DJ Khaled Has a Song Ready for Eminem

DJ Khaled and Eminem

DJ Khaled assembled an all-star cast for his latest album We the Best Forever, but there’s still one collaboration that has escaped him. The Miami DJ has his sights set on a record with Eminem.

“I wanted Eminem,” Khaled told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez of his desire to work with the in-demand MC. “I really want to make it happen, I think it’s gon’ happen.”

Despite his ability to get everyone from Mary J. Blige to Cee Lo Green on his records, the Cash Money signee has never approached Eminem’s camp about a collaboration. “I never really sat down and talked to him,” he added. “I’m a fan of him and I’m cool with him, but he doesn’t know me like that. I really don’t know what route to get him.”

Khaled wants the track to come together organically. “I don’t just ask people to get on records. I want people to want to do the records and know I’m gonna make a hit record ’cause that’s what I do. I’ve worked with Jay-Z before, I’ve worked with Kanye before, so I wanted to reach out to Eminem.”

When Em is ready, Khaled already has the song picked out. “I actually have a track waiting,” he added. “Ya’ll A&R that.”

Next up, he plans to shoot a video for his album’s R&B offering, “Legendary” featuring Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole, and Ne-Yo.

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  1. saio

    if eminem ever gonna do a song or a music video with rick ross becouse khaled
    im gonna stop lissening to hip-hop

    f*ck officer ricky


    Red Reply:

    @saio, He will never do it, If he do it EM proves again, that he is mainstream + a fakeass…


    saio Reply:

    @Red, EM is not fake
    EM is real
    officer ricky & khaled are fackass


    Volcom Reply:

    @saio, That’s why he won’t do it lol


  2. lngsagiugfrfg

    Em is not going to do it cause Khaled has beef with 50, i think.

    one last thing, Em was mainstream since ’99


  3. Coleworld

    I don’t think Em would ever work with him. He’s better than that. Way better.


  4. trololol

    i applaud khaled for continuing to try…silly fat not-nigga


  5. RapItUp

    who the hell is dj khaled anyway????god,like em would do a song with him.watevs, this guys just another hanger on who wants2 ride ems dick


  6. Akon's Da Man

    You guys are mean to the legendary DJ Khaled.


    maya Reply:

    @Akon’s Da Man, legendary? All his beats sound the same.


  7. eminemthabest

    Eminem is too great to work with them fools but if he does its to show them how much better he is than all those other fags khaled work with and let them here what real rap sounds like.


  8. hmm

    idy why ya hating..although khaled is annoying he has been bringing us hit after hit..since holla at me


    maya Reply:

    @hmm, who’s “us”? He didn’t bring me shit.


  9. Jackie

    eminem is mainstream and a hip hop artist as well, if u have raw talant you can do what ever. But khaled is going to have to ask him because eminem doesn’t really think like that. I think he would do it, but eminem ain’t bagging no one, lol. Sorry khaled.


  10. shady

    i dn’t knw how Khaled can’t get in touch with Em, he can people he’s worked with to approach Em and ask him to do a track ffs


  11. James

    In the words of Riley Freeman, “Nigga, you gay!”


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  13. Dark Archon

    Eminem wont do a track with khaled!! hes been begged by Juelz Santana and by Khaled before, around 2009 and Eminem Declined the offer. All these fake brokeass rappers want a track with em because they know Eminem=Sales. Em has nothing to gain from this transaction thus he wont even consider it. In this particular situation the negative outweighs the positives for eminem so he wont do it.


  14. Sergio

    if eminem makes a song with dj khlaed we all know is goin be a big hit and den dj khlaed bytch ass goin take all the credit!!!


  15. maya

    Khaled SIT DOWN! -__-


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  17. Da Ma'

    Just by the two people alone , makes me know that this song is gonna be the second greatest think Em made since coming back !? Loves ..


  18. Anon

    Lol. No.
    While Eminem may be mainstream…he’s not dumb enough to do this. DJ Khaled “LOL YEAH I’M AN AMAZING DUDE I’VE WORKED WITH RICK ROSS BEFORE HUH HUH”. No.


  19. Anon

    Why not Eminem and Skepta? :D

    Hell, why not another Eminem Solo album? XD


  20. Ben

    Well eminem rapping suck now so he might as well.


  21. BNK

    Khaled u da bst @ wat u do bt I honestly thnk slim wldnt easily do a track wt ya…


  22. cebo g

    em makes his own beats, and ryts his ow songs….he dont nid khaled………..but em wld be stupid if he cld decline this offer……..they r both the best in thier field but togethr they can be the


  23. cebo g

    i just hope, there is no ross in tat song……….bcos ross and em stand for 2 very diff things


  24. Jesus

    Mann fukk all eminem haterz nd eminem nd dj khaled wud make a good song with drake in it


  25. Slim shady

    Hell no, eminem must nt mix with the likes of khaled, and rick ross. Thats jus aint his style


  26. fahim

    if dj khaled wants a track . the beats better not be pop. It has to be a dope hiphop beat. And he cant look like a dunking donut in the video.


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