Jill Scott Performs at the BET Awards [Video]

Idris Elba and Jill Scott

Jill Scott showed off her vocal and acting chops, performing with actor Idris Elba at the BET Awards 2011. The lady in red transformed the stage into a lounge, performing a steamy version of “Rolling Hills” off her newly released album The Light of the Sun.


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  1. shay

    best perfomance at the BET for me.


  2. pam



  3. treyeazy

    She seriously was the best performance her acting took it to another level her vocals owned everybody there she should have gotten award she was the dannnmmm show!!!!!


  4. treyeazy

    And honestly she was probably the hottest lady there


  5. MelyB

    Fantastic performance that definitely went over the heads of that dry azz audience.


  6. MiamiHeatTime

    She really suprised me i mean she prbly had the best performance all the other performances were medicore that audience didnt desereve to see that she examplafied greatness


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