Rap-Up TV: Boi-1da Talks Evolution of Drake on ‘Take Care’

Boi-1da has been in the studio with Drake finishing his sophomore album Take Care, due October 24. The hitmaker behind “Best I Ever Had” and “Forever” hit the carpet with his family at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards before being honored as Songwriter of the Year.

While he remained tight lipped about details surrounding the highly-anticipated project, he did describe how the Young Money star has evolved as an artist. “He was already extraordinary. I just think he’s grown as a lyricist and become a better rapper, although he was a great rapper before,” the Canadian producer told Rap-Up TV. “Everything just sounds better. He’s evolved as an artist.”

He also shared what it’s been like to see his friend go from grinding in their rat-infested studio to the top of the charts.

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  1. Shade

    Can’t wait for Take Care!


  2. me

    Boi-1da & 40 seem like not only great producers but great people to have around in general…..take care should be great!


  3. isabella!

    Boi-1da is gonna throw some fire onto this record, but i do hope that drake doesn’t do so many slow songs, i do love the slower songs on thank me later but i want to her drake just go in and smash it, doing something like lil wayne’s a milli or 6 foot 7 foot were he raps almost all the way through.


  4. dia

    I know Take Care is going 2 be deep


  5. Melanie

    I want the uptempo bangers with BARS! But I do love 40/Drake records…..I hope it’s a nice mix.


  6. maya

    I HOPE Take Care isn’t like Dreams Money can Buy, Marvin’s Room, or Trust Issues or it would just sound like all his other shit. Looking forward though…


  7. B I G

    *But I do love 40/Drake records…..I hope it’s a nice mix.!*
    exactly what i was thinkin’…wanna hear him going in but some of is slow songs also bangin although i love every type of music from him…DRIZZYY OVOOXOXOO:D


  8. Hugh

    Seems like a cool guy. Very humble for all his success


  9. Destiny

    I never heard of Boi-1da…Ok


  10. WonderLand19

    Iam over drake now. His mixtapes were better then his late album. Plus, i loved his collobs with other artists on their singles. He annoys me now. Iam not a Hater, iam just disappointed with the quality of music. When he blow up, i was one of the people who was with him.
    Oh well, on to next on :)



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