New Music: Lloyd f/ Chris Brown & Vega – ‘Luv Me Girl’

Chris Brown and Lloyd

Lloyd and Chris Brown break something off for the ladies with the sex-oozing “Luv Me Girl,” another superstar collabo off King of Hearts. The R&B heartthrobs seduce the track with hot and heavy verses, while Zone 4 singer Vega provides the female perspective. You will recall a sample of Luther Vandross’ classic “Superstar” on the Polow Da Don-produced banger.

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  1. lola

    i love breezy


  2. sscott5236

    Tight beat, however, should be Chris Brown featuring Lloyd & Vega.


  3. swaggerlien

    this beat could be hotter… bit of a dissappointment


  4. BLAZE

    I like this Lloyd album is bangin its a must have


  5. WonderLand19

    The beat is sick. Polow da don is really bringing out the best in Lloyd. WoW! iam even thinking of buying this album. ‘Stay’ is a MONSTER! and Lay it down is straight genius.



  6. Dub UNO

    This song is banging, it should be a SINGLE!!

    I wish I could download it, I need this on my Ipod NOW!!!!!


  7. B I G

    the album is da booooombb!!!… i personally do not really like this song as much as the other songs on the album…P O L O W


  8. jamaicangal

    mad…it tun up


  9. Ice

    This song is hot, “Shake It 4 Daddy” is FIRE. Definitely check that one out.


  10. tpm

    so good .


  11. Trey S

    pfff… Polow Da Don is so excellent, don’t even know what to say… listen to hot toddy instrumental or the way u love me, this is INSANE. not good anymore

    Lloyd&CB killed it tho – not good anymore = INSANE.


  12. maya

    Looks like a bootleg Free in the back -_-

    Song is wack. I mean it’s really nothing we haven’t heard on the radio already…


    lovergirl Reply:

    @maya, your energy is bad….may i suggest yoga? lol


    maya Reply:

    @lovergirl, corny -_- & u laughed at your own corny ass joke.


    Lisa Reply:

    @maya, I would have to agree with you. I like the beat and everything, but the concept and lyrics are nothing new… It’s time for some of these artists to step their damn game up. It makes our generation look like a complete joke, compared to the 80s and the 90s.


  13. C.white

    LOVE IT!! jammin


  14. dekaylbaskin



  15. Lisa

    If I wouldn’t know any better, I’d say this was produced by Timbaland. Polow did a nice job, though.


  16. johnyboy22

    Awesome!! and those who are sayin that the beat is played out, are the same ones feedin off crappy pop songs from katy perry,rihanna,gaga,blahblah.etc
    ATLEAST there is No BS like judas,s&m,2012 in these songs!! definitely coppun Lloyd’s album; “stay” and “naked” are FIRE!!!!


  17. lola



  18. mims



  19. GimmeUnusual

    Luv Luv Luv Luv Me Girl, Luv Luv Luv Luv Me Boy
    This joint is HOTTTTTTTTT! Lloyd can sing the phone book to me, the alphabets, shitttt he could hum to me and I’m good. I love his sultry voice. I have “King of Hearts” and love every track from beginning to end. I don’t skip a thing. Chris Brown adds an extra umph to the track. *SIZZLING*


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