DMX to Remain in Prison After Being Caught with Drugs


DMX’s prison stay has been extended. The embattled hip-hop star will remain behind bars after being busted for drugs.

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ that the rapper, born Earl Simmons, violated several rules while serving time in Arizona’s Yuma state prison. He was cited for seven disciplinary infractions including drug possession, failing or refusing a drug test, unauthorized smoking, being disrespectful, and disorderly conduct.

The “Party Up (Up in Here)” hitmaker was scheduled to be released on Wednesday, seven months after he was sentenced to serve time for a probation violation. The date has now been delayed to July 19 because he tested positive for drugs, reports CNN.

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  1. rah

    lock him away and throw away the key! how many times is he going to go back and fourth to prison? he obviously doesn’t learn from his mistakes plus when he is released he is only going to cause trouble. however, that could be intresting lol


  2. listen



  3. Duh Nigga

    Won’t y’all pray for him instead of saying idiot or throw away the key…..


    Music Reply:

    @Duh Nigga, Thank you for saying that while there are “Perfect People” who feel that they are able to judge somebody because of the way they are, they are people like you who know at this point in the game it’s time to leave it to Jesus, while DMX is in your prayers don’t forget about Lil Boosie they are still debating him getting the Death Sentence.


  4. Jessica

    OHHH NOO D! Please get it together. :(


  5. Lostcause

    You can pray, BUT you CANT help a person who does not want to be help!!! Simple as that.


  6. Sadi

    type in “dmx illuminati” in youtube and u will see the truth… its not wht yall think


    Fan Of A Fan Reply:

    @Sadi, fuck you for believing in that illuminati shit. its not FUCKIN REAL U STUPID MUG


    Hip-Hop Reply:

    @Sadi, Miss me with that bullshit. He makes good music and he is one of the best rappers ever, but he’s just stupid. In past couple of years, he was in and out of jail like … 50 times ? What that tells you ? He’s a crackhead and he needs help. Maybe this is his definition of keepin’ it real.


  7. mon

    WTF? x need to be in a 120 day rehab detox asap jail is not the answer he’s used to jail make his ass get used to sober!


  8. sokleva

    he needs rehab not jail time


  9. tyruu

    Throwing him in jail won’t do any good.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if those drugs where planted..


  10. Gosha

    No more drugs, bro!

    Stop this sh…

    God is Love! ✞


  11. don bleek

    I miss the old DMX. His debut album It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart; selling 251,000 copies in the first week. Overall, the disc sold over four million copies. I really hope he gets himself together. In an exclusive interview with Vibe magazine, DMX said that Rick Ross extended his hands to join his Maybach Music Group. This will be a great look for DMX.


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  13. Will

    It’s clear that he doesn’t need prison, he NEEDS rehab! I wish for the best for him DMX is still raw as fuck and he’ll give any emcee out right now a run for their money real talk. He just need to kick that drug habit, it ain’t gonna be easy I know that but the man clearly needs help with that drug problem that’s consuming him. I’m telling you take him to rehab instead and he won’t even touch drugs let alone step inside another cage (prison)!


  14. Tia

    how come when a black person gets in trouble they go to jail but when a white person gets in trouble they go to ReHab.Send that man to Rehab.


    Alex! Reply:

    @Tia, it’s called lawyers.


  15. Oh Please

    Oh wow…this man isn’t serious with his life.


  16. Cassive

    Just because they say he was found with drugs doesn’t necessarily make it true, you can’t really judge if you wasn’t there.


  17. michael

    man DMX was raw as FUCK man he better kick tht bad habbit and come back rapping cause im tired of all this shitty music now and days!!!!

    DMX fan for LIFE

    FUCK all of yall that is fucking hatting on him


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