Video: Skylar Grey – ‘Dance Without You’

Skylar Grey vs. Holly Brook

Skylar Grey battles her former self in the tumultuous video for “Dance Without You,” the buzz single from her forthcoming debut Invinsible. The singer-songwriter, who’s penned hits for Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Diddy-Dirty Money, emerges from the back of Holly Brook, the name she previously recorded under. The auburn-haired Holly struggles to escape from the clutches of the darker Skylar in a doctor’s room. But there’s only room for one star.

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  1. Lisa

    The song is good, I can relate to what she’s saying… They could’ve made more of the music video, though. Overall, I thought it was decent.


  2. Jordan Gabriel



  3. Aquierra

    While I don’t think Grey is odd, I can understand that she’s trying to attain her own audience. Grey’s a decent songwriter, and my guess is she’s only developing dark-toned music.. only because not many musicians do it.

    I don’t like it; and I’m not sure as much as we do where her direction is going. I could only hope that if her debut flops, she’ll go back to making better music of a lesser dark tone.


    isabella! Reply:

    @Aquierra, skylar grey has been making music for years she already has another album out under her original name, and she has always done the darker tone of music, she wouldn’t be who she is unless she did do darker music.


  4. David

    The whole point of that song the good is gone and she sold out for fame, happen with Rihanna, and Pink Sober video there is a pattern caught onto it.


    Lisa Reply:

    @David, that’s not what I got out of it. The song ad the music video are about Skylar fighting her inner demons. How she’s frustrated and, most of all, done with her insecurities and fears holding her back to actually live her life and enjoy is.

    With “you”, she refers to her insecure, innocent and very-well-put-together side.

    Replace the word “dance” in the song’s title, with “live”.

    It’s actually a very clever song. And it’s not about good-bad, but more about being able to let go of certain things and live your life the way YOU want to live it.


    isabella! Reply:

    @David, how is she selling out? she is making music she wants to make. the only way she could sell out is if she was making music that she didn’t truly like.


  5. WhiteChocolate

    She looks like Amy Lee from Evanescence in this video. I can hear this song on a movie soundtrack, but definitely not on the radio. It’s an obvious buss single.


  6. Ash

    This is soooo creepy…Samara from the Ring comes to mind…


  7. Colleen

    Love it! Skylar Grey has the most incredible voice and mixes it outstandingly with the Nine Inch Nails mystique and darkness. Can’t wait for the album!


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