Rap-Up TV: Skylar Grey Gets Support from Eminem & Dr. Dre

Before Skylar Grey there was Holly Brook. In Part 1 of her interview with Rap-Up TV, the “Love the Way You Lie” hitmaker describes how she went from being the auburn-haired Holly to the darker Skylar Grey, who’s written hits for hip-hop megastars including Eminem, Diddy-Dirty Money, and Lupe Fiasco. After her career failed to ignite, the singer-songwriter retreated to the woods of Oregon before she was introduced to beat maestro Alex Da Kid.

“Things kinda fell apart with my career and my personal life, so I just retreated up in the woods in Oregon just to get away from L.A. and the whole music industry,” explains the 25-year-old, who will release her KIDinaKORNER/Interscope debut Invinsible this fall. “I felt like I lost touch with who I was as a person, as an artist.”

She also shares that Lady Gaga was among the artists being considered to sing the hook on Dr. Dre’s Detox single “I Need a Doctor,” and how Eminem fought to keep her on the track. “Eminem was like, ‘We are not taking her vocals off the song!’ So I got kept on there and it changed my life.”

Dre also had her back. “He’s one of the most stand-up guys that I’ve met in the music industry,” says Skylar. “[He's] so nice, made a point to take me aside and tell me privately how grateful he was for my work on his album.”

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  1. Austin

    The “Love The Way You Lie” Hitmaker?? You mean the “I Need A Doctor” Hitmaker? Wow…….


    Kurt Reply:

    @Austin, she wrote the hook for “love the way you lie” and was nominated for a grammy for it, dumbass. do your research.


    Karen Reply:

    @Austin, she wrote the hook for “love the way you lie”


  2. Aokj

    she had some serious pride issues.


  3. Izzy

    I luv her shes so amazing! i no her for her Holly Brooke songs and I need a doctor and her singing “Love the way you lie part2″


  4. Pinoy

    Nice to hear her story.


  5. Erica M.

    I loved her music as Holly Brook. And while it kinda sucks she will no longer be making the same kind of music, I apprecciate the new songs/vocals she has as Skylar Grey. But it sucks that she thnks that she had to quit because her career didn’t take off as Holly Brook..
    And let’s not forget how Mike Shinoda was the first person to ever give Holly Brook a try with his Fort Minor song “Where’d ya go?”..
    Either way, I miss HOlly Brook a lot..but i’ll take Skylar Grey now too.


  6. Hugh

    Best interview Skylar has done
    I feel like going to the woods


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  8. juan

    Why didn’t they use the original demo for ‘love the way you lie’. I like that version waaaayy better.


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