Tyler, the Creator Stage Dives with a Broken Foot [Video]

Tyler, the Creator

Odd Future brought their mayhem to Chicago for the 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park on Sunday. The group’s leader Tyler, the Creator recently broke his foot and had to wear a cast, but that didn’t stop him from stage diving into the crowd. Watch his daring stunt below.

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  1. ME

    He needs to stage dive off a cliff….gimmick ass rapper


    ed Reply:

    @ME, agreed


  2. Spencer

    fuck the haters. Tyler a beast.


  3. Dee

    Funny how people that don’t like him stay watching his videos. How do you STAGE dive off of a cliff anyway? Nobody is forcing you to listen to his music. So stop b*tching about it.


    ME Reply:

    @Dee, awww how cute. taking up for your bat faced boyfriend.


    fiona Reply:

    @Dee, I agree


  4. maya

    what a dumb ass -_- is this supposed to be extra cool ‘cus his foot is broken? *rolls eyes*


  5. Alaina

    Golf Waanggg In This Biiittcchhhhh ! WTF is up with the fuckery above??? I dont understand people these days… If u dont like someone why are u clicking & reading about that person ???!! Until a good explaination occurs feel free to have a seat… >_>


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