a living legend. With every album she re-enforces why I love her!

  290. priscilla botero

    i love beyonce shes my inspiration in life shes the reason why am starting my first week of school she a great rolemodel i want to be just like her theres no thing would change about beyonce shes epic she wonderfull shes life she hot shes smart shes classy i love her please let me meet my idol i love you beyonce us girls run the world !!!!!!!!!!

  291. Cudi

    Her work ethic! She strives to be a better version of herself. She’s driven by her passion, not money.

  292. Beyonces1fan

    I love Beyonce because her music comes from her heart and soul. She is my inspiration.

  293. Raye B

    Beyonce is everything I aspire at 22 to be!…A black woman who is class, beauty, & determination in one!

  294. Mike

    Beyonce is the kind of woman I want to marry: strong & smart, sexy & sassy, soulful & secure. Just the full package.

  295. Alexandra Ladas

    Beyonce has been my idol since I was little, and all I want is to see her perform live!!!!

  296. Danielle Greaves

    Beyonce is my idol and Iam not just saying that I luv her since Destiny’s Child Day!!! I have her perfurm handbags and dvd and cds!! She is my idol because she is powerful,sexy,makes woman feel strong and independent…There is only one B!! Iam really a big fan this would mean alot to me!!

  297. Shannon

    I love Beyonce but more than that one of my dearest friends is the hugest Beyonce fan and I really want to get these tickets for her. She has every album and knows every song, she owns everything Beyonce has ever put out. Her Birthday is coming up and she would absolutely love this. She works really hard and deserves these tickets. I hope you will consider her. Sincerely, Shann

  298. Tatiana Rodriguez

    I love Beyonce becuase she is a symbol for independent and strong woman and an angelic voice. She is an icon for what all women should be.

  299. Al-Fuquan

    I love Beyonce’ because she has inspired me to be who i wanna be and do what I was born to do w/ her music.Beyonce’ focuses on the youth 24/7 and the youth is the Future.So were destined to be something Amazing.

  300. Michelle Suarez

    Flawless,inspirational,and diva what more can I say about Beyonce and myself…Her music provides the soundtrack to my life



  302. Tamika

    I love Beyonce because she is an ICON!! she is an amazing representation on a strong, powerful, classy yet humble woman!

  303. Irvin Williams

    Beyoncé impacts women and fans around the world and inspires us to be independent! I’ve gotten thru so many rough times thanks to her music, the world would be missing an angel without her.

  304. Jodi Anderson

    I love Beyonce because she is hands-down the most talented entertainer of our era! The woman is fierce!

  305. Rashida

    I think she is an incredible role model and entertainer. I love her work ethic and I appreciate her gift. I adore Beyonce!!!!

  306. hhillr

    I love Beyonce because she is true artistry at its best. From her singing, dancing and captivating performance she’s amazing!!!

  307. Jamanda :)

    I admire that she is a God fearing woman that not only bless us with her music but with her presence too.

  308. tense

    I totally admire and look up to beyonce. she is a big inspiration to me. she is always making women empowered and she sets an example for every little girl out there with a dream. she shows that we are just as powerful as men, not only they can RUN the world. Beyonce is smart, beautiful, and unstoppable. I believe i should get these tickets because i do not only love her because she can dance or because she pretty, i love her because she is my IDOL. If she can do it… I definetly can go far in life.

  309. Aisha

    I love Beyonce because sometimes her music was the only thing that kept me going.Her music is so inspirational.

  310. brendan colcord

    Beyonce represents drive. She proves that hard work really pays off. She is the epitome of a legend.

  311. algaharris

    I love Beyonce because she remains true to herself, while inspiring others, to be the best possible version of themself.

  312. Johnathan M

    Beyonce is the epitome of a hardworking woman. She inspires me and millions of others to do better in life.

  313. Carobi

    Beyonce is one the most respected, yet most beautiful and talented singer out there. She remains to have class and doesn’t embarass herself in any way. I love Beyonce, shes not only my FAVORITE singer but my insperation.

  314. Colby Tortorici

    I love Beyonce because she inspires people to never give up and is a role model for everyone.

  315. Ashton

    I love Beyonce because she stays classy in a world of unclassy celeberties.

  316. Lynnette

    I love B because she is one of the stars in the world who can back up her singing live.

  317. Evelyn S

    One reason why I love Beyonce is that her music is empowering to everyone . When she sings she will put 110 % in every song and performance .

  318. Jillian

    Beyonce is RAW talent. I love that she’s a genuinely nice person and she always does her best; no mediocrity!

  319. Beyncecallmedva


  320. Tye

    I love beyonce because of devoted work ethic, and the way she commands attention when hits the stage. Go Bey

  321. Christy

    All my 7 yr old daughter wants to do is see Beyonce and I want to bring her! She sings every word to Run the World and she will be amazed by her performance!

  322. Christy

    My 7 yr old daughter loves Beyonce & did great in school. I want to reward her since she knows all the words to Run the World!

  323. Jaaquelyn S

    There are many reasons why i love Beyonce, but the main reason is because she inspires me to be and do so much better. I love how her songs resonate with so many people and I love how she loves her fans. What can i say? I just love Beyonce very much.

  324. Amanda H

    My best friend lost her dad last year, and I want to give my her the gift of a lifetime. We both ADORE Beyonce and her ability to inspire women around the world!

    Amanda H Reply:

    Her birthday is July 3rd. Perfect timing! Please help me make this happen for her!

  325. Taylor S

    I’m from Texas and will be in NYC for a graduation present. Meeting Beyonce would make the trip perfect! :)

  326. Sara V.

    I love Beyonce because she is all around performer. She gives her all in every performance. She always has a great style and sound.

  327. Amber

    I love Beyonce because she inspires me she taught me to love myself, she empowers women and is very inspirational!


    I love Beyonce because she is beautiful on the inside and outside. She was blessed with such talents, and she inspires me everyday with her gifts. She is always helping out others, and supporting one charity after the next, she truly is an incredible woman. I admire her for the things that she does to help others, not just her sensational music.


    I love Beyonce because of her incredible voice, and her insane dance moves, but also because of the kind and caring person that she is.


    I love Beyonce because on even my worst days, listening to her sing can always lighten my mood. When I dance to her music, my anger/ sadness is lifted away.


    I love Beyonce because she is such a great role model for women everywhere. She displays confidence and tells women that it’s okay to not be stick thin and it’s okay to have curves.

  332. Vokal_Race

    I love Beyonce because she is a genuine musician. She lives what she sings, and that inspires me.

  333. Ashton

    I love her because she is a star who didn’t let fame go to her head, and is still grounded.

  334. Stephanie Reed

    I LOVE Beyonce because she ASPIRES to be excellent EVERYTIME! She embodies a tenacious work ethic & professionalism! She ROCKS!

  335. Patrick

    Even people who don’t like her music are wowed by the force she brings to the music industry.

  336. Amy

    Beyonce makes me feel sexy.

  337. Beka

    How can you put what Beyonce means to any of her fans in words. When I met her in New York at Macy’s for her Heat perfume launch, I was straight speechless. She was asking my name and my friend had to tell her what it was because I couldnt find the right words to say after about what kind a person she is. She is the kindest, boldest, honest, most beautiful person I have ever met. Next time (maybe if I win this contest ;) ill get the chance to just THANK her for being her! She is definately irreplaceable!!! Love you Beyonce!!! xoxo

  338. Brian Torres


  339. Beka

    Lmao! I didnt see that it said 20 words!!! I just got so exicteddd and started writing away!!

  340. Beka

    Beyonce cares so much about her fans and gives her life up to share her talent. She is an ICON!

  341. Davin Harris

    I love Beyoncè because of what she represents as a person and role model to all. She fulfils me.

  342. Ian Aubry

    I love beyonce because shes the ULTIMATE WOMAN.

  343. Emily Miller

    I love Beyonce because she has so much passion for music, and this inspires me to go after my dreams.

  344. Artie

    because when I was in a deep depression, she saved me.

  345. Michelle

    I’m a huge Beyonce fan & I never had the pleasure of seeing her live. Please grant me this one wish!

  346. Nhân

    I love Beyocnce because she inspires me so much and she makes feel like I can go through anything. Her music helps me to relax, to concentrate and to fight against my fear. In my world, she’s a legend, that’s the only word to describe her

  347. Steven Valeris

    Beyonce Is Amazing!!! And The Reason Why I Love Music The Way I Do, Seeing Her Would Be Life Fulfilling!!!!!!

  348. Ebon

    I’ve been in love with Beyonce since I was 6 years old n I never seen her live that’s just ashame considering the fact she’s my wife in my head! So please gimme those tickets or I’ll be depressed forever!!!!

  349. Rico

    Beyonce is a phenomenal women. She’s what women should strive to be & shows us this by example. extraordinary talent!

  350. Raphael Faustino

    I dont know how, but my love for beyonce its so big, that if i win the tickets ill go to the concert! I live in brazil!

  351. Desiray

    I love beyonce because she gives my hope. Im inspired to persue and work at my dream 10 times harder.



  353. Charles

    Beyonce inspires me to the fullest. She’s so humble and a hardworker, reminds me of myself. I love her

  354. Valencia

    I love beyonce and I’ve never had the money to go to any of her concerts! I live in baltimore and I would love to just meet her at least once, she is the first of many things on my bucketlist!

  355. Justin Rivera

    Her music, dancing and lifestyle never fail to inspire. I’m a diva loves seeing the QUEEN DIVA do it right.

  356. savannah didato

    She led my out of my darkest time. Ave Maria was my anthem. Its what got me through.

    Music. Beyonce.

  357. Tanirah Morgan

    I love Beyonce for her character, personality, and contribution to the community which shows the love given and received.

  358. mary cioffi

    She rocked my world.
    Kept me afloat.
    Was the only one there when everything was broke.
    Beyonce is a savior

  359. Ty Will

    I love beyonce for her personality shes humble, bold, loving, real, the greatest vocalist of my time she a true artist. I have never had the honor of seeing her live and i would love to.

  360. Alex

    Beyonce is independent and smart, yet she still manages to be sexy. She is so talented and inspiring.

  361. Courtney Stevenson

    I love Beyonce because she is a legend and amazing and is the queen she is my rolemodel love her.

  362. Emily Vasilopoulos

    There are really no words to describe my love for Beyonce. She is an inspiration, icon, DIVA & my idol.

  363. Megan

    I love Beyonce because she is a DIVA.

  364. Brian

    Beyonce has achieved her legendary status by following her own path and by not allowing contemporary trends to influence her.



  366. HadMeAtHello

    I just graduated and Beyonce is my inspiration

  367. alimah

    her confidence, sense of humour, beauty, positive energy, and on-stage energy. how she balances everything out is hard to find!

  368. Kyler

    She is an inspiration to all to dream BIG, work hard, and watch the dream come true! Talented and humble!!! <3

    *PS 20 words is not enough to express true love for Beyonce, her talent, and her impact!! LOL!*

  369. BxBossLady

    I would love to see her live I espec. love her new exercise initiative for our youth.

  370. JNW

    I want to be a singer and she inspires me! I would love to see her in concert! She is an amazing singer!

  371. J Malik

    IF I got tix I would give them to my sister because she loves Beyonce soooo much!!!

  372. Justo!

    I love Jay Z and there is a good chance I would see him if I go to a Beyonce concert LOL! I like her dance moves too!

  373. Shana

    I love B because she’s an amazing singer and COMMANDS attention no one runs the world like she does!

  374. Miles Keeney

    Beyoncé: exquisite, original, and fearless. She inspires me to work hard. Her ferocity and raw talent bring me to tears.

  375. Sofia

    It would be a DREAM come true for me and my friend to win, because we love her madly were her biggest fans we are dying to see her live. We’ve seen her Iam..wolrd tour dvd like 15 times and we know every song and every move. I sincerely admire her as an artist and as beautiful and amazing person.

  376. Pearasha clayborne

    Beyonce is my role model she is some one that I can really look up to. I am her Ultimate biggest fan and it would be a true blessing if I won tickets to see her perform not to mention im a virgo and my birthday is september 4! like her’s she is my inspiration. And I wish her the best in life may god bless her.

  377. Shauntae warren

    I love beyonce!!!!!!she is the ultimate Diva&Icon
    Shes been the best female artist in the last 10 years
    Me and my 4yr old son adore her we r a queen B loving house!!!!!!!

  378. aisha

    Beyonce is my inspiration, her music is everything, her music lead me to take more steps to being healthy i lost 75lb while listening to beyonce.she changed my life from being a fat kid to being a healthy young women and i want to thank her in person for everything she does today i am proud of my self because i don’t have to hide anymore. All because of beyonce i love her.

  379. Delroy Roach

    I’ve watched Beyonce grow from a small budding flower, to this BIG BEAUTIFUL bouquet with aspiration like no other. She gives me the initiative to make my budding flower, finally bloom. Bringing me to love her with all my might.

    *20 words is not enough to express the “oh so amazing” Beyonce Knowles, sorry.

  380. Delroy Roach

    I’ve watched Beyonce grow from a small budding flower, to this BIG BEAUTIFUL bouquet with aspiration like no other. She gives me the initiative to make my budding flower, finally bloom. Bringing me to love her with all my might.

    *20 words is not enough to express the “oh so amazing” Beyonce Knowles, sorry.

  381. Ms. C

    To see an icon in her prime displaying her talents, who is dedicated. A woman that girls can aspire to be.

  382. Danielle

    Fellow virgo, an inspiration. She always exceeds expectations never in a scandal. A true lady there is no one like her.

  383. Nicole

    What’s not 2 love? She’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m not talking about her looks but her heart.

  384. Jarrod Young

    I Love Bey because I har watched her grow into the artist she is today! Since 1997! PROUD!

  385. Bibi Razak

    Sometimes I sit and wonder how could someone I have never met inspire me as much as Beyonce does! I have been a fan as far back as I can remember! I always support beyonce no matter what. I would someday like to be a humble individual as beyonce is! I love her to death!

  386. Will Hutton

    I’m a huge fan of her hospitality, her voice, her humbleness and her determination to reach her goals. She is amazing.

  387. LUCY


  388. phillip

    I Love Beyonce because she’s beautiful, smart, and has nice music. I thinks she’s an icon for all women in the music industry. Without a star name Beyonce there wouldn’t be no good music. if i could see in person that would be the best day of my life and it would be a best memory. Beyonce is one of the realest artist in the indistry that why i love her. She speaks the truth. Also her music tells the truth and it makes her a phenomenal artist and women. I love You beyonce.

  389. Ashley L. Gilbert

    I love Beyonce because she is truly iconic. She is humble, beautiful, and the best to ever do it.

  390. corina james

    Beyonce is truly what beyonce means “beyond others”. She encourages, and is a great example of an african american woman.

  391. V.

    I love Beyonce because she is the definition of a trailblazing icon–extraordinary talent, innovative and one to always push the envelope.

  392. Malique Qualls

    Beyonce i love you so much, since the age of 2 and i always will. Love your #1 FAN!!!!!

  393. Malique Qualls

    I love Beyonce because I think that she is the most beautiful talented person in the world since age 2.

  394. Kate Duggan

    She gives inspiration to women everywhere to be strong and beutiful and is an incredibele singer,dancer and performer

  395. Elena

    Beyonce has it all, the voice, the moves, the style, and the generous, humble personality that all stars should have.

  396. lawrence miles

    I Love Beyonce because her music’s amazing her dancing’s spectacular and her ass is both amazing and spectacular!!

  397. kym

    Beyonce helped my mom want to fight her “4″th stage cancer and fight to be a survivor so this is all for my mom

  398. Cheddie Wildman

    best performer of our generation. ’nuff said

  399. Matthew Rojas

    I believe Beyonce has changed the role of women today and it is so inspiring to see and hear her.

  400. Deanna

    Beyonce is an inspiration to millions of people and her music has changed this world! I LOVE BEYONCE.

  401. Cindy

    I been wanting to go to see Beyonce live and it would be a lifetime experience. I love her, her music and she is inspirational to me.

  402. Janiece

    beyonce is a living legend! very inspirational. she is my role model. she has a big impact on my life.

  403. Christopher

    Beyonce is a leader for our generation. She is innovative, inspiring and talented.

  404. TJ

    UNIQUE…just ten of the reasons why i heart BEY

  405. Howard Yew

    I love Beyonce because I’ve met many new friends through a common love for her music. She brings people together.

  406. Richard A

    I Love Beyonce because everything she does comes from the heart. She is more than just a star to me.

  407. Grainne K

    I love Beyonce because she makes women feel confident and brave. She is able to reach out to fans like no other artist can

  408. Ronnisha Ward

    I Love beyonce because she is an true inspiration ,she has inspired me to continue my dreams and she has an amazing heart and really cares about people.

  409. Ronnisha Ward

    I Love beyonce because she is an inspiration, she has inspired me to continue with my dreams and she has an amazing heart and she really cares about people

  410. Tara Calnitsky

    She lifted me up when I was down. Truly the wind beneath my wings.

  411. Tansia Freeman

    I love Beyonce because of her music, I think she has the most amazing voice and can dance. She’s amazing!

  412. Tansia Freeman

    I love Beyonce because she’s humble, graceful, smart, funny, sexy and most of all because she has swag.She’s great!

  413. Tansia Freeman

    True talent is hard to come by I think Beyonce has been blessed with a great gift. Her voice is uplifing.

  414. Tansia Freeman

    I love Beyonce because she is a great inspiration for females. Not only does she entertain but she has companies to manage and organizations to look after that are close to her heart. I realize watching her that celebrities are people like regular people at the end of the day but they just have a body guard and paparazzi constantly following them all the time. I can’t begin to imagine what it feels like barely having privacy but somehow she manages to keep her personel life private and still enjoy being in this entertainment industry and I admire that. I’m a music lover and I think Beyonce has the most captivating voice, her performances are always looked forward to because she gives one hell of a performance never disappoints. Beyonce is not just a pretty face with a great body but she’s smart, humble, graceful, sweet, funny, talented and she has an amazing voice.I love you Beyonce!

  415. Tansia Freeman

    I should win these tickets because I’m the ultimate Beyonce fan and I would truly appreciate them. I have a bucket list and meeting Beyonce and Jay-Z is on it. It would be the most amazing thing to make one of my dreams come true. Please select me!

  416. Tansia Freeman

    I love Beyonce because she has a great sense of style, she can sing, dance and act. She’s very talented!

  417. Angela Howard

    Because Beyoncé believes in herself, has the courage to follow her dreams and the will to make them come true.

  418. Jaire

    Faviorte Beyoncé Song . Mine Is Off Her First Solo Album Dangerously In Love , Its Be With You.

  419. Joseph Ramirez

    she’s the most amazing performer of our generation and i would love the opportunity to see her up close

  420. Lauren Corcoran

    I love Beyonce because she’s a is so talented. She’s an amazing song writer, singer and overall a genuine person. She is my idol and continues to inspire me to achieve my dreams. I could never thank her enough for the wonderful impact she has had on me as a musician and person.

  421. Chanel H-town Jones

    Only 20 words!!!! She represents us Louisiana Creoles well!!! I even have her barbie doll it is that serious!!!

  422. Lauren Corcoran

    She’s amazingly talented and a wonderful person. She inspires others and is my idol. I’m grateful for her world-wide impact.

  423. RS Virdi

    She simply a:


    I love her for everything she stands for.

  424. Kyla Baron

    She is truly amazing and by far one of the best performers of our time. It would be an honor.

  425. Kyla Baron

    She inspires me in everything she does and I love her and her music to death.

  426. Christine

    Beyonce is a true woman. She is always empowering, as her music encourages me to be true to myself no matter what.

  427. trinibrit

    The ticket would have been for my daughter Jen who is disabled she loves Beyonce. I guess we will be watching her on tv missed the dead line.

  428. Whitley

    Beyonce is my ONLY idol, my iPod is ALL Beyonce. Beyonce is all I know as a R&B/Pop star.

  429. Taylor

    Beyonce is such an inspriation to me she’s been such a role model to me since

  430. Taylor

    Beyonce has been such a rolemodel to me since I can remember. I remember when I first saw the video for “Crazy in Love” I had seen her talent in Destiny’s Child but something about that song….I was in awe by how much talent one person can have and yet be so humble. I know I passed the deadline but I simply just wanted to say thank you for being uplifting to women,for staying humble,for working hard for us fans, for being phenomanal in every way,but mostly for giving me hope maybe I can have half as much talent as you.So….with all that said Thank You.

  431. Shaniese

    This is my first concert and my mother has had a stroke;this is the reason to leave her side.

  432. Dashaun W


  433. Jay-C

    Timeless. Classic. Vocalist. Performer. Innovative. Hard-worker. Beyoncé is past, present & future.

  434. Jaire

    the reason i love beyonce is because she is a musical genuis. She teaches and write songs that everyone can relate to. My faviorte Beyonce song is from her 1st solo album dangerously in love, its “Be With You”

  435. Vincent R King II

    I love Beyonce because she’s BEYONCE. (B)eautiful, (E)xtravagant, (Y)ours, (O)riginal, (N)noteworthy, (C)urvaceous, and (E)ntertaining.

  436. PharmDiva25

    I love beyonce because she inspires me to put blood, sweat, and tears into reaching my potential regardless of adversity.

  437. Aaron Lubogo

    Beyonce’s a role model and constantly sets new standards. She’s genuine and loving to her fans through her music.

  438. Andre

    How could anyone not possibly love B? She’s truly America’s Sweetheart, a role model & icon! Ahh, I live!

  439. Estefany Benedith

    Iam actually doing this for my friend her birthday was june 18th and i swear she is the biggest beyonce fan if you ask her anything she will know it she eats sleep and breaths beyonce

  440. BeyonceBarbie

    Impossible in 20 words! I LOVE Beyonce, she’s the epitome of a strong independent woman, everything I want to become.

  441. Jenniffer

    Beyonce is Amazing, a super woman,a role model..inspires women all over the world! you make me feel like I can run the world! I love you!!!!

  442. Kathryn

    I love Beyonce because she is fierce!

  443. Jenniffer

    You make me feel like I can run the world!! Te amo!

  444. Tamara

    Through good and bad that has happened in my life, Beyonce has always inspired me to be a better person.

  445. Jourdin

    Beyonce had me at hello with Destiny’s Child and NEVER disappoints when entertaining or as a positive female role model!!!

  446. Sendal Collado

    I’ve been down for B since 1995. She’s everything I aspire to be and she truely defines GREATNESS.

  447. Odera Igbokwe

    Beyonce is an inspiration and icon. She empowers and inspires with her music, amazing work ethic, and talent.

  448. J'Anice Sanders

    Beyonce is dedicated to her fans. She gives 150% on her concerts, very talented, smart, and professional. All the fame and achievements she’s conquered doesn’t allow her to loose sight of her fans. I appreciate her.

  449. Wilissa

    Omg I love Beyoncé and My Dream is to Meet her.she gives her all on stage & works hard.Her Music I just loved it she writes from the heart.Beyoncé is very real with everything she does and thats why I Love Beyoncé to me she is very big she means alot to me and i just want my dream to come true.

  450. Gabrielle

    Beyonce is an inspiration to all women and girls to be strong, and independent. She taught me to be confident.

  451. Denise

    Beyonce is a beautiful person inside and out. She encourages people that you can do anything you put your mind to.

  452. Amber Papillion

    I have all her cd’s. Recently met in Feb.@Boys&GIRLS club but she said I couldn’t get a pic. But I understand the hecticnesss she was under.I hope2meet her again.

  453. Ms Mo

    Love her spirit, work ethic & the fact that she’s a true entertainer in EVERY sense of the word!

  454. Fallon Havens

    I am Beyonce’s number one fan and Beyonce Giselle Knowles rocks. She is awesome.

  455. michael jackson

    Well i been a fan of Beyonce since destiny child and i’m still with it so i’m looking forward those VIP ticket.

  456. Amanda

    Beyonce is one of the most successful and talented people in this world. She’s a great role model.

  457. Meagan

    Words can’t express my respect for Beyonce Knowles.She’s not only given me hot jams to dance to,but she’s encouraged me to embrace who I really am as a person “Flaws and All”. Thank You!

  458. Lolo066

    Beyonce is ONE OF A KIND!!! There is no one out right now as talented as she is, she is simply AMAZING!!! Every track she has come out with feels as though she wrote it about my life. there is no other artist that has ever influenced me the way she has.

  459. Angelina

    I LOVE Beyonce she is such a inspiration to me. She speaks to and heals me through her music. She is such an amazing person and performer. I been a fan of her FOREVER and I’ll do anything to see her.

  460. Taren

    Beyoncé inspires me to be the best vocalist/performer I can be. I truely respect her talent and her drive. Her vocal tech. is amazing and and just love it. She crazy talented lol. Beyoncé is one of my biggest inspirations and has to be my hero. I would be honored to meet King B. :)

  461. yanissa gaskin

    I simply love beyonce. I love the fact that she puts 250% in everything she does. She inspires me to want to make a difference in the world. Beyonce is the ultimate “American Idol”. She’s smart,she’s beautiful, & she’s super talented. Her music puts a smile on my face. My heart also smiles. I grin from ear to ear when I see her on tv or even hear her name being mentioned. The day I shake her hand will be a bright day. I hope to meet her one day. It will just make my year. Beyonce is an entertainer in every sense of the word & a force to reckoned with.

  462. Beverly

    I love Beyonce so much! I’d love to see her live!

  463. Nikara

    Beyoncé is a woman of poise and purpose. Beyoncé is and will always be a worldwide phenomenon.

  464. Carsondra

    I love BEYONCE because she has a beautiful humble spirit she is theeee best! She is driven and passionate!!!!! LOVE YOU BEYYYY

  465. Sondra

    Beyonce you are a true inspiration and I love you because you use your talent to help others Thank YOU

  466. Candice Ringgold

    Beyonce to me is:

    She is the Greatest and I love her <3

  467. Sally Hosmer

    Beyonce is not just one of the world’s greatest entertainers, her passion and presence is a true inspiration to us all xXx

  468. Sally Hosmer

    Beyonce’ s performances ooze passion, fearlessness, pride and a confidence. She is a true inspiration all I do xXx

  469. Nycole jade

    i love beyonce shes my idol i just turn 18 it would be awesome to see her live! its always been my dream

  470. Sammy

    An inspiration to everyone around her. I love her and she changed my life.

  471. Lola Idowu

    Beyonce’s music has always been motivating and inspiring. I admire her strength, beauty and compassion. A role model for all.

  472. Rebecca

    shes a bootylicious survivor who stands up for the single ladies to make sure they dont become broken-hearted girls

  473. Jennifer Ginexi

    I love beyonce because her lyrics express what I can’t. “I’m gon’ always be the best thing you never had.”

  474. dh

    I love Beyonce because she is the Queen Bee and her and Jay are the Queen/King of the rap kingdom.

  475. Marcela Castro

    I love her soooo much!!! She an inspiring person and has empowered me a nd so many others to be a better person

  476. Kyyalovesbeyonce

    I love Beyonce for being my escape from more situations than I can express in 20 words.



  478. Laquasia

    Beyonce is a true role model, & inspiration to women all around the world. Shes humble and gracious to all her fans and thats some of the reasons why I love her and why she’s iconic !!

  479. Ashley Nicole

    I love Beyonce because her female empowerment songs have given me the self-confidence I needed to accomplish my goals.

  480. Rebecca Laghezza

    I love Beyonce because she is the perfect example of a Diva: Talented, Classy, Kind, Charitable, and Very Fashionable!

  481. Ann Belamy

    I admire Beyonce, because she personifies what it means to be a true artist and she enjoys what she does.

  482. Sahara Siggers

    I love Beyonce because she is represents the woman that I was once too afraid to be.

  483. Shante jonas

    I love new york because she shows that any woman can be independent and we can achieve greatness in the world:)

  484. Latoya Mikell

    Beyonce’ is the definition of what a woman should be. Drama free, smart and classy! I would be gracious to meet her.

  485. Yeni

    I am an international student, I’ll be in NY in short time and have tried to find for all the means where to buy the income and for my it has been impossible and that I have not found a place that offers information in the matter, thaks for your help… Thank you very much!

  486. Cynthia Villacis

    I love Beyonce! She is such an inspiration to me and all other women. Her talent is emense and her music is just greatly relatable to all!

  487. Maureen Poulard

    I love Beyonce because she is very nice, talented, sweet and a very simple lady.

  488. Thomas Caban

    Beyonce inspires me to wake up with a smile on my face because she works so hard to make fans like me very happy because there is only one Beyonce, and that Beyonce is proud of what she does no matter what anyone thinks or says about it. I am a fan of beyonce who deserves to get close and personal with beyonce and show her why she is performing on that stage.

  489. Gabrielle Pullum

    I love Beyonce because she is all about woman empowerment and that’s what women in this world today need! I am so fortunate to live in her generation where I’ve been able to watch her grow into one of the most classic and memorable R&B singers of all time! I love you Bey!

  490. Chelsey W.

    Beyonce is and I’m on my way to being so you KNOW I HAVE to be there and get some up close and personal tips from my girl. She is gorgeous x10 and she’s empowering to all young women out here! Long live King B “4″ ever!

  491. Yumikoooo :)

    I love beyonce because she is a great inspiration for all young girls, especially for african american women. Her music is inspiring and relatable to all. She is not just a favorite in this country, she is a favorite everywhere. She is one of the best singers in my generation!

  492. DelroyRoach

    Well then, who won?

  493. BanksDFG

    Beyonce is my idol after God. I Love her more than 20 words can express. I’d do ANYTHING

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  498. Christian Jasso

    Beyoncé is my everything, she is the Bae in my life. I can’t explain how much I lover her. I don’t know what I will do without her music.. No can’t explain how much they love Beyoncé in 20 words.

  499. Christian Jasso

    Beyonce :
    -is the Bae
    -she is beautiful
    - my everything
    -would live without her music