Nelly Furtado Debuts New Song in Portugal [Video]

Nelly Furtado debuted part of a new song, reportedly titled “Mystery,” during the Delta Tejo Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. The pop songstress has been in the studio with Pharrell, among others, working on her fourth English LP Lifestyle, the follow-up to 2006’s multi-platinum Loose. Last year she tweeted about recording a song with Nas and is set to appear on “Mother Knows,” a track off Game’s R.E.D. Album.

Are you looking forward to Nelly’s new album? Let us know.

[Nelly Furtado Daily]

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  1. itsROBYN

    im so glad nelly is coming back with new english album :D cant wait :D


  2. Allen

    Yes New English Album Seewt :)


  3. Coleworld

    I think everyone is looking forward to her new album. Her last English album was a breath of fresh air. She owned 2006/07.


  4. Sam

    I love the song! Thanks for posting it :)


  5. Silviu

    Very happy to hear this new song. I was at the concert. In live, this was amazing!!


  6. Kyle

    I honestly cannot believe it’s been 5 years already since “Loose” dropped. That album really was amazing IMO. It blended pop, spanish, and even had some urban influences mixed in there. Great stuff and I still enjoy listening to it. I’m excited to hear what she has brewing up this time around.


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