Video: Eminem – ‘Space Bound’


After months of waiting, Eminem lifts off with the concept-driven video for “Space Bound,” the fourth single from his best-selling album of 2010, Recovery. Em teams with director Joseph Kahn and porn star Sasha Grey in the clip, which was filmed at a roadside diner in February.

Was it worth the wait? Tell us what you think.

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  1. Yeah

    uh huh


  2. Ivan;vaan



  3. Izod

    emz the og at this heavy concept game


  4. LovesAllMusic



  5. Coleworld

    I love it! Joseph Kahn makes the best videos with Em.


  6. Spacebound

    I got sad when Em shot himself. Seemed so real. Deep video.


  7. DaLittleMan_TCC

    The hell? We waited over four months for THAT? Disappointing… nice (quick) Jim Jonsin cameo, though. ha


  8. joe franco



  9. 2XCL

    Was this a commercial for NET10??


  10. GO*GO

    talentless same over everysongass whiteboi


  11. Natasha

    amazing….love this song and video


  12. eliane eminem

    amei muito perfeito eminem é incrivel esraria o tempo que fosse pra ver esse clipe amei muito lindo.
    eminem sempre me impressionando demais amei amei amei muito.eminem sempre o melhor.te amo eminem sempre.


  13. eliane eminem

    eminem cada vez mais ta me mostrando que ele foi a melhor coisa que apareceu na minha vida.te amo muito pra sempre.


  14. eliane eminem

    o clipe do ano ai
    space bound o melhor


  15. Ln

    the girl is fine as hell no wonder he killed is self when she left/thinking about doing it when she left,don’t take it literal now kids, he isn’t saying you should kill your selves,nice song and vid.


  16. Hugh

    That was some serious s#!t! Amazing!
    Ima have to watch it again many times to get the full picture.


  17. Jfenty

    Yess!! Eminem has the best rap videos!


  18. sergio

    i lvoe it man eminem amn u are a god


  19. dankingkemp

    Eminem’s Great..) ’nuff said..)dk


  20. maya

    @Spacebound, -_____- I don’t get it…can someone explain it to me?


    Spacebound Reply:

    @maya, there’s a normal calm Em, and an enraged Em. He’s obviously mad because he found out his gf is cheating. The normal Em is naive and thinks its not real. By the end of the video he realizes she’s not there anymore and commits suicide because she left and betrayed him. I hope that makes sense. Its shot from those two points of views.


    maya Reply:

    @Spacebound, yes, that helped! Thanks :)


  21. Reezze Peezee

    Damn, Em looks like a young 26 year old. I guess some white people age gracefully


    Trac-E Reply:

    @Reezze Peezee, I know right lol


  22. Lighters

    Amazingggg video! I’ve always felt that Marshall makes the best videos in the hip-hop world besides ‘Ye.


  23. KG

    Love It, Love Em


  24. SM3

    wow this is some deep shit! love the video love em … know one is worth killing yourself over. don’t take it literal … its only entertainment


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