Jamie Foxx Mixes It Up with Amber Rose

Jamie Foxx and Amber Rose

Jamie Foxx has a sweet spot for Amber Rose. The Oscar winner joined the shaved-headed vixen at the launch of her milkshake “The Amber Rose Blondie” at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood. “My shake is Banana, white chocolate, Pineapple, coconut, and cookie dough,” tweeted Rose, who is currently filming her own reality show.

Foxx and his daughter Corrine snapped photos of the blonde star as she whipped up her frothy confection. But boyfriend Wiz Khalifa doesn’t have to worry. Their relationship is strictly platonic. Rose has a radio show on Foxx’s SiriusXM channel “The Foxxhole.”

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  1. leslie arnelle

    Kanye has created a monster and rightfully so..she has the “It” factor *shrugs*


    Eva Reply:

    @leslie arnelle, If by the “It” factor you mean the ability to jump from one rapper to the next and attention wh*re at every opportunity to stay in the limelight then yeah shes def got it!


    maya Reply:

    @Eva, it factor as in looks & style. That’s all u need to be relevant. Look @ Kim Kardashian.


  2. WonderLand19

    I like Amber Rose. She seems real.


  3. GG

    The American media continues to promote the right message to women and young girls…the way to get ahead is spread your legs! Wow people actually came out to see this non-entity make milkshakes?? What is this world coming to.


    me Reply:

    @GG, I agree…her and Kim LardASSian are trash. High priced hookers.


  4. Boy Wonder

    MediaFAKEout was tryna act like they was creeping this morning. #FAIL


  5. jr.

    people can say whatever they want about amber rose not having any real talent it doesn’t change the fact that she’s sexy as hell.


  6. Ricardo

    Amber rose is beautiful for all u haters. We luv u amber and ur bf Wiz Khalifa who is on top of his game


  7. TRA

    There is no doubt that Amber Rose is a pretty woman, and she got some money. That doesn’t change the fact she was a stripper and hooker before she became a video vixen. Now Amber Rose has a bad reputation for dating rappers. Just because people question her talents and say she has no talent, doesn’t mean that everyone is hating on her, it is a good argument. The problem with Amber Rose is that everyone who saw Amber Rose in hip hop videos believe she is a jumpoff after she dated Kanye West. The fact that she was on the red carpet with Kanye West who’s name is far bigger than her’s only adds to the negative sterotypes in the media that you have to sleep with someone to become a star yourself. It’s not always fair to women, but when people find out you were a stripper and a lesbian like Amber Rose once was, then some people will consider you a whore. With Amber Rose’s shady past, that is the reason why people like myself who is not hating question her motives. That is the reason why haters hate her even more, she got famous overnight to some, and she is always rumored to dating bigger names than her.


  8. Chop-chop...

    Do U Am. This is the land of “opportunity”. She got one & ran w/ it… Blame Kanye :/
    4 the life of me I can’t understand why people call Kim K a hoe… Cause she taped herself having sex w/ her BF?????


  9. Right...Wait What?

    Did Jamie Foxx daughter really jump up & down in excitement after seeing Amber Rose??? LOL… Super cheesed up. Hustle.. Hustle.. Hustle.. Hard!
    Get it.
    Bad Chick season 4-real.


  10. Syncer3



  11. maya

    I want to be an actress one. Do I have to show my twat to a rapper & make a sex tape b/c it seems like those are the only ppl who’s famous these days…

    Flawless makeup though :)


  12. Bella

    Amber Rose MilkShake Look Gud Dnt Get Me Wronqq Bhut I Just Dnt Ligh Her Cause She’s A Gold Digger from My Point Of View …….I Will Give It To Ha For The MilkShake Bhut The Fact Th


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