Celebrities Remember Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

It’s been two years since the world lost one of music’s greatest talents, Michael Jackson, who passed away on June 25, 2009. The King of Pop lives on through his timeless music and lasting legacy. There are few of today’s pop stars who can’t say they’ve been influenced by him in some way. Some of his most famous fans, including Rihanna, Usher, and Chris Brown, took to Twitter and Facebook to remember the late legend. Where were you when MJ died and what’s your favorite memory? Reminisce on a superstar gone too soon.

Beyoncé: A true inspiration. Always and forever. MJ, we miss you, and we continue to feel your halo.

Rihanna: MJ We miss you, We love you…often imitated, NEVER duplicated!!! You will live on forever!

Ciara: Long live the 1 and only KING of POP: Michael Jackson! His music and legacy will continue to inspire. He can never be replaced!

Justin Bieber: #RIPMJ

Chris Brown: I love you MJ

Diddy: RIP Michael Jackson

Bruno Mars: Now playing- I Wanna Be Where You Are by The Jackson 5.. Michael was and still remains The Best!

Monica: M.J we love u forever

Mack Maine: R.I.P. To the greatest!!! You still live on thru your music…..#MJ

Jermaine Dupri: on this date 2 years ago we lost the M in music as far as I’m concerned

TJ Jackson: Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you. I love and miss you more than one could believe. Your heart epitomized perfection. -Meho

Melody Thornton: 2 yrs ago today we lost a Legend. Michael we love u forever. I still cry thinking about u! We miss and love u #MJ

DJ Cassidy: Where were you when you heard Mike had died?

Usher: MJ….REST THE DEAD!! You live on through what you blessed us all with. Your compassion and dedication compels us to be our greatest…URIV

Claude Kelly: MJ all day on the radio!! 2 yrs since we lost the best in the biz. still sorely missed. nobody did it better. the greatest. #RIPMJ

LeToya Luckett: I miss my MJ….. #RIP

Timbaland: r.i.p to the greatest entertainer in the world michael jackson will forever miss you. #kingofpop #kingofmusic #michaeljackson #mj

Toni Braxton: Still hard to believe we lost such a great artist. Michael Jackson, you still continue to inspire. Billie Jean is still one of my favorites!

?uestlove of The Roots: Michael Jackson. Forever. Uh Hee Hee Hee.

Estelle: RIP MJ


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  1. Dee

    Your human presence is gone MJ but your Spirit will live on forever. One love (:


  2. BRIAN

    RIP MJ. i love you forever.


  3. lost1wons

    RIP, now can we find out the truth about your kids biology?


    t Reply:

    @lost1wons, u r a moron!!!


  4. Ashley

    R.I.P MJ, Your music will always and forever continue to inspire me and generations to come


  5. Diana

    I want the truth about your innocence from those two boys who put you through hell in the form of a publicly humiliating and damaging trial.


    mummy312 Reply:

    I sooooooooooooo agree with you on that!!what a crock of S***!!money hungry lil pricks they are!!
    LUV U MJ!!!


  6. Helen

    Two years ago at this day, part of me has died.



    R.I.P M J …. 2 year already wow


  8. olivia

    I’m so thankful I was blessed to live during your lifetime. You made the whole world come together in song and dance. Love you always Mike.


  9. Shade

    RIP MJ….LOVE YOU! Greatest thing to ever happen to Music


  10. sarah

    It’s kinda hard with you not around
    Know you’re in heaven smilin’ down
    Watchin’ us while we pray for you
    Everyday we pray for you
    Till the day we meet again
    In my heart is where I’ll keep you friend
    Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
    Strength I need to believe.




  11. webb

    the G.O.A.T.


  12. DI

    The greatest, most talented man to live in our lifetime. Love u MJ, miss u always. L.O.V.E XXX


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  14. Jeffery Fatale

    Rest In Peace, and God Bless To Greatest Man In Music Ever!!!… Mr. Michael Joesph Jackson aka The King Of Pop, Who Will Forever Be An Inspiration Not Only To Me, But To Millions Around… Your Music Will Always, and Forever, and Continuously Be Played, and Heard All Around The World… #RIPMJ.


  15. Tierra Brown

    MJ’s life was that of scripture. I believe he was a prophet born of God to teach the world and reassure all of creation that love & respect as a constant would fail no man. His life was strategic & epic just as God intended. In life MJ stylized being noble and aware of higher power, in death that image follows. MJ was a blessing to us and open the minds and hearts of God’s children to heed the lessons that the bible narrate. I love You MJ & thank you!!


  16. Queen Beyonce



  17. Mimi

    I love you Michael…Well said Jermaine Dupri… The “M” or the thrill of music is gone


  18. cakes

    never forgotten! we miss you MJ!


  19. t

    Michael I love you and miss you so much. I pray now you have the peace you never got when you were here! Always in my heart <3 u MJ forever


  20. Mary

    What an entertainer Michael was!! We all miss you so much but know that you are at peace and enjoying your life in Heaven. You will always be a shining star to us.


  21. Aquierra

    Rest in paradise MJ!


  22. Brandt Hardin

    Michael Jackson’s legacy as an icon of music history is so clouded by our media-biased views of his life that we’ll never know the man behind all his rich music. He is the ultimate example of what happens when celebrity worship goes too far… having the press and court of opinion try him the last half of his life. I created a before and after portrait of The King of Pop on my artist’s blog


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  25. Bobby Ewing

    Lyrics from another unreleased song of Michael Jackson’s titled “Xscape” fit even better.

    “When I’m gone, this problem world won’t bother me no more…”

    Rest in peace Mike…..


  26. GloluvsMJ

    Michael, if you were here today,,,, We wouldn’t be here now talking about how much we miss you. I can say I always took you for granted. You have been in my life for over 42 years.Every Time I looked up, there you were, on T.V and I was always watching. “Ok good there he is, he is OK… alright back to what ever…” and on I would go. Then June 25th 2009 came, and I was at work listening to the radio, putting together some photo orders for customers. The D.J. broke into the music to announce you had died… I thought it was a joke and I waited for them to say it was a joke, a bad joke, then they confirmed it. I felt and even imagined a giant claw coming out of the floor and ripping out my stomach, I wanted to cry and I couldn’t, I wanted to go home and couldn’t… All I could do was remember! They asked for fans to call into the station and tell their favorite MJ moments. I had the best one ever… A long time ago back in the 80′s my ex husband and I got engaged, He proposed to me in front of my entire family to The Lady In My Life, From your epic THRILLER album… That song was my instant favorite when I first bought my Thriller album, and it remained so even after my divorce!Because Michael, you were always the Man in my life! and now you are gone! You and your beautiful infectious smile. Your gentile ways, your wild since of humor, YOU …simply put You are gone and I feel a hole in the middle of my heart and I know it will never be filled because it was your home from the time I first fell in love with you on the Ed Sullivan show, you were ten, I was three… and I still remember saying ” Awe Look at that cute little boy!” That little boy was you. The one and the only Michael Joseph Jackson. There will never be another, and there can never be.. You are one in a billion and can not be replaced. I miss you sweet prince, Sleep well… I will see you in paradise! ( John 5:28,29)


  27. mummy312

    they say that out Lord always takes the good 1s,i really dont understand this,MJ was the only 1 who was fighting for OUR EARTH!!2 years ago 2day i sat an cried my eyes out,this time again i sit here crying!reading all the beautiful word written about u!such a huge loss that we have gone through as people of the lands,but my heart goes out to his gorgeous children who at this time will be grief stricken,once again!i hope that as you watch over them MJ u give them all the strength & love that u gave us!!


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  29. maya

    He was suuch a sweetheart & the media treats him like shit :( RIP MJ <3

    Now that's how they treat Britney Spears…


  30. Sean

    Way to leave out
    Janet’s tweet.


  31. @ngiejackson

    World still remember Michael !


  32. Too too

    Mj will always be remembered .! I hate talking about him dying ….makes me so sad ):


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