New Music: Chris Brown f/ Kevin McCall – ‘Real Hip-Hop Shit #4′

Chris Brown

Chris Brown keeps the rhymes coming. On his latest freestyle, Breezy slams his haters but stops short of getting tased over a throwback-sounding 9th Wonder beat. “Everywhere I go I feel like I’m a target/ I’m a star, you just start shit,” he raps before passing the mic to Kevin McCall.

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  1. free ti

    Chris Brown Is a Beast♥♥


  2. jemai

    LOVE !


  3. bob

    This is the real thing!!! Love it


  4. Miszi

    The 3rd was better but all including this are real dope.


  5. WonderLand19

    I REALLY like this. I hope he releases this on a mixtape. Yes YES, it gives me that cali/old school vibe. The beat is silly and His FLOW is CRazy. Love it! :) Lyric wise, its one of my favs from a mixtape his done.

    Each day getting better, slaying your fav!


  6. SWAG

    Kmac better do it! Lol, Love it chrissss!


  7. kha

    tres bien


  8. kha

    love it chris forever


  9. Brandon

    lol chris is better than most “rappers” and he’s a f*ckin R&B singer ….#Shame #Winning


  10. Ice

    This is the best rap I’ve heard from Chris so far, good job.


  11. Joe20

    Is Chris brown releasing records every week now? The guy is everywhere. Sick beat tho!


    Miszi Reply:

    @Joe20, He does pretty much every week yeah.


  12. Razor

    *rolls eyes*


  13. Maisha

    This is real raw nd i love it…he is just goin in….killin most “rappers” in the game. #teambreezy


  14. momomonkey

    I luv it & he know he luv him sum art …! Luv it he still gotta sing to me tho…!


  15. Lioness

    k-mac is dope


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