Single Cover: Big Sean f/ Kanye West – ‘Marvin & Chardonnay’

Marvin & Chardonnay

Big Sean takes the lead from his mentor Kanye West on the cover for the Roscoe Dash-assisted “Marvin & Chardonnay,” the next single off his debut Finally Famous. The dapper rappers flaunt their sophisticated swagger on the black-and-white artwork, which features a previously seen image of Kanye. A video was recently shot in New York with famed director Hype Williams.

What do you think of the cover art?

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  1. Ms_RiRi_



  2. Phoenix_Wright

    its sharp too bad roscoe wasnt there too tho


  3. Rap-Upper

    Just got into Big Sean. This single is straight FIRE. Kanye did his thing without taking over too much of the song and B.S. had an amazing flow on this single.
    Mite actually cop this.


  4. Goodie2shoes

    Dope…. Hands down G.O.O.D. Music is the best QUALITY hip-hop label out.


  5. Mark London



  6. B I G

    that shit is rawwwwwwwwwwwwww BIG SEANDON is in da building…FINALLY FAMOUS OVER! EVERYTHING! BOOOII

    I DO IT


  7. WonderLand19

    This song is KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLER, Love it!
    I really hope the video is amazing and edgy.


  8. Janelle

    Song is waaaaaaaaaack!!! Bis Sean needs to do better and Roscoe Dash needs to stay off the mic and Ye killed his verse/input. But Ye looks ultra skinny in this cover – Sean needs to get his own swag and stop wearing Kanye’s last seasons gear!


    Haters Stay Pressed!! Reply:

    @Janelle, Chile BYE!!! You ain’t another but a hater!! This is one of the best records on the album & is a fan favorite! Big Sean knows what he is doing by releasing this as a single. It can possibly be just as successful as ‘My Last’.

    Roscoe’s Dash chorus is fire!!

    FYI: Big Sean has his own swag! He is always rocking snapbacks & jean jackets. He’s only in a suit on his single covers. He is NOT swagger jackin Yeezy!



  9. cedro

    @ janelle bye hater..this song is a beast!!!THIS IS GOIN 2 SMASH HARD


  10. B I G

    @janelle fkkin HATER!!


  11. AAA

    Yessss I love g.o.o.d music, especially my husband big Sean


  12. shady

    Song fucking sucks.. Their are songs on that album that are way better. Gonna be a big radiohit though..


  13. Shaniqua :)

    I can’t fucking wait ! I love G.O.O.D Music <3


  14. dawn

    Listen up……anything Kanye does is GOLDEN!!!!!!


  15. Haters Stay Pressed!!

    Yaaassss! I love this song! ‘I Do It’ isn’t really shooting up the charts like I’m sure he wanted to so I’m glad he choose this one. It’s a club banger & is featuring Yeezy so it should do well at least on the r&b charts.

    The cover is cute too. I have a feeling they used a old pic or either slimmed him down cause Kanye hasn’t been this slim in a minute.


  16. ErrolGames

    Isn’t that the picture of Kanye from the MBDTF poster that came with the album?


  17. Brandon

    lookin sharp



    Itz a beautiful song about chadon gay and marvinay, beautiful, kanye looks so cute in his lil outfit, big sean iz just as beautiful as kanye, I love these hansome yung men!! Ooooh, I could just eat them up.. Bye friends!


  19. Hugh

    Just got into Sean too!
    His album is amazing.

    Cover is dope.
    Ye looks thin, photoshop!?


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