Inside Monica and Shannon Brown’s Lavish Wedding [Video]

Monica and Shannon Brown

Monica let cameras inside her fairytale wedding to Shannon Brown. The singer and L.A. Laker exchanged vows for a second time at a renovated cathedral in downtown Los Angeles over the weekend. The bride wore a beautiful dress by Stéphane Rolland with a 15-foot, 50-pound train (“I cried when I first saw it”). Guests including Missy Elliott, Ciara, LL Cool J, Kobe Bryant, and NeNe Leakes shared the special moment with the couple.

“It exceeded my expectations,” Monica told “The Insider’s” Kevin Frazier. “Everybody that meant something to us was in one place. I was just overwhelmed.”

After the ceremony, Ludacris sent his private plane to pick up his cousin and her husband and take them to the island of Anguilla for their honeymoon.

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  1. MeloRockstarr

    Aw that was real for Shannon to ask her is this forever…..I wish them nothing but the best :) I Love Monica she has such a sweet spirit Cant wait for the album


  2. @ericalolaluv

    So happy, love monica :)


  3. Deeefabolous



  4. Fa

    don’t get the hair!!!! And that nasty heavy trail….but she is soooo gorgeous!
    and one of my favorite singers of all time!


    Dave Reply:

    @Fa, Don’t understand the hair & trail either. Even though the trail was very elegant. I would’ve thought since she got the short hair now, she would’ve rocked that in a more fitting way for the wedding. But, whatever. She still looks great. Happy she’s happy


  5. Diamond Girl

    She was my idol growing up, she was everything to me. I’m so happy to see her grow up, married finally, with kids and I just continue to love her and want the best for her. If anyone Deserves it, It’s Monica. God bless you honey. Hope to meet you one day.


  6. xedos

    you ho’s take note. the thug loving is not real get a decent humble man. finally Monica is in a place where she should have been a long time. her music career will flourish. I always said she need to leave that Atl environment. I always knew she need to surround herself with more positive ppl. i know she want to keep it real ,but their comes a time when you have to cut certain ppl out your life in order to move forward.


  7. Me

    Is it me, or is monica more noted now as an artist than back in the day, wen the boy is mine was out she was always in the shadows of brandy… she has really come to her own now


    49ers160 Reply:

    @Me, its just u


  8. Lisa

    That dress is gorgeous.


  9. mon

    congrats mo and shannon! monica has really turned herself around she looks great might i add 100xs better without those tatts and its great to see a black couple with a blended fam going to church to get married im so happy for them


  10. Pucci

    What??? When did Monica change her hair??? lol, she looks nice btw.


  11. Angel

    She did not invite Keyshia?


  12. Deqa

    wow It was so Beautiful!! better then will & kate wedding!


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    wedding ceremony…

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