Kreayshawn Performs ‘Gucci Gucci’ at Powerhouse [Video]

Kreayshawn and T-Pain

Before meeting up with T-Pain backstage, Kreayshawn hit the “New at Two” outdoor stage at Power 106’s Powerhouse 2011 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. “Where the bad bitches at?” asked the East Oakland rapper, who performed her single “Gucci Gucci” while wearing a red “Bucci” tank top and heart-shaped glasses. Watch her performance and if you like what you hear, listen to her new song “Rich Whores.”

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  1. yo

    on fya



    This is craaaaap!!! Next the Red Hot Chili Peppers? So many talented artists. It gets better with the release of her new song “Rich Whores”. In her case the best producers in the world or the million dollars spend on publicity will not give her the one thing that is missing: TALENT!


    Jean Vier Reply:

    @STORMYMAN, Im sorry idk how the rap game got liike this radio play for reals???



    She sound better than That thing Nicki Minaj live and a better Rapper


    drodriguezsd Reply:

    This girl is a joke. She’s no where near eligible for comparison to Nicki. She’s rapping about gucci and bad bitches. You know why she doesn’t bother with what basic bitches wear? Because she can’t afford gucci.


  4. Junelive

    This performance is bad. She sucks. She can’t rap. it’s one of the worst live performance I’ve ever seen. Now I understand why they removed her video from Youtube LOL! People gets “virally” sick. Ahahahah!


  5. Junelive

    This bad. She can’t rap. The worst performance I’ve ever seen.


  6. EmAyDee

    ha this track is pretty great. Most of these girls on here will probably trip on this, cuz there stuck on the same shit. Fawk these worldy possesions when it comes to music. Sick track


  7. blee

    i mean its def not great…lol but will be a major hit i think in the US its working in the clubs ive played it at and got requests for it already….


  8. andy

    i thought she would be dope performing live, but this was not good at all. i still like that song


  9. Ollie

    White Girl Mob or die nigga!!!!


  10. John

    WHITE GIRL MOB! SWAGGIN’ ! Lol. Rap-Up is full of haters. Can anyone give me a rapper that is a great performer? No. And plus, show me a live performance that is with a normal ass camera at a small ass show, that is so fucking great. Let his bitch perform at a fuckin’ awards show and we’ll compare her to everyone else. STFU everyone! Swagg me the fuck out.


  11. mbon

    this looks like a bad SNL skit….i cannot with this mess!


  12. xklusv

    Really??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? That is all I can say


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