Rap-Up TV: Lil Twist Talks Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, & Justin Bieber Collaborations

Make way for Young Money’s next superstar Lil Twist. Rap-Up TV caught up with the Mohawk-sporting rapper on the opening date of the “Closer to My Dreams” tour with Diggy Simmons, Mindless Behavior, and Tyga in Los Angeles, where he shared some of the all-star guests on his debut album Don’t Get It Twisted, due later this year.

The impressive roster includes Nicki Minaj (“Wind It”), two tracks with Lil Wayne, a Noah “40″ Shebib-produced song with Drake, and “a hot summer record” with Justin Bieber (“Wherever You Are”).

His friendship with the Biebs goes beyond the studio. The pop idol once called him on a whim to fly out to St. Lucia. “Not to even stunt, we go out big places,” said Twist. “We stayed in the biggest house on the island, which was on top of the mountain.”

When he’s not vacationing in paradise, the teen sensation has been working on a mixtape, The Golden Child, for release before his album. Plus, he has his eye on meeting one elusive MC. Find out who it is.

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  1. tyehh

    EVERYONE in YoungMoney are so overrated and talk about the SAME thing #Boring


    Ln Reply:

    @tyehh, lock your ignorant mouth,the Lil dude is tying to do is thing like everyone else, and you coming here hatin.


    Tina Reply:

    @Ln, It’s called telling the truth not hating.The whole Young Money camp is overrated and some when never see an album release date cause wayne puts so much into Nicki and Drake and forgets about the other artist he signed with.


    Shade Reply:

    @tyehh, Drake is not overrated


  2. WonderLand19

    Yeah, Young Money is overrated, however they do have some Mc’s who are special like Nicki, Tyga and drake. Iam not a fan of lil Twist, maybe its because iam not a teen.

    Lets see what happens. Maybe he will surprise me.


    Oh Please Reply:

    @WonderLand19, Nah on the real his voice is crazy annoying that’s why you’re not a fan..lolol


  3. LOL

    shouldnt he be getting ready for the next school year or something like anyone his age should?


    Meh Reply:


    Of course not! He’s a rapper. Rappers don’t need to go to school.



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  5. Nicole

    People actually take this clown seriously?


  6. Save Children

    Save Children…

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