Video: Lloyd – ‘Naked’

Kamille Leai

Lloyd does not appear in the explicit video for “Naked,” but there’s still plenty to see. In the steamy visuals, VH1’s “Real Chance of Love” (Season 2) winner Kamille Leai aka Hot Wings strips down in the shower after getting a text from Lloyd, who says he’s in town for the night. The fellas will particularly enjoy the abundant eye candy. This one’s definitely NSFW.

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  1. Yeah



    MakeMeFartKThx Reply:

    @Yeah, I Swear You Must Get Rap-Up Post Update To UR Phone Because Ur Your Always The First 1 On A Post


    Ln Reply:

    @MakeMeFartKThx,i notice that too,seems he gets updates to is cell phone like tweets,i think he is sub to Rap-Up.


  2. Ln

    tight track and video.


  3. Sha'Nesha

    Nice song, her body is hot, tattoos are ugly imo…


  4. allthesebitchesRsoWack

    so she gonna take a bath and a shower…hmmm…!


    BLAZE Reply:

    @allthesebitchesRsoWack, Thats what you suppose to do when yor in a bath your laying in dirty water so hop in the shower to rinse off


    piglets Reply:

    @BLAZE, i agree with your statement. somebody was taught wrong @all these@#!# are wack. smh on this lloyd video having to be an instructional video of what to do after taking a bath, lol.


    INCAS Reply:

    @piglets, it’s educational. i like how it shows you how to turn on the shower and where the water comes from. always wondered that


    @materialmayne Reply:

    @INCAS, lmaooooo u are a fooooool!


  5. lisa

    UMMM really wow this was pretty wack! NEXT!!!


    jrellamiller Reply:

    @lisa, it’s because you’re not comfortable with your body


  6. @SynceR3



  7. JHP

    I as a male had no problem with this video lol


  8. Chea

    this video is boring :-/


  9. J.Cameron

    Boring ass video!!! Good song.


  10. @materialmayne

    this is def one of my fav songs off the album. . .i liked the vid it was a sexy tease(: the text msgs added a nice touch tooo.


  11. kk

    This video was okay, but i hate how Lloyd wasn’t even in the video.


  12. Brittney

    This is the only song that stood out to me on LLoyd’s album. LOVE IT.


  13. Chardae

    This vid is kinda boring I wanted to see Lloyd wtf.


  14. Bree

    Hot video, song was sort of boring
    couldnt find myself listening to it over and over


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