Rap-Up TV: LeToya Luckett Shares Reaction to Beyoncé’s Billboard Speech

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from LeToya Luckett. Rap-Up TV caught up with the Destiny’s Child alum at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards last week. Since parting ways with Capitol Records, the Houston gal is in the early stages of recording her third album and offered a hint of what we can expect.

“It’s gonna be R&B, but it’s gonna be on a whole ‘nother level,” teased LeToya, who acts alongside Taraji P. Henson in the upcoming film From the Rough and appears on the HBO series “Treme.”

She also recalled her teary-eyed reaction when former groupmate Beyoncé acknowledged her while accepting the Millennium Award at the Billboard Music Awards. “She said it and tears just started rolling down my eyes,” said LeToya. “I’m so blessed to even say that I was once a part of that group. She’s such an amazing person. I learned so much from even being around her, so thank you B.”

During the interview, LeToya overheard Oakland hip-hop legend Too $hort say that he’d like to collaborate with her, and she was more than flattered. They sealed the deal with a pinky swear, so you can hold her to it.

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  1. Lisa

    I am looking forward to some new material from her. I loved “She Ain’t Got…”! I am not sure wether this girl has star-potential, though. She’s cute, but she doesn’t have that vibe around her that most platinum selling artists do have. Let’s just wait for the new album to hit shelves and we’ll take it from there.


    Tiffany Reply:

    @Lisa, shes craZy but i like her, nice that she and B can put past behind them. It’d be cool for her and Bey to do a record that would be hawwwwwwwwwwwwt


    JustMe Reply:

    @Lisa, What are you talking about???! Her first album went platinum silly.


  2. NATE

    She is so damn Pretty, and has an amazing personality!!! I love her last Album, can’t wait to get the new one! I know she’s since gotten Beyonce’s Album, she always supports her former group members!

    Oh, she is also a Great Actress!! Much love to her, haters call her a flop but she is doing big things. She owns TWO Boutiques and has done 3 Movies, has an ENDORSEMENT Deal with Luster Pink Products, so she ain’t hurting at all. Haters diss her on Twitter, thinking that she is Modeling for the Perm Box. HOW DUMB CAN THEY BE?? She Endorses that Product dummies..LOL!


    Al Reply:

    @NATE, LT needs her haterz. They’re the 1 who make her grow and stay there. I love all DC girls and think they’re successful their own way… Bless up! Can’t wait to see ‘from the rough’


  3. WonderLand19

    I like Letoya because its all about being postive and shes a hustler. She works hard and it seems to be paying off. I hope this r&b album is experimental with the beats and lyrics. Lets see more 90′s inspired cuts on this album. Bey/Lloyd and chris brown have down that on their albums and its really worked well.


  4. @iamMrHandsome

    Yes @Wonderland19… u r righT! i love bey and letoya… so humble and talanted.. he=aters please dont start comparing on this post. thanks


    mofan95 Reply:

    @@iamMrHandsome, sadly they will because they will nver let go of the fact that Bey and Letoya are still cool!


  5. maya

    That was really sweet of her, she type ghetto…


  6. meme

    its sad what they did to these girls. i wish they never split. the original DC was the best


  7. rockwitu

    LOL Okay, you’re censoring my posts which makes you biased. Yep, they’re in your pockets. No more hits on this website from me. LMFAOOOOO


  8. kiki

    Go Letoya can’t wait for new material she seems like such a pleasant person to be around.


  9. ken

    I loved this interview. LeToya looked so beautiful and has such an amazing personality. I can’t wait for new music.


  10. Reese

    @meme Everyone and everything is not meant to be together forever…friendships don’t always last lifetimes…God puts certain people together for a while and then he separates them. That’s life.


  11. Reese

    Letoya looks cute.


  12. Michael (aka "Artistical Prince")

    This is what I would say to LeToya Nicole Luckett, If I was to meet her face-to-face, “Sacred sister, keep your head up, keep doing what you do best (positive polarity), and never, ever let gossip or negativity destroy your livelihood.”


  13. Kyle

    I LOVE YOU LETOYA!!! I have been a fan since she was in DC and I am so happy that she has been able to navigate her own successful solo career. I was just listening to “Lady Love” the other day and thinking how great of an R&B album that is. I can’t wait to hear some new music; I thought she had been working on her new album for awhile now but I guess it’s still in its early stages…I guess I can be a little bit more patient:) Oh, and she is drop dead gorgeous!


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    I like Letoya because its all about being postive and shes a hustler.


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