Lady Gaga Weaves a Web at MTV Video Music Aid Japan [Video]

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga spun a tangled web at MTV Video Music Aid Japan, a two-hour event benefitting the Japanese Red Cross. The eccentric star opened the show trapped in a giant spiderweb for her theatrical performance of “The Edge of Glory.” After breaking free, Mother Monster climbed the stairs to a custom spider-shaped piano and delivered her record-breaking hit “Born This Way.”

“I can’t say enough to people all over the world that the majority of Japan right now, Japan in general, is very safe,” Gaga told reporters during her visit to the earthquake-ravaged country. “It’s fine to come here. It’s beautiful.”

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  1. AFemmeFATALE

    boring as usual….i love gaga but lately her performances have been so lackluster


    Milk Reply:

    @AFemmeFATALE, Yeah This Is Coming From A Femme Fatale Aka A Britney Fan Goodbye Hit Me Up When Your Fav Removes That Stick Out Her Ass And Stops Lip Syncing


    TELLIT Reply:

    I LUV IT! LOL…


    Jay Reply:

    @Milk, Britney has been singing live on this tour so you don’t know wtf your talking about. Enjoy “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know” from the Femme Fatale Tour it’s quite beautiful.


  2. jordan

    No matter what they say, she got talent, she sings she dances perfectly. Respect !


  3. Alejandro

    This was amazing. I love her performance pieces.


  4. Truth Seeker

    That was a fantastic performance, truly one of the best that she has ever done. I love the thought behind her freeing herself from the web- it is about overcoming and being ‘on the edge’ of something greater, which is something the folks of Japan need to hear and feel right now. Go Gaga!


  5. Nathaniel

    That spider piano looks just like one of Louise Bourgeois’ spider sculptures

    Although I like Gaga and her music, but the fact of the matter is… she is not as original as people think she is. Just like every other pop star, she is inspired by something, and assimilates it into her performances. People give her too much credit.


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  7. !

    booooring as usual


  8. G

    gaga needs to start performing other songs from the album.. period. im sick of the edge of glory and born this way. at least perform judas


  9. Adam

    that was amazing, her vocals are AMAZING
    i love how she changes every performance she does !!

    and @AFemmeFATALE
    STFU, talk to me when britney learns how to sing, dont tell me she started siging live o the tour ! cuz i wish she didint!
    its a like a screaming baby !


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