Sean Kingston Returns to Work, Shoots Music Video with Iyaz

Sean Kingston

Five weeks after injuring himself in a jet ski accident, Sean Kingston was already back to work, shooting the video for his artist Iyaz’s new single “Pretty Girls” in Miami. A slimmed down Sean was seen on set wearing baggy clothing and displaying no signs of his injury aside from a brace on his left arm. He was joined by Travie McCoy, who appears on the record, and a bleached-haired Soulja Boy, who rocked a Steelers T-shirt and Super Mario chain.

“Just got back from my artist @iyazlive new video shoot for his new single ‘Pretty Girls’… had a great time.. i was swaggin heavy!!! lol,” tweeted the “Beautiful Girls” singer, who plans to return to the studio next month.

See more pics of a healthy and happy looking Sean below.

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  1. KC

    Hes “slimmed down”? lmao


    britbrat89 Reply:

    @KC, yeah compared to what he was before he did and you can see it in his face


  2. lola_ko

    its so hard to believe that if them ppl on the boat werent out in the ocean that night he wouldnt even be here ..god is good boo never take life for granted : )


  3. Janelle

    Soulja Boy looks like a piece of Doo Doo!!! And Sean looks half his age, like one of those kids who are like 22, but look like his supposed to be in high-school!


  4. Aquierra

    Kingston looks almost happier than he has ever been. It’s great to know that God’s brought him back on two feet.


  5. Ln

    congratz sean,go do your thing.


  6. Moby

    Soulja Boy is one ugly muddafucca


  7. Hugh

    How small are Sean’s feet! You know what they say


  8. annegabert

    This doesn’t even begin to make sense. He’d need 20 to 30% down to buy this, and he doesn’t even have that. I’m thinking it is a publicity stunt, there’s no airplane at all.


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