DJ Khaled, Drake, Lil Wayne, & Rick Ross Perform ‘I’m on One’ at BET Awards [Video]

Drake, Lil Wayne, and DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled closed the BET Awards with a few of his famous friends. After being introduced by Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne joined the Miami DJ for his all-star collaboration “I’m on One.” But despite their flashy performance, Weezy’s American flag shorts stole the show.

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  1. e

    but you gotta love it though


  2. Kaaaaaaaane

    I luv this song… The performance was aiight & Wayne part was the worst live… & YM was crazy cocky 4 people who didn’t really walk away w/ shiiii. Well Nicki did… By default.
    I was a big fan of theirs til last night. IDK. Drake irritated me acting smug…


  3. EyFresh



  4. Kayla

    One of my favorite performances of the night! I love this song!


  5. B I G

    GREEEEEEEEEEEAATT drake is da king….wayne did his thang..haha what does drake? said at the end with nicki minaj??:)


  6. Drew

    great song, terrible performance


    SplaaaatOva Reply:

    Drake was ok. All the rest was straight garb!
    YM starting 2 annoy me.


  7. yooo



  8. cedric

    drake is sooo lame didnt even perform his verse on rick ross track and his lame ass was in the audience


    Blllah Reply:

    He 2 cocky. That’s why he ain’t win nothing!


  9. ScreamInlaffin

    @B I G,
    The King of what?
    He’s good, but J.Cole is a beast… Popularity contest aside.
    I like them both, but that King shiiii is
    YM got about 100 people on their team & only 3 are REAL star quality.


  10. ym

    dam you ppl really hating for wat there’s nothing wrong wit there performs.stop the hating its killing u Wayne was good


  11. Coach Carter

    The way wayne skips looool #priceless


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