Sneak Peek: Diggy Simmons – ‘Copy, Paste’

Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons goes under the microscope in the 30-second preview for “Copy, Paste,” the first single from his debut album. In the Phil the God-directed clip, the 16-year-old son of Rev Run is hooked up to wires in a laboratory as he is examined by female technicians who try to clone him.

“‘Copy, Paste’ is about just giving an anthem to original people, innovators, people that feel like their style’s been copy, pasted,” Diggy told “I’m in a laboratory and I’m hooked up to wires and different stuff. I have like a bandage over my stomach. There’s laboratory girls in the scene, but it’s just about them trying to copy and paste me.”

After you’ve watched the teaser, go behind the scenes with Rap-Up TV.

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  1. Lisa

    Don’t know what to think… Looked slightly boring, but I am excited to see the music video. I like the track, so I hope Diggy cooked up something fresh for us. :-)

    Cher Lloyd needs to take notes.


  2. qoq

    I am seriously shocked that he got such a high-budget video!!


    StarsRblind Reply:

    @qoq, You thought that looked high-budget? Really? They’re in a white room with 6 extras and 5 props…?


    lego Reply:

    @qoq, umm his dad is run dmc ~_____~


  3. nunya_bizness

    Auto-tune … ugh.


  4. lol funny

    huney that is not no high budget video phil god directed that


  5. WonderLand19

    @Liza, Hahhahahaha, at the Cher LLoyd comment.



    HES GOING TO HAVE A BAD ENDING LIKE HES BROTHER.. DUDE IS NOT EVEN 16 and hes video had video vixis in them..


  7. Kayla C.

    I love the song and I can’t wait to see the video!


  8. B Sims

    Diggy is gone to be big. He has style, flavor, looks and big bucks behind him. Haters


  9. B Sims

    Diggy is the new generation. You were born to be a star.


  10. ed

    love Diggy but this is so generic.


  11. mike

    this kid got a contract just becuz he’s the son of Russell… if he was a random kid, nobody would’ve given out a music contract so easily to him just to make a song full of autotune a.k.a. the magic machine for the talentless


    Lala817 Reply:

    @mike, He’s his nephew


    Lisa Reply:

    @mike, have you heard any of his previous work? The kid is far beyond his age, and mad lyrical. Copy, Paste has nothing on what he brought out before…

    This is just a more universal sound, that will appeal to a broader audience.


    Tracey Lowery Reply:

    @mike, Hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. jeremydante

    i can’t take him seriously as an MC.
    something about his mannerisms; seems like he tries waaay too hard. i understand the whole simmons family legacy but i just can’t get into diggy. too much hype because of his last name.


  13. chet

    weak. both the song and video.


  14. thalia

    This is gonna be a great video dispite wat yu guys say


  15. block yu

    this nigga is 16 and yall r already hating smh


  16. Diggy Simmons “Copy Paste” Sounds Like Trash

    [...] is what Diggy Simmons had to say to Rap-up: “‘Copy, Paste’ is about just giving an anthem to original people, innovators, people that [...]

  17. @SRU_Principal

    Diggy is one of the better lyricist of 2011. His age doesn’t define his talented abilities nor does the budget of his video or his last name. I appreciate Diggy’s music and style.

    Note: You don’t need a high-budget video to convey a visual. (i.e. Beyonce – Best Thing I Never Had)


  18. kani k

    no one wants to copy-paste this generic garb sorry


  19. miniayah

    diggy did thing on this video


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