Chris Brown Announces Hip-Hop Mixtape

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s raps will soon have a home. The singer has announced plans to release a hip-hop mixtape called Boy in Detention.

Breezy took to Twitter to share the news with his fans. “New(chris brown) hip hop mixtape called ‘Boy In Detention’ coming soon!” he wrote.

He has released several R&B mixtapes in the past, including last year’s Fan of a Fan, In My Zone, and In My Zone 2, but this will mark his first full rap release.

“And people… Yes I’m a singer so if this mixtape doesn’t reach your quota for hip hop! Simply don’t listen,” he forewarned skeptics.

The 22-year-old star has been brushing up on his rhyme skills in the last week with the release of freestyles “Real Hip-Hop Shit #3” and “Real Hip-Hop Shit #4” produced by 9th Wonder.

Do you think this is a good idea? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. SWAG

    can’t waaaaait.


  2. Shade



  3. uhuh

    So he still rappin’ hmm? Oh well.. not all wishes can be granted


  4. Kayla

    I love Chris Brown so I will definitely take a listen and support him!


  5. Ryan

    Look what I said? He is a wannabe man he copy all of the Singers. First Usher now Trey Songz… this dude is a shame, how you guys can a fan of this fakeass bitch?


    onlyone chris brown Reply:

    @Ryan, you sound so under-educated so let me educate you..usher copied mj trey song is r kelly impersonator..chris brown will never copy usher or trey nosong insteas they all copy mj and with chris problem he is still a force…chris brown all day….he is the new mj..go tell ur fellow haters


  6. Um.Well.Sure.

    I REALLY don’t like his rapping but as a fan I will give it a listen.


  7. Mia



  8. Leroy

    Thuggish Chris needs to learn how to read and write first. Punk can barely speak English.


  9. momomonkey

    I will love him if he sing rap dance draw wateva <3….! His voice will always be beautiful…!


  10. kiki

    I’d take his raps over this whole dance/pop/rnb cohesion. This will be interesting but I would like too see him bring out that Fortune cut.


  11. e

    i wont even lie his rapping has been getting a lot better, it’s still pretty mediocre but at least it’s entertaining which is their objective as entertainers after all.


  12. Miszi

    Don’t really like the name for the mixtapes but I like him rapping so it should be cool. His singing is better though, i hope it’ll be hip-hop but he will sing the hooks.


  13. JHP

    Imma be checking for it, I like some of the raps he’s laid down on his last few mixtapes, as well as on some of his features like Champion.


  14. WonderLand19

    Excited! woop!



  15. Slice

    Sounds great!!



  16. Nickolas

    Well, unfortunately for him, Urban is pretty much the only format that fully embraced him again so it makes sense. He’s really not that great of a rapper so I don’t want to hear him rap.


  17. christian lares

    i agree with the chris brown haters


  18. isiah

    breezy does it


  19. Jenna

    He realized that the rap thing is goin pretty good with trey songz.. Boy, u definitivly NOT good at it , so please.. have a seat.


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