DMX Released from Prison, Plans Comeback


DMX is free once again. The notorious rapper was released from an Arizona prison this morning after serving six months behind bars for a probation violation.

X, born Earl Simmons, was upbeat upon exiting the facility and was already planning to get back to music. “I’m feeling good, I’m feeling real good,” he told “I’m gonna see my daughter, I just got off the phone with my wife. I’m going to see my daughter while the sun is up then I’m in the studio, man.”

DMX’s prison stay was lengthened by a week after he was caught in violation of multiple disciplinary infractions including drug possession, failing or refusing a drug test, unauthorized smoking, being disrespectful, and disorderly conduct.

According to a press release issued by his label United Music & Media Group, he plans to collaborate with major names in music over the next couple of months and release “hard-hitting rap music that will leave no question as to who truly is the king of rap.”

“Earl has so much more to offer the world,” stated his rep Nakia Walker. “His latest project has been on hold for so long! It is now time for X to redefine the world of hip-hop with his highly-anticipated album of inspirational, painful, and street-accredited rhymes. It is time to let the Dog out of the kennel.”

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  1. J. Sanders

    Plz…… if he wanna have a comeback he betta get signed 2 Young Money or somethin’ bcuz who stunt’n DMX!!!! What n da World…..


    Dallas Reply:

    @J. Sanders, Fuck YoungMoney


  2. Aamiy Blanco

    DMX??? He is soo last decade… Foxy Brown and Teairra Mari have a better chance at “returning back” to the music scene.. I think he needs to take sometime out with his family. SMH… He seemed to have completely lost it after Baby Girl passed… smh.. good luck though


  3. Frank

    The only thing you need to worry about is getting clean.


  4. WonderLand19

    I hope he gets clean and stays out of jail. He should work on himself before wanting a music career.


  5. SiSQo

    quit the drugs bro, then come back


  6. Brorahim

    His music career could be theraputic if he is truly concerned about his life and family.
    His talent is profound and there is still alot of truth and gifts he could provide street soldiers that are still trying to find there way.

    So what up Brother DMX, you go lead or you gonna follow like the suckas you have always warned about??????


  7. say what

    DMX,,,,you are a great actor, man come on go for it again. remember this,,,,if you think it you can do it, a fan.


  8. say what

    welcome back,,,,,, and for goodness watch everything & everybody, if it walks like a duck and quack like a duck, than it’s a duck. trust no one but the man up stairs
    and you are good to go, a real supporter.


  9. Kyle

    Man, as much as I want to see DMX come back hard I honestly can see him back behind bars within the next week. I swear he is going to piss somebody off and he is going to take a bullet to his head. He has the worst temper EVER. What wealthy rapper do you know would have 1 week to go in prison and get caught with drugs and be punished for disorderly conduct amongst many other things?? What a scumbag. He WILL NOT succeed as an entertainer anymore, but he will succeed as a prison inmate for life. That’s for sure.


  10. Hugh

    Please get clean man.
    For your family and your fans!


  11. idiots

    Fools he s clean. All that trumped up shit they talk about him is Nothing but character adsasination he pissed off the wrong people and he paid for it and will pay for it still if he doesn’t mold. Sad by true. Sucks man keep ya head up x. God is with you.


  12. Keny R.

    People are so fickle! Are we forgetting the many great albums DMX has come out with in his career. The man is undoubtedly talented and this is the problem with the industry today, you guys would rather support these rap acts that have nothing relavent or real to talk about. DMX albums over the years have not only demonstrated his conflict as a human being, it shows that the fight in the pursui of happiness is far from over. He’s quite a conflicted soul but because of that humulity that’s what makes the art that much more real. Anyone who knows real music knows that several of todays acts are trash. We need to support the real veterans of music before music with real substance has no chances of returning!


  13. peter chukwudubem

    wow x u are back oh boy am so happy right now to here that u are out and coming back to music today the king is back.hope to see the cd soon your number one fan.


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