Nick Cannon Does the ‘Booty Wurk’ [Video]

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is not afraid to rock a pair of booty shorts and film it. The comedian and radio host put his manhood aside and shook it one cheek at a time to T-Pain’s “Booty Wurk” in the studio with the staff of “Rollin’ with Nick Cannon” on New York’s 92.3 Now FM. Hey Nick, did you borrow those shorts from Mariah’s closet? You a fool for this one.

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  1. Eva B

    Always knew that dude was gay.


  2. Thisisreallynotcool

    You guys disrespectin my man nick cannon and i dont think he’d done anything wrong with dis one. Calling out mariah’s name is just out of place



    Nick Cannon is a joke the only reason why any body talk about him because he got the Hottest chick in the game and one of the best singer of all time… this is not even Funny


    Erica Reply:

    @TEAM WORLD, Well, he does have one of the top rated radio shows, and he’s hosting the #1 show in America. Not to mention a development deal with MTV and he’s an exec. for Nickelodeon. People always wanna hate on him but ain’t doing or got half the sh!t he do.


  4. Janelle

    Haaaaaaaaaaaahahaha. before watching – I thought this is out of place, but The Bawse had me cracked up! hahahahahaahha! Nick Cannon oooooh no ma ni__a those legz, hahahahaha!


  5. ponyo

    Men degrading themselfves smf. P. S nick no.dummy. leave him alone.



    I HATES NICK CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    A funny dude. So many people don’t like him but they STILL end up watching his stuff. Let the man have fun


  8. DeeJay

    Man, you can’t put nothing past this funny dude. Crazy, man crazy.


  9. Da Ma'

    Yo who ever out there trying disrespect someone as good as Nick Cannon then ya just aint got no type of life !?
    I mean here’s a Man that trying to brighten up his day with silly jokes , and people hating !?

    # This world would have you going crazy , if it aint you making jokes for time to time !? don’t get why anyone would want to be So serious all the time !? …. Here’s the Truth Nick Cannon is one of the funniest Guy ever !?


    StaNn Reply:

    @Da Ma’, AGREED!!! The ones who hating obviously have some miserable lives, i love nick “no homo” lolz (always wanted to say that)but on the real this dude is just crazy he doesn’t take his self too seriously and he is just trying to bring smiles to our lives, u just can’t please these haters


  10. Lisa

    He’s comfortable with his sexuality, and doesn’t need to behave like the macho man all the time, he knows he isn’t gay. So he just does him. Simple as that.


    Meme Reply:

    @Lisa, I co-sign you and would also like to add the fact that he’s a comedian…. he’s use to doing skits like this!!


  11. MaZ

    I don’t think he’s gay, just funny. Lol


  12. Tachuu

    nicks ass is huge lmao


  13. aaa

    He’s gay


  14. max_ciara

    yessss nick haha not he the thickest one!! lol


  15. saditty

    yeah whatever, Mariah is just his beard…that nigga is GAY! **throws glitter**


  16. Ross

    People take things way to seriously.

    Comedians do stupid stuff all the time.

    Shorts dont make you gay!!!


  17. Rib

    HIlarious! Nick has the number one radio show in NYC. Also its just a funny radio bit.


  18. kani k

    i dont care if he’s gay.. he’s just not funny


  19. xklusv

    It’s sad the chick looks the worst in the booty shorts FAIL


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