Video: Game f/ Justin Timberlake & Pharrell – ‘Ain’t No Doubt About It’

Pharrell, Game, and Justin Timberlake

The video for Game’s “Ain’t No Doubt About It” washed ashore over the 4th of July weekend. The Pharrell-produced cut was originally intended to be a single off the Compton rapper’s R.E.D. Album, due August 23. The song and video were later scrapped, but director Diane Martel has released it from the vault a year-and-a-half later.

In the black-and-white clip, a dapper Game parties on a yacht with fellow bachelors Justin Timberlake and Pharrell, enjoying the company of a bevy of scantily-clad women. The slick visuals are reminiscent of Hype Williams’ lavish productions from the early 2000s when budgets were larger.

“I never thought in my life that I would ever work with Justin,” Game previously told Rap-Up TV.

Set sail with the abandoned video below.

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  1. Lolitajean

    ITS COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. lolitajeanmax



  3. Mark London

    Make way for the REAL Justin. LOL

    Dope track!


  4. vladica07

    Great song,I love JT on it.He needs to give us an album, collaborations arent enough for me anymore:)


    M Reply:

    absolutely agree with you :)





  6. MusicMusic01

    I really miss JT’s music…He needs to hurry up.


  7. p

    if the word ‘artist’ was to be used to describe a Justin, it would have to be Mr Timberlake. Justin Bieber can’t do anything right, other than win over little horned up teenagers. At least Timberlake can sing, dance, produce and write his own stuff. I love how everyone is constantly wanting new music from him.

    anyway, i’m not too fond of the song but the video’s cool. Can someone please tell me how Justin’s 30 and Pharrell’s 38 but they both look so hot lol. They look like they’re 25 years old.


  8. maya

    Justin’s voice w| Neptune’s beats, can’t go wrong!


  9. Cole World

    Nice beat and hook, but game need to rap bout sumtin meaningful


  10. Puma



  11. Puma



  12. Sweet_

    JT is so bad in this vid ..


  13. KissTheGirl

    I dont like Jastin Timberlake -.-


  14. Cici

    hmm.. i miss the old and sexy Justin now he is ugly and i dont like him.. because he bored me to much :S


  15. Justin Looks So Gay

    in this video *_*


  16. thief theme

    There are good chick in this video!


  17. Red mind

    remove the black and white and put the color version please.=(


    IKARYSS Reply:

    @Red mind, It was probably shot in black and white.


  18. V

    Aww Justin and Pharrell together again. I’m smiling so bright right now :D


  19. musiqguy

    Jusin is mommies son!


  20. Jay

    This is a summer jam. Love it. Game is the worst thing about it. I miss Pharrell


  21. ER

    nice mannn


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