Video: Young Jeezy f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Ballin”

Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne

Young Jeezy takes it to the court in the concept-driven video for “Ballin’,” the street single from his oft-delayed album TM103. A bandana-wearing Jeezy recruits some new talent for his basketball team, CTE World, in the Colin Tilley-directed clip. But is money enough to buy loyalty? Weezy also makes a cameo to spit his wicked verse atop a piano. Ball out with the hip-hop all-stars.

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  1. Yeah

    first 2 lines by Jeezy and………………..the song is WACK v_v


    INCAS Reply:

    @Yeah, yea yea yea yea YEAH


  2. Real Issh

    Weezy kills everybody on their own song . Sheesh .


  3. King Dro



  4. waynefukkedthesongup

    man wayne fukked this song and video up too with them clown stunts. dude fukked im on one as well with the clown stunts wdf


  5. GO*GO

    jeezy murked this .. wayne helpd


  6. team j cole

    why wayne´s songs sound the same can we see something else for a change like really its becaming boring F..KING GIMMICKS BEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


  7. team j cole

    wayne i hate you with passion


  8. Ln

    tight track beat and all, they both lock it da down.


  9. Drew

    Tried to copy the Above the Rim concept….


    Olliee Reply:



    MusicKING12 Reply:

    @Drew, I noticed that too


  10. J.Cameron

    Colin Tilley sucks as a director. His concepts are always wack. Smdh….


  11. Guy

    This video has been out. I saw it a little while back


  12. blend

    zor juana har bzhi dast xsoh eb i like it…


  13. Flexy CTE

    Dem! This video kills…


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