Usher, Nicki Minaj, & Jennifer Hudson Step to David Guetta’s ‘Beat’

Nothing But the Beat

David Guetta is firing up the dance floor this summer with some of music’s biggest names. The French hitmaker has enlisted an all-star cast of collaborators for his new album.

Guetta’s 5th studio LP Nothing But the Beat arrives August 30 featuring collaborations with Usher,, Snoop Dogg, Akon, Jennifer Hudson, Sia, Timbaland, and Dev. A video for the lead single “Where Them Girls At” with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj will debut next week.

This is the Grammy-winning DJ’s first album since 2009’s One Love, which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and spawned the hit singles “When Love Takes Over” and “Sexy Bitch.”

Listen to the second single “Little Bad Girl” featuring Ludacris and Taio Cruz.

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  1. hcfx2

    ummm really though? where is Kelly Rowland cause if she’s not on the album I’m going to have to pass!!!


  2. hcfx2

    I swear Kelly Rowland better be on the album or Mr, Guetta WILL not be getting my money!


  3. lea

    lol y’all are hilarious. he DOES NOT need kelly rowland for his cd to be a success.


    huh Reply:

    @lea, exactly!! Do people even know his fanbase Worldwide??? i live out here in Amsterdam and trust me he dont even need features at all.


    mr golden Reply:

    @huh, nah he needs kelly.


    huh Reply:

    @mr golden, ur stupid as fxck if you believe that


    ME Reply:

    @huh, “I GOTTA FEELING” he doesn’t NEED K-ROW but that’s when i realized who he was so it would be just cool to see reuinte. I haven’t been feeling this era!


    t Reply:

    @huh, but he had already success in europe before people even knew him in america i think he needs features if he wants success in america


  4. lovesoes

    Sia >


  5. Um.Well.Sure.

    Sia Furler?! I’m going to get this album. Oh, and what is it with the demands for Kelly Rowland?


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  7. Kyle

    I bought his last album “One Love” when it came out and to this day I still blast some of those songs. “It’s The Way You Love Me” by Kelly Rowland is by far my favorite song on that album. She sounds so amazing on that track. With that said, I agree with the above comments…I want Kelly on the album!! David brings out the best in her IMO. The new collabos seem like they’d be good though.


  8. Coleworld

    He got Sia and Jhud!? Omg can’t wait to hear those songs!!!


  9. TeamKelly!!

    I LOVE The way you love me! I love that song!


  10. delroy

    Not a fan of this track but then i felt exactly the same abot “where the girls at2 and now i can’t get enough of the track. I can’t believe that their still isn’t a vid out for it yet, I agree with @Kyle i like his last LPand the tracks that he did with Kelly on the LP are my faves as well as “toy friend” (which is still my fav).


  11. Jay

    Can’t wait to hear these collabs. Where The Girls At? is fire & so is Little Bad Girl. I gotta go with the masses & say I do love A Kelly D. Guetta collabo!:-)!


  12. Dante

    After hearing what Chris did with Benny Benassi on “Beautiful People”, I would love to hear chris work with David. But I guess it wont be this album.

    Honestly, this album probably won’t touch the first. “When Love Takes Over” with Kelly, and “Memories” with Kid Cudi were genius records. And judging from that 1st single w/ nicki & Flo Rida, idk…


  13. Dante

    The record with Jennifer Hudson could be insane, but it depends.

    And this second single is MUCH better than the 1st!


  14. Dante

    Also, too many urban collabos. Snoop Dogg is unnecessary, as is Timbaland. I feel like some of those features are just to appease US audience, but what do I know..


  15. Joyams

    J.Hud and Guetta!!!! OMG im excited


  16. jhuntdaprodigy

    This isn’t exactly an all-star cast, but then again I don’t like techno-dance music like that


  17. Jamaican

    Yeahhh !!! Where Dem Girls At !! :)


  18. Dave

    He don’t need Kelly, but she SLAYS DANCE/Euro-pop. It’s like how can you not have the Queen on it?

    But, it’s cool. If it’s good, it’s good.


  19. IamWhoIam

    Where the Hell is Kelly Rowland?!?!? Does Guetta not understand that the Kelly collabo is the most anticipated track off this cd? SMH


  20. stephenc

    David looks like he is trying to push out a superfart in that picture


  21. temi

    well good luck.. David Guetta. wait J-Hud is on his album? this should be interesting…. but on some real stuff I will not be purchasing this album if KELENDRIA TRENE ROWLAND isnt on it.. good job though Guetta


  22. ugh please

    How are so many people saying they cant wait for this?! :S am I the only one that hates what the fools do to music in general… All this euro pop rubbish is disgusting and half the beats sound the same

    Bring back Real RnB… And im NOT a Hater!


    Chri$ Reply:

    @ugh please, lol! what about all those lex luger, lil lody, drumma, southside beats? all THE BEatS sounds the same! gucci’s new album, Zoe’s album, mmg’s…

    I miss New Music like The Em’ Show and 50′s GRODT<3
    Get that good music back please:)

    but love dance/europop tho'


  23. bombbardment

    I’m surprised this mess is actually being anticipated. I miss real music.


  24. Hugh

    I like Guetta now. Really talented, hard worker.


  25. Natalia

    I hate Guetta. Really !!! His music !


  26. Daria

    Where dem girls at!! Wooohoooo!!


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  28. D0LLY LAM3

    I actually like hit Beats !!


  29. BlazianBarbie

    Guetta must have forgot the chick that made his ass a star! This album will be pure sh!t if the QUEEN OF DANCE A.K.A. KELENDRIA TRENE ROWLAND doesn’t make an appearance.


    Haiku Reply:


    LOOL you do know he was famous before Rowland dont you?


  30. Name here

    i wanna hear that jennifer hudson collab


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