Drake Co-Signs Kreayshawn, Open to Collaboration

Kreayshawn and Drake

Kreayshawn is quickly attracting her share of supporters, including one famous fan. The “Gucci Gucci” rapper received a surprise phone call from Drake, who didn’t hesitate to offer his endorsement.

“I honestly get excited when new things happen in hip-hop and when I heard ‘Gucci Gucci,’ I heard the flows, I was excited before I even knew who she was,” the Young Money star told Invasion Radio. “And you know I got to hear a little bit more of the music beyond that and then to meet her and the energy that she has is great. She’s just a great person. She’s good people. That’s my dog.”

Drizzy, who will release his sophomore album Take Care on October 24, is leaving the door open to a collaboration. “Anytime she’s ready. I got bars on deck for that,” he said of the Oakland-bred artist, calling her a “little cutie pie.”

“You’re not so bad yourself there, Mr. Regularly Handsome,” gushed a blushing Kreayshawn.

The 21-year-old rapper, born Natassia Zolot, attracted the attention of multiple labels after her self-directed video for “Gucci Gucci” went viral. She inked a lucrative deal with Columbia Records and will release her debut later this year.

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  1. lulu

    what the f..k is this hip hop is no more what going on drake now that you discoverd nicki manji is 28 years turning 29 this year you move on to this freak #fail


    momosolovable Reply:

    @lulu, i agree to the fullest she aint doin nuthin for the rap game …! Its really ashame


  2. OKEY



    thelonelyboner//tumblr Reply:

    @OKEY, LOL Co-sign means approve haha


  3. WhoME!?!

    i love kreayshawn. she dope


  4. monica

    bye nicki manji its ON TO THE NEXT ONE (jayz´s voice)


  5. linda

    whatever young money are di.k riders


  6. Brionna

    She’s in their now …can’t go wrong w/ a Drake co-sign


  7. SWAG

    you guys are fucking dumb on so many levels if you think DRAKE discovered NICKI MINAJ.

    Shut the fuck up, Lil Wayne did that she was on Drought 3 way before any bandwaggoners hopped on.


    YUNG Reezy Reply:

    @SWAG, I think she did some songs on Tha Carter II also


  8. Jane Doe

    She’s not the best lyrical, but i like her. We need more female rappers. Nitti Scott is dope.


  9. ben

    we will see were this will go


  10. Tachuu

    She sucks


  11. charles

    She also filmed many of Lil B’s most interesting videos


  12. V

    yay more garbage music on the radio… when will we get REAL TALENT back? we don’t need more lames with stupid lyrics. sorry…


    Drew Reply:

    @V, thankyou


    TakeFlight Reply:

    @V, how come when fucking bay area artists come out tricks like you wanna diss em ? You haven’t heared what she can bring to the table yet. Rookies always have that mixtape flow that growning flow . She’s doing something useful with her life she ain’t making sextapes getting famous she’s doing her. She could when the best new artist video award this year you never know. People said the same thing aout wiz khalifa look at him now . Before you wanna try to say she suck think about it? She’s being reconized by great artist? So what you doin ? Nothin that bigg are you gone be a hater all you life ? Walking out your door in oakland everyday is a battle between life and death few make it out and that’s what’s she doing so get the fuck off her and stop riding her dick so hard. Fuck low lifes. #nuffsaid.


  13. Outspoken

    At least he’s not being biased after Kreayshawn sai she’s not feeling Nicki’s Barbie movement. He coulda easily wrote her off from that.


    ..Minne Reply:

    @Outspoken, Thats not what she said, She clarified that Lyric in a Interview she said “Girls that DONT look like Barbies should’nt Claim they are if they Really aren’t. and that was not a Shot at Nicki Minaj” then she went on to say She loves Nicki and would love to collab with her.


    Outspoken Reply:

    @..Minne, “No disrespect to Nicki Minaj because she’s got talent. She’s got an image. But when it comes to inspiring young women, her message is to be a Barbie-to be plastic, to be fake, to all have blonde hair.”
    …that’s what I was referring too. Nobody said anything about her firing a shot at Nicki. I said she isn’t feeling the barbie movement. #Heresyourchair


  14. oso_jo_ro

    I like her!
    more female rappers, I’m not complaining, and I can totally see her having fans and selling albums.

    however, she better work on her lyrics and flows.


  15. Ci-Error Failed

    Shut up Drake, everyone’s your “dawg” when they’re hot. Fucking bandwagoner.


    Oh Please Reply:

    @Ci-Error Failed, Preach! same shit i said


    Shade Reply:

    @Ci-Error Failed, Guess you miss his underground co-signs huh ya little bitch


  16. Drew

    she can’t rap tho


  17. Sellouts

    Rap-Up! Your staff are all disgusting! Your all uncle toms for supporting a white girl who admittedly uses the N-word! How much is her label paying you to sell your black souls and support her?


    dallas champ Reply:

    @Sellouts, We do the worst stuff to ourselves!!!


    MelyB Reply:

    @Sellouts, ^ to your post. Support intelligent female rappers like Jean Grae, Tiye Phoenix & Kid Sister!! I hope no Black person buys this – I forsee a female Eminem situation, let yt support this garbage.


  18. uhno

    This chick is one snort away from an overdose…


  19. RDK

    as far as i see it,nicki and drake is just label mates,nothing more nothing less,everyone over there is doing there thing,so if this girl is shading nicki,it,s obvious
    that have nothing to do with drake,because if it did,he wouldn’t want to work with this chick right her,it,s all business,drake do him,and nicki do her,simple as that.


  20. maya

    First Soulja now Kreyashawn? I’m about to be done w| Drake, like for real!


  21. M4L

    She looks like Lady Gaga in that pic lol.


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  24. YUNRee

    SMH Drake tryna play this girl and get in her goodies. I swear wants to bang every chick coming in the rap game man. this Gucci Gucci song is too basic. where has the lyricism go? SMH to Hip-hop today. NAS hurry up with Life is Good please


  25. drod



  26. From Tokyo

    Those annoying voices together…

    Neither one is hip-hop. >_> Ke$ha and Dev are enough w/o adding more on the pile. But since I don’t determine it, have at it. *shrugs*


    Um.Well.Sure. Reply:

    @From Tokyo, Not to be shady, but i’m pretty sure Ke$ha considers herself to be a pop artist. IJS


  27. MVVV

    I love Kreayshawn, plus she’s into chicks.


  28. ed

    just gonna be another female pop rapper like Dev.


  29. !!!

    she isn’t a rapper. she just got lucky with one song, she isn’t signing worthy are you kidding me


    Slice Reply:

    THANK YOU!!! Folks need to wake up.


    Bri Reply:

    @!!!, I agree. I wouldn’t mind people hyping this girl if she was the real deal. But she’s not. She is not a female Eminem equivalent. Nope.


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