Video: David Guetta f/ Ludacris & Taio Cruz – ‘Little Bad Girl’


David Guetta makes the Earth spin to his beat in the video for “Little Bad Girl,” the second single off his fifth album Nothing But the Beat, due August 30. The French DJ provides the soundtrack to an endless night, while Ludacris and Taio Cruz help him shake up the dance floor before the sun comes up. This party really don’t stop.

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  1. KMart

    not even Luda cud save dis track… smh. dis not good


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @KMart, Surprsingly Luda made it worse


  2. WonderLand19

    Dont you think Taio Cruz has really raped this Dance/Euro vibe to death? He used to be ok but now all he sings about is putting his hands in the air and kissing girls. Nothing new or original. I wonder what he will be remembered for? I dont think he will be remembered along with the greats.

    Ludacris could do much better. He has turned to the dark side. He has diluted his sound for commecial success. I never thought HE would do that.


  3. Jay

    The above comments are all really valid. I’m still undecided about this song. I’m not really a fan of D Guetta. The song is alright & I love Taio & Luda but I’m not in love with this. The video just like Where Dem Girls At is pointless & weird; don’t really make sense. It is a little more exciting a video then the former.


  4. RDK

    i like this,it,s ok.


  5. ed

    i’m so tired of generic dance pop music that will be forgotten in a month.


  6. Hugh

    I guess I am alone in thinking this track is STRAIGHT FIRE!

    Listen to the instrumental aswell, that is crazy.


  7. YoungLORI !

    im loving the beat !


  8. zaire

    excuss me dats my uncle ur talkin bout


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