Exclusive: Ameriie and Lenny Nicholson’s Engagement Photo

Ameriie and Lenny Nicholson

Ameriie is in love and is not afraid to tell the world. The newly married singer sent Rap-Up.com this exclusive engagement photo of her and new husband Lenny Nicholson in New York City where they first met. The happy couple is seen holding hands and beaming with joy. Check out that ring! She and the music executive wed over the weekend in a lavish island ceremony in Anguilla.

“We were in front of the Flatiron Building in New York City, just having fun, hoping the sun would stay out because it was drizzling,” Ameriie told Rap-Up.com. “We took photos throughout the city. Including New York as the backdrop to our pictures was important because it’s where we fell in love.”

Congrats to the newlyweds!

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  1. LOVE?

    aww thats cute… where is the damn music Ameriie!?


    Dave Reply:

    @LOVE?, Spring 2012 (next year)


  2. The Oracle

    Amerie is a gorgeous lady he is one lucky guy !! nohomo lol!!


  3. Justice

    I’m so happy for her.
    She deserves to be happy, she’s always worked hard, kept out of trouble and remained consistent.


  4. TweetFAN

    Congrats to Amerie! I hope we’ll see her in her wedding dress too! :D

    BTW: I wonder if she got any new song ideas during her wedding lol






    AMERIEWEB crew wishes you two all the best! Hope we don’t wait for the new music for too long!


  7. jojo

    i agree @theoracle


  8. Obama to Congress on debt talks: 'Get it done'

    Good for them. But can this music exec get her a hit?


  9. Obama to Congress on debt talks: 'Get it done'

    I hope this does not turn out to be a Christina Milian fiasco marriage. Do like Bey with the marriage girl.


    NovaLidole Reply:

    @Obama to Congress on debt talks: ‘Get it done’,

    lets stay on topic. Nobody mentioned bey or xtina. This is about Ameriie’s wedding. Lets try to focus on the topic at hand. Be happy for someone and maybe God will bless u as well. No need to spread negativity.


  10. Phoenix Wright

    I’m so happy for her =). Still waiting on cymatika vol. 1 and I hope she does some features or a mixtape before the album comes out


  11. Phoenix Wright

    btw her husband sort of looks like Ryan Leslie, well an older looking Ryan


    sugartarx Reply:

    @Phoenix Wright, riiight ,i totally agree


  12. NovaLidole

    Oh, how cute. I’m so happy for A, I wonder when the wedding pics are going to be revealed? I’m so proud to be an Ameriie stan right now. She is the complete package of what a real woman should be. She owns her own company (Feenix Rising Ent.), writes and composes her own music, and she always showcase herself in a ladylike manner. What a true role model, and she doesn’t have to brag about in songs too. So excited for Cymatika, this has to be her most personal album yet!!


  13. GodsGift



  14. Amerie & Husband Lenny Nicholson Exclusive Engagement Photo!!! | FeeWorldOrder.com

    [...] newly wed R&B singer Amerie and hubby Lenny Nicholson sent the above engagement photo to Rap-Up. In addition, the singer revealed details about her engagement day to the [...]

  15. AAA

    Lol at first I thought they were cassie and Ryan Leslie, until I read the tittle, but congrats girl, be happy, stay happy, and live happy


  16. Kev

    I’m too mad right now. I can’t believe my wife went and got married… smh. Sike naw j/p but on the real I hope she gets back to where she was in 2005… I feel like Lenny has a lot to do with Amerie no longer working with Rich Harrison. No denying their chemistry in the studio. I stan for this woman I love her music so much


    kiki. Reply:

    @Kev, I concur with everything you said – except the wifey part lol.


  17. kiki.

    Totally happy for her bet she looked beautiful on the day :) P.s. That ring is the issh!


  18. Joe

    This is why I love me some Ameriie. Ameriie, if u reading this please release a new single in July. U got a lot ppl hyped over Cymatika


  19. Wesley

    Ameriie has alot stans :) i’m one of them :) I wish Ameriie & Lenny the best!!! I can’t live whitout her music!


  20. AmeriieStan46

    Ameriie’s haters are so fucking dumb! They say she can’t sing LOL!
    Ameriie somethimes may struggles to reach higher notes but that does not mean she can’t sing! Anyway… Ameriie is talented, she has DOPE music, she co-produces and co-writes her own songs! (and her songs rocks) and she has a great sense of style! Haters stay mad cuz she has more talent then some artists and she never copies!! U mad?
    Ameriie is tha bomb!!!


  21. Kyle

    Congrats to Ameriie!!! She deserves to be happy and as always, I’m excited for some new music from her. “In Love & War” was pretty underrated IMO.


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  23. jb

    Good for them and a good girl did’nt have to go bad just sweet this lady…


  24. some advice

    Lenny needs to take care of his two kids that he has…he sees them like twice a year and barely pays child support


    LOUGHLINIGHT!!!! Reply:

    Lenny why did you leave Akiba and your two kids? She was very good to you!!!


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