Video: Enrique Iglesias f/ Usher & Lil Wayne – ‘Dirty Dancer’

Enrique Iglesias, Usher, and Lil Wayne

Temptation awaits in Enrique Iglesias’ scandalous video for “Dirty Dancer,” the third single from his latest album Euphoria. The Latin heartthrob visits a futuristic strip club where his virtual fantasies come true as scantily-clad women dance before him. Usher and Lil Wayne pop up on screen to make their digital cameos. Take a peek inside.

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    WOW! I’m slightly offended. Is Enrique planning to feature EVERY major black artist in his songs/videos? This is getting outta hand.


    ONoEDidnt Reply:


    your comment is ridiculous. im slightly offended by your lame advertising to your site that i wont be clicking on


  2. jhuntdaprodigy

    I think the songs he’s been dropping are dope, but Enrique can’t seem to score a hit w/o featuring someone and singing abt sex. I Like It, Tonight, & Dirty Dancer feature Pitbull, Ludacris, and Usher/Lil Wayne respectively, and all talk abt sex. But hey, whatever he’s gotta do to get that paper


  3. Chrianna Chick

    I don’t know about y’all but I am tired of all this pop music! Can someone tell me where the REAL R&B is???


    muni Reply:

    @Chrianna Chick, Check out Kelly Rowland 3rd solo album dropping July 26th 2011! Yep – That will be real R&B!!


    t.i Reply:

    @Chrianna Chick,
    since when Enrique is an r&b singer?
    have a seat booboo


  4. Haters Stay Pressed!!

    Well, I have NEVER been a fan of Enrique. His voice just irks the shit out of me. But this song is cute, I can see it becoming a hit cause it sounds like everything else on the radio. I am really getting sick of this pop/techno sounds though!

    It looks like Usher is sticking to pop now. I don’t want to call him a sell out but I don’t love this sound from him.

    And I am sick of everybody & their mama working with Lil Wayne to get a hit. *rolls eyes*


    t.i Reply:

    @Haters Stay Pressed!!,
    Chris brown can’t get a hit without lil wayne too…


  5. Ruthy

    I’d rather have Enrique and Usher appearing in the music video, showing their hot bodies with them sweating like it’s sex on the dance floor and go-go dancers can do their thing on the poles (minus the stripper moves).

    But it all have to ruined by that damn gremlin!!!


    Ruthy Reply:

    @Ruthy, *be ruined


  6. Ross

    Those girls have some serious skills.

    The video one the other hand is average and the song is as repetitive as everything else out right now.


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