New Music: Sublime with Rome f/ Wiz Khalifa – ‘Can You Feel It’

Sublime With Rome and Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has his head in the clouds on the ska-inspired “Can You Feel It,” a single off Sublime with Rome’s upcoming debut Yours Truly. The group, which is comprised of two of the surviving members of ’90s band Sublime, gets high with the Pittsburgh MC on the smokers’ anthem.

“See I be floating around spaceships/ All up in there where them planes is/ Mixin’ my green with my breakfast, waken baken,” rhymes the weed aficionado. Puff on this.

[MTV Buzzworthy]

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  1. jerrica



  2. Jayson King

    I like it.


  3. matt powers

    i hate that i like this. they shouldnt be called sublime without bradley.


  4. Ricardo

    Nice track. Wiz Khalifa running this shit right now.


  5. Wasalu

    brad would’ve NEVER collaborated with this goone


  6. chips

    @Wasalu, I find it hard to believe that you would know whether Brad would have collaborated with Wiz or not. Shut the fuck up you ain’t him. And Wiz was actually quite good on this track, surprisingly.


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  8. stealth__bomber

    damm this is pretty decent


  9. Amber

    I’m going to cry. Bradley would never allow this to happen.


  10. nolie

    If BRADLEY wouldnt’ve died…THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! You are all so STUPID and CHILDISH acting like you personally knew him. This shit sounds pretty good! OBVIOUSLY, its not the same but you can choose to like it or not! DUH!


  11. chris

    Shits real. get off of rome’s ass they’re different then sublime, a completely new band, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it. But stop fucking complaining.


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