Rihanna Gets ‘LOUD’ in Los Angeles [Video]


Rihanna cranked up the volume when her “LOUD” tour pulled into the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 28). The red-haired beauty flaunted her hot body in a bejeweled bikini as she strutted across the stage in hot pink heels for one of her many wardrobe changes. Celebrities including Jamie Foxx and Keri Hilson were spotted in the star-studded audience.

During the playful set, RiRi returned to her island roots with the dark single “Man Down.” She went into the audience while playing drums to Sheila E.’s “The Glamorous Life” and marched through the sea of fans for “Run This Town.” Check out a couple highlights here.

“Man Down”

“The Glamorous Life” + “Run This Town”

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  1. OnikaCarter



    Rihannastann! Reply:

    @OnikaCarter, You’re cool! bitch you rushed in here real quick to comment though..lmao.. Mad?..OH


  2. OnikaCarter

    Looks real BORING


    rihluv Reply:

    @OnikaCarter, fuckin hater ..yet ur the FIRST one to leave a comment… hoe have a seat


    Batman! Reply:

    @OnikaCarter, VERY BORING! She nice tho. LOL


  3. Diamond Girl

    Wow punks jump up to get beat down! always the first to say something stupid? y not comment on how gorgeous she looks and how well she sounded singing Man down live? ignorant!


  4. DeeJay

    Nothing bad to say, but can she ever wear clothes. I wonder if she going to have a career after she shows the world everything.


  5. Marc

    I agree she is boring to me. I never get her stardom. lets thank Jay-Z and her marketing crew for that lol


    Emm Reply:

    @Marc, are you messin??? she is actually good at singing, unlike most people, she has had so many scandals and she just dosent give one! she is just so out there and fab!!! so tell that to the rihanna navy and see what we say!!!!!



    so boring that she sold out the staples center…..ummmmmm yeah.! shes on fire, yall better get ready for her rerelease debut single to fuck the charts up.!


  7. Name here

    dont see how this is boring
    ….but i guess the haters are goona tell me why


    isabella! Reply:

    @Name here, they don’t have a reason they are just hating to hate. but i don’t see any of them doing a concert, and selling it out!!!!


    Real Issh Reply:

    @isabella!, Riri ain’t selling it out .. Sorry – That’s just the honest truth .


    itsrihannafenty Reply:

    @Real Issh, and you would know how?


  8. Nasser

    her skin is getting lighter every time i see her…


    itsrihannafenty Reply:

    @Nasser, she is naturally light actually lighter then what we see most of the time she just tan most of the time to appear darker


  9. Breezy's girl

    LUV YA!!! ♥


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  11. misscarlybaby

    man down was actually a boring performance to me….


  12. jordan

    Her singing was amazing. I cant wait to see tour. YAY


  13. Aleksandar

    DA BEST!


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  15. Teya

    Keri Hilson was there to steal ideas! LMAO


    DivineFaulk Reply:

    @Teya, that wuz just unnecessary!!!


  16. RiRi4eva

    She was soo amazing! I was smiling the entire time! I cannot wait for her to come back!


  17. minchex

    hahahha, she’s can’t even remember the lyrics of her own songs!!! LOL
    bhahahha.. pretty boring to me, still I love her hair :D


  18. Lisa

    I love her stage presence. I don’t know what it is about this woman… She has this mysterious vibe around her, that makes me want to find out more about who she is as a person. If she’s the best singer? No, not even close. But she has something that I can’t describe, which I think makes her the popular artist that she is.


    Haiku Reply:

    “I love her stage presence. I don’t know what it is about this woman”

    I DO:

    It’s called good marketing and MAC.


    Lisa Reply:

    @Haiku, there are many beautiful celebrities out there that don’t fascinate me the way Rihanna does.

    It’s not a crime to dislike her, but do not force your opinion upon others by using these played-out statements…
    I like Rihanna, and you can try to tell me otherwise, but I know what I am talking about.

    “Argueing with ignorance, is a waste of intelligence…”

    So I already put too much effort into trying to talk some sense in some of you.


  19. YO

    OMG i love rihanna soooo much but smh, i really hate her live performances, im a die hard fan but i also speak the truth :/ hurts me to say this but she’s awful live and if she doesnt start planning her concerts her tour is gonna end in the drain and so will her album sales and her fame if she doesnt start rehearsing and making her shows more entertaining :/ TRUTH HURTS!! .. AND WE ALL KNOW HER VOCALS ARENT ANYTHING COMPARED TO BEYONCE’S, beyonce is an amazing performer & vocalist but she struggles to have a hit song.. while rihanna tops the charts 1 after the other cause she has really great songs but my god does she need to dance more often :(.. WISH SHE WOULD !!


  20. Jfenty

    wen an artist can play instruments!! now that is is true talent!!


  21. stopthemaddness

    I’m sorry but this chick is boring and has no talent and the songs she sings if not for the sexual nature of all of them and her looks with the no clothes thing she puts in front of the little kids face is really getting tired. Her fan base and 90 % of her audience is children who made her and she shows them her cunt on the regular. Such a Role Model (for whores) she is!


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