New Music: Future f/ Drake – ‘Tony Montana (Remix)’


Drake gets on his gangsta flow on the remix to Future’s single “Tony Montana” named after Al Pacino’s character in Scarface. “I swear young women are lost these days, but older women dig me/ Fu**in’ women that knew Biggie so it really ain’t no biggie,” spits October’s Very Own. “And shout out to Toronto bitch, I’m Tony in my city.”

Future f/ Drake – “Tony Montana (Remix)”


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  1. 49ers160

    its alright. Even drake on this song doesn’t help it too much.


  2. 49ers160

    its alright. Drake was the reason why i listened to this song


  3. Brionna

    make it stooooopp *covers ears*


    ANGGÉR Reply:

    @Brionna, what happened to u? Lol





  5. JHP

    Drizzy’s Verse > Future’s career


  6. dc

    god this song is fukkin annoying. barely made it thru one listen


  7. Sol-power

    Sounding like Weezy.


  8. Yaser Lad

    I felt a dark shadow approaching my shoulder when listing to the original version. #thatisallpeople


  9. Ice

    Tohneh Montahna, Tohneh Montahna, Tohneh Montahna. Why does he say things like he has a speech impairment? Drake killed it though.


  10. Comp10Slick

    I really can’t understand some of Drake’s choices in feat…..
    He always bring it [this time he sounds a lil....IDK...mildly annoying], but I’mma need him to be a little more selective.

    Leave this alone Drizzy, U couldn’t save this track…just get me that official single U promised this month.
    I can’t wait!
    OVO in this piece!


  11. Tachuu

    not feeling it


  12. Nico

    i don’t like this “lugger’s” kind of beats.. love drake but he sounds too much like wayne in this one, not feeling it!


  13. you

    i’m sorry if i sound like a hater…but this is garbage, drake what are you doingg?????


  14. Yogi

    The first drake song/feature ever I wont be downloading… awful track


  15. B

    First off Future is rapping Tony Montana to sound like “him” aka Tony. He sounds different on Racks on Racks. When I first heard the original I questioned it then grew to like it. Its a fun song


  16. Carlos Bonegro

    first time ive actually heard a song and actually felt confident in saying that I COULD MAKE A BETTER SONG THEN THIS and i think drake would of sounded better if he used his normal voice, that biggie bar made me laugh when i read it
    Drake is still my favourite artist in the world doe


  17. jayJAy



  18. Chris

    its aight


  19. makayla

    ayee my this song….


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