Eminem to Finally Debut ‘Space Bound’ Video

Sasha Grey and Eminem

Eminem fans were left wondering if they would ever see the video for “Space Bound,” which was filmed earlier this year. Now after months of waiting, the clip is finally set to land this weekend.

The Detroit rapper revealed that the video for the fourth single off last year’s Recovery will premiere exclusively on iTunes on Friday at 5 p.m. EST followed by the VEVO premiere on Monday at 12:01 a.m. PST.

Shot by director Joseph Kahn, the visuals co-star former porn actress Sasha Grey. Eminem was photographed filming his scenes in February at a roadside diner in Santa Clarita, Calif.

The song’s producer, Jim Jonsin, makes a cameo. “I’m in this old, broke down, desert coffee shop,” he told Rap-Up.com. “It’s like an old railroad train and they got me in there eating this old, stale, hard look-alike burger. It looks like they spent a pretty penny on it.”

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  1. Coleworld

    YES!!!! finally!


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  4. sergio

    finally best song ever


  5. Kennnneeedddy

    Yayayayayay!!! <3 EMIN3M for life :) I'm so excited


  6. Mitcholos

    This Has Been On My Mind Forever Damn It- YES !!


  7. Don Shiloh

    Finally I thought he had dismissed it and goes to BME only !



  8. fiston

    oh!!! wow!!!!!!! iwas waiting for this.yes!!!!!!!


  9. Jfenty

    I luv this song!!! I cnt wait


  10. raerae119

    em is sooooooooooo m*thaf*ckin sexy


  11. maya

    ABOUT TIME -_-


  12. cinamon toast

    yeeh G!


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